SmartPak Dog Food Recalled

SmartPak recalled LiveSmart Weight Management Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food on April 20.

Their recall is attributed to rice protein from Wilbur-Ellis, not the unnamed second importer.

BREAKING NEWS: Melamine contamination continues to spread into human food supply via hogs and chickens.

Full recall announcement after the jump.

On Friday, April 20, SmartPak initiated a voluntary recall of a single production run of the LiveSmart Weight Management Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food.

The particular lot of food recalled included rice protein concentrate that was supplied by Wilbur-Ellis, the same company that supplied rice protein concentrate contaminated with Melamine to Natural Balance. This was the first time that our supplier purchased and used rice protein concentrate from Wilbur-Ellis. No previous lots were affected, nor do we use rice protein concentrate in any other formulas of LiveSmart dog or cat foods.

Thankfully, the product was just produced, and only a very limited amount of product had left our facility prior to the recall (less than 1200 pounds). We have notified every affected pet owner via both phone and email.

We have not had any reports of injury to any dogs. Dogs who have consumed the LiveSmart Weight Management food and show signs of kidney failure (such as loss of appetite, lethargy and vomiting) should be seen by a veterinarian.

We have temporarily suspended further distribution of the LiveSmart Weight Management Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food. We will notify you when we have the product back in stock and will continue to update our website as more information becomes available.

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  1. Monika says:

    Below is a repost of a previous post I made on here (orginally posted prior to 4/19/07 as that is when I put it up on my own blog) this was right after Wilbur-Ellis refused to disclose who besides Natural Balance received shipments of the stuff - - - - I am frightened at how right I was right off the bat. Blue Buffalo Spa Select, Royal Canin Sensible Choice, and now LiveSmart!
    Is Propac and Castor & Pollux really next?

    Original Post:

    NUTRO - Natural Choice & Natural Care Adult CAT food (dry) ***Nutro has issued a statement that they have not purchased the RPC from Wilbur-Ellis***

    PROPAC - Lamb Meal & Rice DOG food (dry) lists RICE GLUTEN as their 4th ingredient

    BLUE BUFFALO (in their top 10 ingredients for dog food they list rice protein concentrate at #7…

    SENSIBLE CHOICE (Royal Canin) - RICE GLUTEN appears in a lot of their products

    CASTOR & POLLUX - Natural Ultramix Canine Weight Mgmnt.

    WELLNESS - WellBars - 2 of the flavors contains RPC

    LIVESMART - Weight Mgmnt. Chicken and Brown Rice formula

    BLUE SPA SELECT - Hairball Control Cat (dry)

    HILL’S - Rx food Z/D for cats (dry) RPC IS 1st INGREDIENT!! ***Hill’s has issued a statement that their RPC is not from Wilbur-Ellis***

    HILL’S - Rx food K/D for dogs (wet) RPC is 5th ingredient while something called “Maize starch” (hmmm) is the first ingredient ***Hill’s statement***

    Also, I’m noticing a lot of other concentrates and glutens in my searches.. i.e. Soy Protein Concentrate (Fancy Feast, Nature’s Recipe), Fish Protein Concentrate (Newman’s Own), Vegetable Protein Concentrate (Advance Pet Foods) and Corn Gluten (meal) - that one is in too many to name. The reason they piqued my interest in because a lot of these companies from China that made the wheat gluten also make these items above.

    And now 6 states with contaminated pork AND poultry. This has crossed over to some scary territory.

  2. maddy says:

    Castor and Pollux also use RPC in the dry cat food - It is from China and they use Organic RPC in the canned organix turkey -led to believe from U.S. until outed by Howl911 last night. (Chemical liver flavor and vitamins from the netherlands- and menadione)

    I am disgusted which is only surpassed by the fear for my cat.

    They are made by C.J. foods - organic run after 24hr. and cleaning of equipment from the rest of the RPC! and whatever else - Whatever happened to organic?????????

  3. Bonni says:

    what state is smartpak made in?

  4. MRB says:

    The dog food industry has the audacity to say that vets claim our dogs are healthier because of commercial dog food. What a farce !

