Skunk Hangs Out At Night Club

Nancy the skunkI’m impressed that this skunk got through security at a night club in England. She must have had a really good fake ID.

The doormen spotted the skunk (pictured here) on the street outside of the night club. Initially, they thought the animal was a black and white cat, but then after close inspection, they realized she was a skunk. She was miles away from her natural habitat.

They took the skunk into the night club after they saw a group of people crowding around her on the street. Employees took the skunk and put her in a large plastic crate.

The night club manager said: “After a night’s drinking you expect to see pink elephants, not a skunk!”

He said he was quite surprised to find a skunk in the city. Although he said the skunk seemed to be comfortable around people and was very tame.

The club employees named the skunk Nancy after the rock group Skunk Anansie.

The next day, the RSPCA arrived at the night club and took Nancy to an animal shelter.

An animal shelter employee said Nancy was probably someone’s abandoned pet that had been let loose in the city. She said skunks aren’t the perfect pets because of their long claws, big teeth, and their smell.

She added that Nancy sprayed in the facility and it was quite unpleasant.

Nancy will soon leave the animal shelter to live at a wildlife sanctuary. She can tell all of her friends there about her wild night of drinking and dancing in a night club.

Source: BBC News

6 Responses to “Skunk Hangs Out At Night Club”

  1. Amanda says:

    Skunks are so cute. We have a family of skunks that live under our house. A couple of times recently my dads gone out to call for cats and the skunks have come towards him as if they think he is calling them. One was even a mother and her baby.

  2. catmom5 says:

    Glad that this little girl’s story has a happy ending!

  3. nora says:

    The skunk Gods must be smiling down on little lost Nancy. Hopefully she will have a good life in the sanctuary with plenty to eat.

  4. Lynn says:

    Bet “eau de skunk” didn’t insprire bar sales!

  5. Bridgett says:

    My parents have found themselves with a “pet” skunk as well. A mother with babies has been coming through the yard over the summer eating under the bird feeders. One of the babies decided the backyard looked like a good place to set up home and so it did! My mom didn’t want him around so my dad took the little guy for a one way trip into the wild on Saturday. The little guy was back Sunday night. LOL!!!!!!!!! My mom does think the little skunk is cute, so I guess my parents are going to let him stay. He seems to be fairly tame. He just sits and watched my parents in the yard. Not afraid at all.

    Now we just need to name him!

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