San Francisco Residents Fear Coyotes


An Itchmo reader is reporting that coyotes who have been a problem in San Francisco’s Golden Gate area may be attacking feral cats. Two coyotes were killed last week after attacks on 2 dogs being walked.

She says:

A neighbor of mine has been feeding 3 feral colonies in Golden Gate Park for over 10 years, twice a day, rain or shine, and paying for all of it out of his own pocket. All but 3 individual cats have been killed by either the dead coyotes or the ones who are still living there.

The last reported coyote sighting was on Monday morning at 5:30am crossing into the park at 29th Avenue and Lincoln Way. Our reader Audrey also says that there are missing cat notices posted at that location. It’s not known if the who incidents are related. She says “the coyotes, have annihilated most of the feral cat colonies in the park along with possums, quail, rabbits and foxes. Now they are moving into the Sunset to look for food.”

Urban coyotes are rare, but not unheard of.

6 Responses to “San Francisco Residents Fear Coyotes”

  1. Gary says:

    Of course they are killing cats, what else can they eat in the park, plants and grass? as soon as I heard there are Coyotes in GGP, I knew cats would be their targets.

  2. wescott20 says:

    It’s tragic about the cats, but why couldn’t the wildlife officials trap and move the coyotes to a proper habitat before they did any damage? They knew they were there, they were observing them. Acting quickly would have saved both the cats and the coyotes. But I guess Fish and Game was too busy making money off of handing out hunting licenses to undertake an endeavor that would actually help animals.

  3. John says:

    I lived in a rental in the Presidio (which, for those of you who don’t know, is quite close to GGP) for six months ending this past April. We had fairly large packs of coyotes living in the woods near our house that everyone knew about because they were losing their fear of people, and it wasn’t at all unusual to see them out at night - we also heard them howling regularly. Almost everyone on my block had a cat or a dog, some of which were outdoor cats, but I didn’t hear anything about any of them disappearing. Although the coyotes would come into the neighborhood late at night, they appeared well-fed and I never worried about attacks on my dog or myself on our late-night walks. I suppose the difference may be that in the Presidio, they have their pick of lots of tasty garbage to dine on anytime they want.

  4. MaineMom says:

    Here in Lincoln, CA, we have seen coyotes both night and day around our golf courses and preserve areas. A really good reson to keep cats indoors and escourt small dogs outside at night. Our population of jack rabbits has fallen since I moved here over 5 yrs ago and most lost cats are never found.

  5. Erik says:

    On a different note, sorry for being off topic here, I regularly had 2 wild racoons running through my backyard here in Suburban Sacramento, Ca. Oddest thing to see here. Possums, owls, lots of birds, deer and wildcats down by the River that runs through town. Probably the snow in the Sierras drives em down here. Still very odd.

  6. Morgan says:

    I dont believe cyotes are to be feared cyotes are very intelligent and peacful creatures =]

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