    Just look at what they put in dog food today:

  5. trisha says:

    My cat’s food lists “rice yeast” as an ingredient. Is this the same as rice protein? Should I throw this food out?

  6. Mike Russell Sr. says:

    I am just wondering, if the pet food companies have been lying to the public, how long have the producers of human food and additives been lying to us. It makes the general consumer, AFRAID to eat anything at all!! This NEEDS to be INVESTIGATED IMMEDIATELY!!! Heres, going to bed afraid to eat at all!!! Thank You, for the service you provide, ITCHMO.

  7. connie says:

    off of my yahoo news page 845 pm wed: Fda to test human food .
    Still, the FDA has no intention of banning imports of wheat gluten, rice protein or similar products from China.

    “We believe the safety net is in place to make sure that no additional products are going to get into the commerce of the United States,” said David Elder, director of FDA’s enforcement office.

    Melamine was first found in March in wheat gluten used for some pet foods. Menu Foods, Procter & Gamble Co., Colgate-Palmolive Co., Nestle SA and Del Monte Foods Co. have recalled pet products made with the gluten.

    More recently, rice protein tainted with melamine was also shipped to at least five pet food manufacturers by a supplier that imported it from China, the FDA has said.

    On Monday, two U.S. lawmakers said a second company likely imported rice protein from China that was contaminated with Melamine. FDA officials on Tuesday would not say whether there was a second importer.

  8. Trudy Jackson says:

    I was feeding Hills Z/D wet and dry food to My cats. And now I have lost 3 of them. they need to look more closely at the Z/D cat food. I live in N.C. and won’t be eating any pork. Trudy

  9. Ann says:

    I don’t know what to do to protect my pets, my family. Now they’ve discovered melamine in livestock as well. They make pet food out of the livestock, will all food be recalled now? This kind of rules out making your own food now. Does the government understand how serious this is? Questions, more and more questions. We are getting no where here. I truly believe they’ll find it in the human food chain on a huge scale. We live in a processed food society, so what is next? We have to find our way back to the basics. Organic. Farmers have been put out of business in this country.. so we import.. because it is cheaper??? It’s poison, but they seem to think cheaper poison is better than pure homegrown organic. The Simple truth is until a human dies, they just won’t stop this madness, and that is it, and maybe not even then. I don’t understand why this process in moving so slowly and is not getting the media attention it deserves. We are just not safe anymore. All imported processed food should be banned until they get all the information in order. Does this go on in other countries to this extent? I really need answers and awareness. I am scared to feed my precious pets. I am afraid I will feel this way about my human family as well and very soon. We are not protected, our food, water and our air are all tainted with something. I feel the thought process of our government is overseas, not on the home front. Forgive my tanget, but I am seriouly concerned about the well being of America. It started with the sacrifice of our poor little furry friends, but it won’t end there. It has really opened my eyes, please… Open your eyes America, we have a huge problem here!

  10. Trudy Jackson says:

    Ann, I so agree with you. I’m a nervous wreck and have been since this started. I am on the web all the time just checking it out. there’s always something else to worry about. I thank Itchmo so much. I wouldn’t know what to do without them. But We sure do have a huge problem in the USA.

  11. Paula says:


    I sure HOPE Castor and Pollux isnt next-I am, paranoid that I am, home cooking, but bought that for a friend who couldnt commit to home cooking, and recommended it to my dad. This is was C & P says about newest recall on their website:

    Updated 4/20/07
    Dear Pet Parents,

    Our hearts go out to those who have lost their four-legged best friend and to those whose favorite dog or cat is ill. As a team of pet parents, we all share your grief, sorrow and passion for those wagging tails and twitching whiskers. There is nothing better than that special greeting when you walk in the door, the snuggle on the couch, the expectant sit awaiting play time or treats, or those eyes that acknowledge your need for their love and devotion. We truly understand.

    We want to assure you that our Organix and Natural Ultramix products are NOT affected by the canned food or dry food recalls. Organix and Natural Ultramix continue to be safe and healthy for your four-legged best friends.

