Several Unconfirmed Reports of Iams Dry Food Causing Illness

Update 3:30pm: We will be collecting emails over the next few days and release a result early next week. In the meantime, if you believe your pet was sickened by ANY kind of pet food, please contact the manufacturer and/or the FDA.

Original Post: We want to repeat that Iams dry pet food is NOT a part of the recall (it only applies to wet food) but itchmo has been hearing of several independent reports that Iams dry pet food has caused illnesses in at least three independent cases. All three reports of pets getting sick has singled out Iams dry food as the cause.

We’re not sure if this is anything more than just coincidence. But, we haven’t seen other dry food being singled out for illness and we’re curious. If you believe your dog has been sickened by dry food, or know of any reports that say so, please email us at and we’ll see if we can log more possible cases.

A list of reports after the jump.

Reports of Iams dry dog food problems:

Colorado paper reports FDA investigating food not on the recall list.

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  1. Dom says:

    Hi Shelby,

    What type of dog do you have? I typically stay away from any dog food that does not have the meat/protein as the first ingredient. I then check if the protein is first, for ex:Beef, I make sure it says Beef, and not Beef digest or Beef meal. These are lower quality. If you have a large breed dog, then you may want to focus on a food specifically for large breed, as they need a lot more nutrient for rapid bone/muscle growth. Large breed dogs gain on average 2.5 - 4 pounds a week. Other key factors, I try to stay away from any corn based foods as most mammals do not digest corn, it is just a filler.


  2. Paul O'Neill says:

    In January 2008, my healthy 7 year old cat began vomiting (yellow liquid & partially digested food) several times a day. He had never previously vomited in his lifetime, to my knowledge.
    He was fed Nutro MaxCat Gourmet Classics Adult Roasted Chicken flavor,
    which he had been fed for seven years without incident.
    After changing to another brand, the vomiting drastically subsided within days. After six months, the vomiting had completely ceased.

    Recently, as a stop gap I stupidly mixed in some of the original MaxCat formula with his current diet and within a week his vomiting has suddenly returned to 3-4 times daily. I have of course immediately stopped and am praying that he will once again recover.

    From these circumstances I am 100% certain that this batch (Jan 08) of food is tainted.

    Does anyone have information on how to get this food tested or on existing test results for this brand? I have a significant quantity of this batch remaining for testing. I also have the original packaging if that is suspect.

    Is there any specific testing for my cat I can request from my vet?
    I took him to my vet and explained these symptoms originally but they did not recommend or perform any screening whatsoever.

  3. Cindy says:

    I have a 6 month old lab/springer mix that is going through renal failure. He had been eating Iams puppy food. I have the bag in question and need to know where to send it for testing. When my puppy got sick, the vet thought it was congenital. Then, I started feeding the food to my other dog. He, too, started throwing up. I believe now the food is tainted. It does not appear our puppy will make it. If it the food, I need to know. Please help!

  4. tiffany says:

    I have three small dogs. one got sick after eating Ol’ Roy dog food that (i found out today) has been recalled. we switched the food. Now all three of them are sick. The recent bag was Iams healthy naturals with chicken. It hasn’t been recalled yet, but i bet it will too. We are all going to the doctor tomorrow, and i hope we can reverse this. This is sick how no one in charge is doing much, but our animals are dying! Has anyone else had dogs affected by these brands and types? from now on i will be making my dog’s food myself!

  5. Ginny says:

    we had a nine year old husky mix that died sunday night very unexpected…died very quickly …
    he was fine in the morning nothing different or remarkable, except i had just opened and fed him from a new bag of iams green food…he did not throw up…he did not have diarea , he just looked like he felt bad about two or three hours after eating and then he went in the next room laid down was dead hours later.
    anyone have similiar experience with having fed their dog Iams green food lately
    this was purchased in ann arbor michigan

  6. Ron says:

    We have an eight year old Toy poodle that started having seizures recently. It was getting to the point he was having up to 2 a day, some of them lasting up to 45 minutes. The last couple were really bad. We removed the IAMS green dog food from his diet on Friday and the last couple of days he has been fine.

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