Shelters Facing Feline Crisis

Shelter Cat

As the summer begins, shelters across the country are facing an increase in kittens and cats brought in for adoption. One Phoenix, Arizona shelter is facing the prospect of euthanizing cats for the first time in five years.

Every summer, the shelter deals with a seasonal “cat crunch,” spokeswoman Kim Noetzel said, but this year, the surge of surrendered cats is coming earlier and stronger.

The Arizona Humane Society is facing the double-whammy of a huge increase in cats being given to the shelter and a 30 percent drop in adoptions.

Space will only get tighter at the shelter, Noetzel said. Often, by late June, the shelter will receive 1,200 to 1,400 cats per week.

P.S. Remember, June is Adopt-A-Cat month.

6 Responses to “Shelters Facing Feline Crisis”

  1. Traci says:

    People can help out by fostering the kittens that come into the shelters (until they are old enough for spay & neuter and for adoption).

    Many shelters/rescues will provide the food, litter and vet care also; so, all you may need to provide is the safe space for them and the affection/interaction.

    Besides, they’re so cute and you’ll feel so glad to have done it. :)

  2. Susan says:

    I forwarded this link to news stations and newspapers. Hopefully, people will foster if they can’t adopt.

  3. mittens says:

    people really should be made well aware that we wouldn’t be facing this situation if more people neutered or spayed their pets.

    i had to force a coworker to get their humpy little dog fixed. they were real ambivalent about it. i basically got them all the forms on line for the ‘ spayin’ waggon’ and they did it. but i doubt they would have if i hadnt done all the legwork for them. youre not breeding the poor thing- he’s being made crazy and he wont stop humping everything- do everyone including the dog a favor.

    i think people overidentify with pets especially males when it comes to getting the male dog or cat fixed. and they think it’s ‘natural’ for cats to run around outside unfixed. then there are kitties and they are annoyed and toss them.

  4. Trudy Jackson says:

    I’ll post this to all the cat lists and hope someone gives money. Trudy

  5. Trudy Jackson says:

    I need a place for this that takes money. most people I know will use pay pal? Do you know if they take that? thanks,

  6. kaefamily says:

    I volunteered to find an affordable place for an acquaintance (not a breeder) to spay his female dog. This is the dog that has given birth to pups for the third time already! He is a caring dog owner … still mourning the death of his Boxer. According to him, he’s been so busy with work and taking care of his mother that he has to delay his good intention.

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