    We also want to assure you that NONE of our dry or canned Organix or Natural Ultramix foods or treats or Good Buddy Cookies contain wheat gluten (the ingredient associated with the original recalls).

    Rice Protein Concentrate is NOT used in any of our Organix dry dog, cat or puppy formulas, our Organix Organic dog canned formulas, our Organix Organic Canned Turkey Formula with Seafood Flavor, our Organix Organic Dog Cookies, or our Organix Organic Cat Treats.

    Certified Organic Rice Protein Concentrate is used in our Organix Organic Feline Canned Turkey, Brown Rice and Chicken Formula. But the Certified Organic Rice Protein Concentrate is not affected by the recent recalls; it does not come from the same source associated with the recalls AND we have had it tested to ensure there is no trace of melamine and there is not.

    Rice Protein Concentrate is NOT used in our Natural Ultramix Adult Canine Formula or Natural Ultramix Adult Feline Formula.

    The Rice Protein Concentrate used in our Natural Ultramix Puppy Formula, Natural Ultramix Kitten Formula, Natural Ultramix Weight Management Formula and Natural Ultramix Indoor Feline Formula does not come from the source associated with the recalls and has already been tested to ensure there is no trace of melamine and there is not.

    We hope the following provides helpful information and answers any questions you may have. If you need additional information, please let us know. You can reach us at - or call us at 1-800-875-7518 (Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm, Pacific Standard Time)

    Shelley Gunton
    Co-Owner/”Top Dog”
    Castor & Pollux Pet Works

    Question: Are your products affected by the canned food or dry food recalls?
    Answer: No, Natural Ultramix and Organix canned foods, dry foods, and treats are not affected by the recall.

    Question: Are you still feeding Organix or Natural Ultramix to your own pets?
    Answer: Absolutely! My own dogs love their Organix and Natural Ultramix canned food in addition to the dry kibble. All of us at Castor & Pollux Pet Works are completely confident in the quality of our products and continue to feed Organix and Natural Ultramix to our own dogs and cats.

    Question: Are your canned foods made by Menu Foods, the company involved in the recall?
    Answer: Yes, they are. However, for a number of very specific reasons, our products are not a part of the recall -
    a) First and most importantly, the wheat gluten ingredient associated with the recall is not used in any of our products.
    b) Our Organix line of dog and cat foods is not produced at the plant being associated with the recalled foods and must also meet organic certification standards. These include very rigorous and detailed requirements mandated by the USDA as part of the National Organic Program. From the farm and field to the processing, sourcing, storage, and handling of our organic ingredients through production, all stages are heavily regulated.
    c) Our Natural Ultramix feline canned formulas are not produced at the plant being associated with the recalled foods.
    d) A small amount of Natural Ultramix canine canned formulas was produced at the New Jersey facility but NOT during any period associated with the recalled product. This product is not affected by the recall.

    Question: Are your dry foods made by Menu Foods?
    Answer: No, our Organix and Natural Ultramix dry foods and treats are not made by Menu Foods.

    Question: Do your dry Organix or Natural Ultramix foods or treats contain wheat gluten?
    Answer: No.

    Question: Do your dry Organix or Natural Ultramix foods or treats contain Rice Protein Concentrate?
    Answer: We do not use Rice Protein Concentrate in Organix (food or treats) or in Natural Ultramix Adult Canine Formula, Natural Ultramix Adult Feline Formula, or Natural Ultramix Dog Cookies. The Rice Protein Concentrate used in our other Natural Ultramix dry food formulas has already been tested and there is NO trace of melamine. Certified Organic Rice Protein Concentrate is used in our Organix Organic Feline Canned Turkey, Brown Rice and Chicken Formula but is not affected.

    Question: Where does the wheat gluten come from that is used in some of your Animal Planet treats?
    Answer: The wheat gluten is domestically sourced and produced.

    Question: Are you going to continue having your canned food products made by Menu Foods ?
    Answer: We are always evaluating our options to ensure we can continue to provide our safe, healthy, natural and organic Organix and Natural Ultramix products to concerned pet parents everywhere. Our commitment to organic products supports our belief and actions towards the humane treatment of animals together with our commitment to providing safe, healthy, natural and organic products.

