Signs That Your Pet Spends Too Much Time On The Internet


Are your pets on the computer as much as you are? Do they have their own email account? Time to get your pet help because he is addicted to the internet.

Signs that your pet is addicted to the Internet:

  • Your “cookies” folder is almost empty, but there are countless files in “treats.”
  • There are a lot more tongue marks on the monitor than the ones *you’ve* left.
  • The desktop wallpaper is now a close-up of Paris Hilton. Specifically, her right leg.
  • Well, *somebody* has been using your computer to visit
  • Rover refuses to catch anything but AOL installation CDs.

  • From Top Five:

  • No matter how often you update your Netflix queue, they always send you another batch of Lassie episodes.
  • The canary will only fly in wi-fi enabled airspace.
  • “Hello, Mr. Fluffy. I am writing to you in the confidential strictness to ask you assistance in gratefully retrieving my families estate in Nigeria.”
  • Your female iguana’s eyes are always bloodshot and your browser history shows thousands of visits to GEICO.
  • Your goldfish IMs you to change the tank filter.
  • 5 Responses to “Signs That Your Pet Spends Too Much Time On The Internet”

    1. Ben says:

      Interesting observation in the above picture. WHERE IS THE MOUSE? :)

    2. cats says:

      Looking for the u-tube bird video.

    3. Pit Bull Lover says:

      Suggestion for #11:

      “Your pet has his/her own Myspace page — and boasts 300 friends compared to your pathetic 49.”

    4. Lynne says:

      That explains it. Several years ago I received a catalog in the mail for some pricey outdoor furniture. The catalog was addressed to Dusty and Gretchen.
      They are my two schnauzers.

    5. cats says:

      Where is the mouse? I ate it, of course.

      Maybe the movie Ratatouille will be shown after the bird movie. Than I can have some rats to chase after. Boy, isn’t technology great!

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