“FDA is Failing in Its Responsibilities” Says Congresswoman

A press release from Senator Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) office called for the FDA to find out how the pet food supply was compromised. Link to press release.

In the release, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) also had harsh criticism of the FDA:

“Based on the evidence so far, it would appear that the FDA is failing in its responsibilities to protect animals from unsafe food as much as it is failing to protect the American consumers.”

Howl911 has the entire PDF.

Thanks to SusanUnPC for the link.

9 Responses to ““FDA is Failing in Its Responsibilities” Says Congresswoman”

  1. susanUnPC says:

    Here’s a Web page-friendly version of Sen. Dick Durbin’s press release today:


  2. Deeni says:

    I hope something good comes out of all this and politicians aren’t spouting. I don’t believe people realize the full implications.

    Globalization of food supply. Ain’t it wonderful?

  3. Steve says:

    Old Mother Hubbards Web Site is Gone


    Any info would be appreciated.

  4. G.K. says:

    If it is indeed true, I’m wondering if this will finally convince our legislators to take this seriously:


  5. Jonathan says:


    We are next. Thank you Bush and homeland security, boy I feel safe.

    I might as well be eating Menu Food’s food too!!!

  6. Loretta Anderson says:

    I work in water quality and over the last 15 years the only thing that has really gotten the attention of Government to enforce the laws that are passed by the people, and the only thing that has motivated them to act very quickly and spend the funds to enforce the laws has been when they have been sued for lots of $$$$ for violations of not enforcing these laws. When that happens, things move sooooooo quick, you really wouldn’t believe it!!

  7. Birgit Michael says:

    WOE is me…. so depressing ; we ; our pets sold out by and for PiG Business and our government -which is now: for , of & by “BigBusiness”
    No longer for the people.
    Voting ballots should have a ‘recall and eject’ button, once they’re in for 3 months and fail, throw them out!
    Menu Foods, sent them to Iraq to feed the taliban-minded folks …solves several problems right away

  8. Lioness0811 says:

    I have been logging in to the pet friendly websites/blogs for the past three wks and am so happy there are so many wonderful people out there who love their and all pets as much as I do. We have 3 dogs and 4 cats and they are all part of our family. I agree with Birgit-and thank you to everyone who has commented and given so much up-to-date info to help me keep my babies as safe as possible.

  9. maxi says:

    My cat died of poisoned Friskies, which isn’t even on the list. I bought a case of 12 and they were bad. Since it was in a case the control numbers were all matching. Friskies is in the process of analyzing the food now. They said they don’t get the ingrediants for Friskies from Menu foods. I called the FDA. The first person told me in not so many words to “take a hike.” Someone else called me back and took all the information and said they might want to get the remaining cans I have. That was over 3 weeks ago. I have not heard from them since. Here they are wanting to take vitamins off the shelf while not caring about the safety of our animals and even humans themselves.

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