    Hopefully, their statement that they actually TESTED their rice protein, rather than the usual statement from many companies “we arent involved in recall (”yet”)” means that this is still safe?

  12. calliekitty says:

    calliekitty Says:

    April 24th, 2007 at 10:41 pm
    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this site. A beautiful kitty adopted us in October. She was obviously dumped. To make a long story short, we wanted the best food for her so I researched the internet and Natural Balance kept coming up for one of the best foods available. Fortunately, we did not buy the venison, pea formula, but——-I know longer trust NB. We are now in contact with a Natural Pet Food Store. After reading all the comments over the past few days, I was wondering if we could have a national boycott against Petco and PetSmart. Our local Petco is still carrying Iams. Natural Balance and the rest of the junk. I mentioned this to the manager of our local Petco, and he was very defensive, telling me that what they had on their shelves was OK. BULL CRAP!!!! Any suggestions?

  13. Matthew says:

    Does anyone know if there is any relation between Livesmart products and Wellness products. On the Smartpack website, it shows that they have their own food (Livesmart) which has been recalled and they also feature other foods likeWellness, Newmans Own and Flint River. Are they made in the same plant? Smart pack is located in MA and so is Wellness and Wellness uses rice protein in their simple solutions line. Let me know.

  14. BW says:

    I am furious. I’m in NJ, and I just listened to channel 2, 11 pm news, and their report about the 6 state tainting of Hogs. The woman related it to the tainting of petfood and then she said, and this is what infuriated me, that SEVERAL PETS had become ill from the tainted food. How she could say “several” with a straight face I do not know. I was so stunned at the SEVERAL pets, that I didn’t notice whether she said “were made ill or died!” What kind of a cover up is going on. The numbers of effected pets is in the thousands, I have seen conflicting statements about how many, but they were all in the thousands. How DARE SHE SAY MERELY “SEVERAL” and minimize the grief so many petowners are suffering from.
    What can be done about such gross understatement in this emergency.
    My life and so many others has been a confusing, frustrating hell the last 5 weeks trying to prevent my beloved pets from being stricken down.

  15. Sandi says:

    BW, I know, the false pet numbers keep on and on and on. I guess what amazes me is that FDA say “thousands” of hogs could be affected but yet they will still only say 16 pet deaths and they wont even say the number of pets that are sick. FDA, its not hard to say the word “thousands when it comes to hogs, so lets give it a try in regard to pets…come on, I know its tough, here I’ll start out with you. First you say thou… OK thats it! Now lets say sands! sa…sa…nd…nd…s..s..s! OK now you have the hang of it, try putting it together by yourself! FDA? FDA? Where did you go?

  16. Erik T. says:

    Trisha said…

    My cat’s food lists “rice yeast” as an ingredient. Is this the same as rice protein? Should I throw this food out?


    No, it’s note the same. But I wonder why in the hell a cat would need a cholesterol lowering statin, “e.g lovastatin,” drug in his/her food. It appears that this is what is produced by rice yeast.

    Also, it could be a genetically modified variety that doesn’t produce lovastatin, but what’s the point of that. Brewers yeast would probably be better as well as cheaper.

    We just can’t trust these manufactures to do the right thing.

    You might want to do a google search for “rice yeast” with the quotes.

  17. Cheryl says:

    1. Get a blood panel done on your cats if you haven’t yet.
    2. If you HAVE to feed overprocessed extruded pellets to your cat - don’t feed any with any grains or grain by products
    3. Check out the home cooking books for your pets - there are enough of them out there now.
    4. Only buy organic grass fed beef and organic cage free chickens fed whole seed and grains - not by products. And Eggs from these chickens.

    Will it cost more? Yes. Will you sleep better? Yes.

