Seeing Eye Dog Reunited With His Owner

A Maine blind man has been reunited with his seeing eye dog, Colby, after accidentally leaving him in a store parking lot. The man and his wife both thought the other had brought in Colby when they left him outside the motor home.

After 20 minutes of driving, the couple realized that the dog wasn’t in their motor home and went back but Colby was nowhere to be found. The couple contacted the police and media outlets to get the story out about their missing seeing eye dog. The man who had taken Colby into his home to keep him safe contacted the police department.

Colby was reunited with his owners and they said that: “it was a wonderful reunion. The family that rescued him was great. He was well taken care of even though I didn’t know it at the time.”


(Thanks Debra)

One Response to “Seeing Eye Dog Reunited With His Owner”

  1. dru says:

    how can a person who has a seeing eye dog think that somebody else has brought him in? that is so stupid!!!

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