Sitting Means Living

Puppy, Kitten, Bunny and MouseAre you interested in starting your own pet business? From the emails we receive here at itchmo!seattle HQ, many of you are. The West Seattle Herald has profiled Karen Palmer, a professional pet sitter, providing a good profile into how one woman chucked corporate living to care deeply for your furry friend. Here are a few excerpts that provide good insight into the challenges and rewards of pet sitting:

“It is the best thing I ever did,” she said. “Had I only known about it earlier!”

“It’s more than just ‘I love your pet, let me take it for a walk,’” she said. Pet sitting requires comprehensive and reliable pet care for owners who consider their pet a member of the family.

While owning her own pet-sitting business allows Palmer more control over her schedule, this job does not always allow the freedom of sick days and vacation time that most corporate jobs have.

If you start up your pet business, let us know!

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