  18. Kay says:

    Hello .. I am new to this site .. I have found it to be very informative .. and I am a bit overwhelmed with all of the recalls, trying to research new food sources, all the while trying to home prepare food for 9 dogs & 2 cats which includes: My 4 yorkies, 1 chihuahua & 1 aussie shepard, as well as, my daughters 3 chihuahuas plus the 2 cats that we share .. additionally of the nine there are special ones: a tiny “picky-eater” puppy and two who are apart of the geriatric set with combinations of “heart, liver, pancreatic & thyroid” ailments .. I also feel very foolish to have bought into those marketing ploys of big business and to have trusted my precious pets well being, to these very greedy companies who have managed to produce cheap, disgusting products that “barely sustain life, much less maintain or improve the lives” of our pets .. The “Presentation, Packaging & Advertising” that deluded so many of us into believing that we were providing sound diets for our pets, very likely could have cost these companies more than what they actually paid for the inferrior and poisoned ingredients that are used to produce the food inside of the bags. I for one would like to see some serious changes in the food industry not only for the pets in our lives but for the people that love them !!!

  19. QBU says:

    How does one know by reading the ingredients if a food contains RPC? The ingredients list on the Natural Balance product didn’t list that specifically–it read, “brown rice,” “rice bran” and “rice flour.” Is one of those actually the concentrate?

  20. Michele Peltier says:

    Good morning fellow pet owners and thanks to Itchmo for all their help and availability to us in this most frustrating and eye opening time.

    I was one who lost my beloved Jack (dog) to petfood. I have 3 cats left. I quit feeding them Iams. Using Bil-Jac kibble for them. BUT, they love having some canned type foods and are used to it. So, for a while I did the human food type but due to a life that appreciates some convenience foods, finally bought solid gold along with wellness, and tried a few others. Well, they love solid gold and wellness BUT, altho I knew ahead of time that the tuna was from Thailand, I am not quite comfortable yet because it is a ‘PRODUCT OF THAILAND’, and I am at a place where my trust is wicked low. Can we not make all products in the US???
    ************************************************* more thing fellow pet lovers.
    Did you know? That is every American would spend just $20 per month, it would put jobs back in our own country. A small step. Please do it.
    Thanks, Michele of Saint Paul MN

  21. 5CatMom says:


    “Certified Organic Rice Protein Concentrate is used in our Organix Organic Feline Canned Turkey, Brown Rice and Chicken Formula. But the Certified Organic Rice Protein Concentrate is not affected by the recent recalls; it does not come from the same source associated with the recalls AND we have had it tested to ensure there is no trace of melamine and there is not”

    It’s my understanding (could be wrong) that the toxin in RPC is cyanuric acid. Did C&P test for that? These companies need to drop “not affected by” and say “we TESTED for xyz”. If you don’t test, you don’t know.

    Also, I question the effectiveness of so-called testing. How is the test performed? By whom? Did you use a lab? Is the equipment calibrated? Show me the lab report.

  22. Sharon says:

    Ok several months ago I sign up to be on this panel.Its a survey on pet foods and treats. I ask last time i was sent one do they use wheat gluten and if so I don’t want to use my pets as a Guinea pig on it. I got no answer ,but this morning I was sent a new Cat food survey. How it works is if you answer survey correctly they send you items to try on your pets,that has no labels or ingredient’s. At this point I am not going to give them any thing I don’t have no idea what brand or whats in it.

    This Pet Buddies Panel is not associated with a specific brand or company. The goal of the Pet Buddies Panel is to improve the products and services that our four legged friends use every day. We ask our Pet Buddies Panel members about their feelings and suggestions regarding a variety of different companies. We truly appreciate your input, and hope that you understand how important the information you provide on the surveys will be to improving the quality of life for your pet buddy! If you have not yet signed up to be a pet buddy, please go to: and click on the “join now” link.

  23. connie says:

    The story in this mornings paper, said..
    (& I know a few of you are gonna be yelling “I knew it!!”)
    “the hogs were fed the recalled pet food.”
    This is not gonna end pretty. However as long as Im still eating chicken the kids will be eating chicken. Just not knowingly the ones from MO.

  24. links for 2007-04-25 « notes and digressions|lurking chihuahua says:

    […] Itchmo » Blog Archive » SmartPak Dog Food Recalled information about food contamination & recalls… (tags: info news pets food) […]

  25. connie says:

    NEW YORK (CNN) — The Food and Drug Administration says it will test ingredients imported for human consumption in connection with the recall of pet food that has killed at least 16 pets and perhaps more than 100.

