Smell Be Gone

Dogone Gas GoneDoes your dog stink up the house with his amazingly potent and deadly gas (and your plants have wilted from the horrible smell)? Introduce your dog to the Dogone Dog Gas Neutralizing Pad. It uses an activated charcoal cloth to eliminate pet odors or dog odors from flatulence. Oh, did we mention that it’s designed to be a thong for dogs — your dog will just love having a constant wedgie.

One Response to “Smell Be Gone”

  1. Scott says:

    This is so silly I don’t know if it is real or not. If your dog has gas you need to quit buying that crummy food and upgrade to something decent. Look on the label, meat should be the first ingredient and corn or grains should only appear lower down on the list or not at all. A good digestible dog food will eliminate gas.

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