Seven-Year-Old Raises $5,000 For Chicago Dog Shelter

Ian Cahr

Ian Danger Cahr is president and founder of the Chicago-based Ian’s Bead Co. He wears a suit, a tie, and French cuffs. He even has a press secretary (his press secretary is his mother). Oh, did I mention that Ian is only 7?

Yes, this successful seven-year-old boy has a growing jewelry business. His products have been showcased on “The Martha Stewart Show” and featured in trunk shows at Kiehl’s, an upscale beauty store.

He started his business a year ago with a friend of his, also seven-years-old. Along with their bead jewelry idea, Cahr wanted to donate all of their proceeds to a charity. He picked New Leash On Life, a local dog rescue organization. So far, Cahr has donated $5,000 to New Leash On Life. He wants every dollar raised by Ian’s Bead Company to be donated to New Leash On Life.

“You need to help other animals and other people to make the world a better place,” Cahr said. He wanted to use his talent and creativity to help others.

Kiehl’s, which sponsors regular pet-adoption events at one of its stores, helped bring Cahr and his company into the limelight. While he was showing off one of his bead key chains, he was invited to have an in-store trunk show at Kiehl’s. But when Cahr was featured on Martha Stewart, he got nationwide exposure.

After the show, Cahr said that sales really took off. Stewart gave his company $1,000, which Kiehl’s matched. After being on Martha’s show, Ian’s Bead Co. took in $1,283 in sales.

Cahr and his CEO (Chief Earring Officer), Charlie Moss, 7, have expanded the bead collection. They have necklaces, earrings, barrettes, doll eyes, eyeglass chains, notecards and tissue paper flowers.

More than 20 classmates and several mothers help Cahr make the products. They also use donated supplies to make all of their products.

For now, Cahr’s biggest dream is that someone will adopt a dog named Radar who is at New Leash On Life. He says that Radar has been there for quite some time, and he’s just really cute and he needs a home. He also has really big ears, Cahr says.

Source: Chicago Tribune

9 Responses to “Seven-Year-Old Raises $5,000 For Chicago Dog Shelter”

  1. Senas Mom says:

    What a fantastic story. It is these little jewels that make me think the human race just might have a chance. If found guilty I think Vick and the rest should be required to explain to these young people what they were convicted of and then let these sweet hearts find a suitable punishment. I know it won’t be as severe as the adult justice system but I bet it would include a heavy dose of shame.

  2. 3FURS says:

    No, these beautiful children should not be exposed to the likes of Vick.He dosen’t know the meaning of shame.

  3. Gary says:

    It’s sure good to see a bunch of well adjusted kids with a healthy outlook instead of the monsters pretending to be humans we’ve been hearing about lately.

  4. Senas Mom says:

    Yes, you are right, 3FURS, the children should not be exposed to the likes of Vick. I just thought children have a wonderful way of metting out justice that sometimes elludes grownups. But instead of giving Vick anymore airtime, I just want to reinterate how wonderful these youngsters are. They are to be highly praised!!!!!

  5. Sandy says:

    What a blessing these kids and their parents are to our world.

  6. catmom5 says:

    I think Sandy said it very well. Thank you for reminding us of the good in our world. Too often, the bad gets the most attention.
    PS ~ I couldn’t find Radar on the NLOL website

  7. Lynne says:

    Thanks for this terrific story. And isn’t that a vicious pit bull they are sitting with? :)

  8. Ians Mom says:

    Hi, I am the mom of Ian (the 7 year old fundraiser for New Leash on Life). I stumbled across your site and wanted to thank you for writing such nice things about Ian and his friends. If any of you are interested, he has a website which talks about the kids’ fundraising and sales etc.

  9. Donna says:

    A vey wise child.He could teach the “adults” a lesson in caring.Blessings Ian………….your work sets you apart.

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