    In addition, the FDA on Tuesday announced plans to expand testing of the animal food supply after hogs on farms in three states were quarantined after testing positive for melamine, the toxic substance at the center of the recall.

    A poultry farm in Missouri is also being investigated, federal officials said.

    Wheat gluten, corn gluten, cornmeal, rice bran and rice protein are among the imported products being tested in both the animal and human food supply. (Watch suggestions for improving U.S. food inspections )

    “I want to emphasize that this is a proactive step,” said David Acheson, chief medical officer for the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

    The comprehensive testing will begin at the end of the week and focus on public awareness and checking of samples, Acheson said.

    The FDA said hog farms in California, North Carolina and South Carolina have been quarantined after tests found melamine in the animals’ urine. Owners of a hog farm in Ohio are also working with the FDA.

    Hogs from farms in New York and Utah have also been placed on hold for distribution, but testing has yet to confirm the presence of melamine in those animals, federal officials said.

    The FDA has officially tallied 16 animal deaths related to the pet food recall, but other organizations have put the estimate much higher. Cats seem to be more susceptible: Only one of the confirmed deaths was a dog.

    The recall started March 15 with Menu Foods Inc., a Canadian company that makes a long list of popular pet food brands, including Eukanuba, Iams and Wal-Mart’s Special Kitty. (Check for your pet’s food on the FDA’s list)

    Investigators from the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine found those products contained wheat gluten contaminated with melamine, a plastic compound used in fertilizer in some countries but banned for that purpose in the United States.

    Little research has been done to show that melamine causes kidney failure, but its association with the recent pet deaths is undeniable, the FDA said.

    Signs of kidney failure in animals include vomiting, lethargy and loss of appetite, the veterinary school noted.

    The contaminated wheat gluten, and later other ingredients, came from a single distributor in China, FDA investigators found.

    Now, 80 food products for dogs and 56 for cats — including such major brands as Alpo, Mighty Dog and Hill’s Science Diet — have been recalled because they contain ingredients that could be tainted.

  26. Theresa says:

    I also have been searching the internet and such for answers as to what to feed my babies. A book recommended to my by our holistic vet - Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, and Susan Hubble Pitcairn - has given my hope! He is a regular vet turned holistic and gives sensible info about care and diet for your pets! He also give recipes and the supplements needed to make sure everything is balanced. A wonderful book I highly recommend it.
    What a life saver for me and my babies!

  27. Lorie says:


    I thought the same thing when I saw Wellness on there website. The only reason this stuck out to me is holistic vet that I spoke to 2 days ago is sending all her Wellness back has sent it to be tested all of her cats were vomiting on it and one is in ARF and that is all they ate. Shealso treated a kitten that was vomiting on Wellness dry. Just FYI. She says nobody is telling the truth.

  28. Sandi K says:

    Cheryl Says:

    April 25th, 2007 at 2:18 am
    1. Get a blood panel done on your cats if you haven’t yet.

    ALSO, Please get a urinalysis done, there are many tests having normal BUN and creatinine levels but the problem is showing up in the urinalysis.

  29. Lorie says:


    I have also purchased that same book, I am very confused by all the supplements needed seems to me you need to be a chemist. I must be just plain dumb if you think it is easy recipes. Can you maybe give me some pointers since you can understand it?

  30. tribegirl says:

    Michele Peltier says:
    “I quit feeding Iams, using Bil-Jac kibble for them.”

    Dear Michele,
    I am a “mommy” of 6 dogs and a cat, and have been researching pet food and pet nutrition for the past years. I am sorry for intruding, but I really wanted you to be aware that Bil-Jac uses a chemical preservative, sodium propionate. According to the Oxford research, sodium propionate “may be harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. Eye, skin and respiratory tract irritant.” Also, according to the EPA, in the past there were some pesticides (!) containing sodium propionate. Although FDA states that this chemical is “food safe”, I do not trust the FDA after all of its screw ups. Also, FDA approves BHA and BHT for human and animal use, even thought those additives cause organ failure and other problems, AND are banned in most European coutnries. Additionally, it is important to consider that your pets are ingesting large amounts of this preservative with each and every meal, not just small amounts occasionally. There are some good quality dry foods for cats that are naturally preserved and produced by companies with integrity. I think Wellness has its own plant for dry food; also Solid Gold has its dry food packed by a US company. Innova, Innova Evo and Califorina Natural dry foods are produced in the company-owned plant. Also, all their ingredients come from the US. I know for a fact that Evangers is a great pet food and has its own plant for dry and canned food. Hopefully you’ll find a better alternative for your “babies” so they can have long, healthy lives.

  31. betty gossett says:

    No matter what they find when they inspect the plants in Chine, expect a cover up and no change on imports. We have trade agreements and our Government cares much more about business than We the people. Of course its unlikely anything will be found, since thay have had plenty of time to clean up 2 plants.

    And another thing. The FDA says they do not have enough money or staff to do adequate inspections and testing to insure the safety of our food supply. And yet they want to take on more and put additional restrictions on supplements and even food.
    From HSI:
    Dear Reader,

    Here’s a good one: Imagine vegetable juice is a drug.

    Crazy thought, isn’t it? And yet, this is exactly what FDA officials are thinking. And I’m not speaking hypothetically. They really are thinking: “If vegetable juice is reclassified as a drug, it will be ours to regulate.”

    “But why stop at vegetable juice?”

    You can bet they’re thinking that too.

    Getting juiced

    In the e-Alert “This Is It” (4/16/07), I told you about the FDA plan to impose harsh new regulations on dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, and herbs), and even food products that might be used to treat health problems.

    The proposed guidelines appear in a document posted on the FDA web site. And here’s what the document has to say about vegetable juice: “If the juice therapy is intended for use as part of a disease treatment regimen instead of for the general wellness, the vegetable juice would also be subject to regulation as a drug.”

    Do you drink lots of orange juice when you come down with a cold? Under the new guidelines, orange juice would be considered a drug.

    Do you find relief from arthritis pain when you take chondroitin and glucosamine? That would be considered drug use.

    Do you take curcumin (a component of curry) to help inhibit cancer tumor growth? Again: drug use.

    One of the worrying aspects of these guidelines is that they’re vague and poorly written. And fuzzy language will work entirely in favor of the FDA when it comes time to interpret the guidelines. HSI Panelist Jon Barron listed these problems that are likely to unfold if the guidelines are adopted:
    More confusion
    More cost
    Less access to health
    Denial of freedom of access
    You can read all of Jon’s comments in his blog at

    An unexpected gift?

    In recent days a new wrinkle has developed concerning the deadline the FDA set for accepting comments about the proposed guidelines.

    Last week, the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) informed the FDA of an error found in the Federal Register notice that set April 30, 2007 as the deadline for comments. The original draft guidance appeared in the Federal Register on February 27, 2007, along with this note: “Comments and suggestions regarding this draft document should be submitted within 90 days of publication in the Federal Register of the notice announcing the availability of the draft guidance.”

    In a letter to the FDA, an attorney for the AHPA noted that this would put the actual deadline at May 29, 2007, offering the public much more time to submit comments regarding the new guidelines. Unfortunately there’s been no response yet from the FDA about whether the deadline will be extended, so for the moment we have to assume that the deadline for comments is less than a week away. (If that deadline is extended, I’ll let you know about it as soon as we get word.)

    In the meantime, it’s time to raise our voices.

    First, I strongly urge you share this e-Alert with your friends and family members who value our right to make our own healthcare choices, unimpeded by absurd regulations that would restrict food consumption in the same way drugs are restricted.

    You can find the full text of the FDA document at this link:

    And you can use this link to submit your comments (be sure to note Docket No. 2006D-0480, and the title of the document: “Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration”):

    In addition, we also need to let our representatives in Washington know that we strongly resist this attack on our healthcare freedom. You can find the names and e-mail addresses for your congressmen at this web site:

  32. betty gossett says:

    If we have some food we wnt to have tested ourself, Does anyone know of any labs where we could send a sample to have it tested for less than an arm and a leg?

  33. Seven says:

    The FDA isn’t funded enough so it can effectively test our foods.
    We need to be aware that our federal taxes support things we actually do need.
    We all need to vote, especially in this next election.

  34. SKL says:

    I’m as confused as anyone else, & would like to find “easy” recipes to feed my furkids. Every recipe I’ve seen makes my eyes roll back in my head. Also, what about pets on special diets? I have a cat who is prone to urinary blockages (almost dying once) so is on Hill’s C/D “forever” (so my vet says). Help!!

  35. Jo says:

    Who knows if the urinary blockage was caused by food or not? I know a woman that gives her cats supplements with taurine and feeds her cat fresh foods like Tilapia, Tuna, chicken, turkey and she adds a bit of fresh slightly steamed cranberry that has been mashed. Also a bit of Norwegian Cod Liver Oil. Beef heart is high in taurine. Ask another Vet about what amounts to give your cat of natural substances, a Vet familiar with nutrition. A woman I know went to natural whole foods diet for her dogs that were all on prescription diets and doing poor under a Vet with Science Diet prescription diets. Now they are thriving and off all PD’s!

  36. sandi says:

    I am confused is Diamond also involved with using rice protein. It does have brown rice. Or is it implicated due to manufacturing foods for other companies that ar e on the re call list?????


  37. sandi says:

    I understand the importance of the petition. But, all or most of the herbal ingredients come from China.

  38. Sandi K says:

    Betty, Berkely University in California will test it $100 for in state and $200 for out of state. I think Iowa Univ is also doing testing. Another bet might be to contact some of the Universities in the state you live in to see if they can do testing. Most of these need to be arranged thru you vet.

  39. Phyllis says:

    So who is to say that the Chinese and only the Chinese put melamine in the grains? What about all the middle men on the way? Buy it from China cheap, put some melamine in it and upgrade it and pocket the difference. I am thinking of the man who wrote in to Itchmo and claims he takes melamine all the time. Maybe the melamine was added more than once to some shipments.

  40. Pete B says:



    Less than a week ago my healthy dog passed away from what emergency vet called ’sudden death’. At this moment, confirmation of what caused death is not clear but vet may suspect food was bad and I am going to have tested. The dog food in question is Nutro Natural Choice.

    Hoping that I did not kill my dog by giving him what I thought was good food, I stopped in to Petsmart today to calm my nerves and be assured that the food in question is fine. What I found was the shelves that contained Nutro Natural Choice were almost bare.(That never has happened) At the aisle with Nutro area they had a Nutro rep stationed here. When I questioned him about why no food was here, he stated that no ‘recall’ is in effect and Nutro just happened to shut down a few plants who were producing what he termed as ,not as tasty food’ and the ‘quality’ was not up to par.Seeing that a dog can’t talk, I asked him how they would know it was not ‘tasty’ and it seemed far more plausible that a company whos main product is dog food would not shut down a plant and have no product unless some very extreme situations were coming to light. He stated that the food plant being shut and my dog dying were coincidence. Further more, the 800 number he gave me is not being answered now.

    I have a meeting with Petsmart tomorrow to discuss. I do not blame them right now for the death of my dog, but I stated to the manager I had a BIG issue with them allowing a Nutro rep to tell prospect clients some very vague, questionable, and misleading information, on the status of Nutro food. As noted, the 1-800 number just kept ringing. Additionally, I checked their wb and found NO information regarding any plants being shut down. To me, that would be very signifcant information to relay to all consumers especially if supposed steps were being taken in the best interest of the dog because the food was not as ‘tasty’.Also, letting consumers know info on lack of product and when to expect more would seem to be the obivous steps for anybody not hiding something.

    I am not sure what you can do but I am simply hoping you can point me in the right direction. This is not about money and simply about wanting to save even one person the heartbreak and guilt I am going through and holding those parties accountable. I will not let this be swept under the rug and hopefully will get confirmation i am looking for with testing of Pet food i still have.

    I appreciate any help you may be able to lend.

    Pete B
    Houston, TX

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