Smokehouse Brand Dog Treats Pulled From PetSmart Shelves

Smokehouse BrandAs of this morning, PetSmart has pulled various Smokehouse Brand dog treats off of their shelves. There have been reports of pets becoming ill after eating the treats, and as a precaution, PetSmart has removed the products. There has been no formal recall as of yet.

Here is what the PetSmart corporate office released to the PetSmart stores:

“Today the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) issued a media alert warning some treat products from China may be a potential threat to pets due to ’several complaints from pet owners and veterinarians of illness in dogs.’ No deaths have been reported at this time. The symptoms of pets reported sick were vomiting, lethargy and anorexia. To date, testing by the FDA and PetSmart Techinical Services has ruled out melamine contamination that might be making pets sick.

For now, we’re going to take the precautionary measure to pull this product from the shelves and contain it in the backroom. Our experts will continue to monitor the situation, analyze samples for a variety of possible problems and ask the vendor to test additonal product. Because of the relatively small number of complaints at this point, we’re not issuing a recall. We’ll provide timely updates as more information becomes available.”

Here is the SKU list of the Smokehouse Brand dog treats that have been pulled off of PetSmart shelves:

7856525052 5108696 Chicken Chips 1lb.
7856525053 5108692 Chicken Chips 8oz.
7856525092 5108693 Chicken Poppers 8oz.
7856525093 5108698 Chicken Poppers 1lb.
7856525134 5108691 Chicken Tenders 8oz.
7856525137 5126536 Chicken Breast Tender Snacks 1lb.
7856525138 5126535 Chicken Tenders 2lb.
7856584255 5126702 Duck Breast Tenders 8oz.
7856584256 5126534 Duck Breast Tenders 1lb.
7856584257 5126532 Duck Chips 1lb.
7856584258 5126531 Duck and Sweet Potato 1lb.
7856585808 5108695 Chicken Tenders 1lb.

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  1. 5CatMom says:

    There are local pet food groups in some communities which get together once a week and make up batches of food (both raw and cooked) and treats. One person brings the chicken, one person - liver, another - hearts and gizzards, etc.

    The “pet foodies” make up enough for themselves, and some “extra” to share with other pet owners who would like to use REAL FOOD, but who aren’t able to do so (for lots of good reasons). One of my friends drops off “samples” at her vets office. LOL. Just to get him accustomed to the idea: “we CAN do this.”

    There are also “food clubs” (one’s in Tennessee) where pet owners get together and place bulk orders with online pet meat companies. Some online companies may accept one order from the group, but will ship to individual members.

    Other ideas:

    If you know a retired person who likes to cook, you could supply the ingredients (or provide the cash), and get the food made for you.

    Also, for those of you who ARE retired, there’re income opportunites here. Print out some fliers. Place them around town, and with your local vets. A friend of mine does this and she’s been swamped with requests.

    Getting off the commerial stuff really IS a good idea, and I don’t believe we’ve seen the end of the recalls. To me, this feels like “Pet Food Recall, Phase 2″.

    There are LOTS of ways to get the cannon up the hill.

  2. m&n says:

    i would look at any of the treats out their that say product of china, and DO NOT PURCHASE THEM

  3. straybaby says:

    Pukanuba says:
    September 16th, 2007 at 9:03 am

    try american harvest (i think that’s the brand!) i paid around 100 for mine, but that may have included the extra trays. it’s been a few years, so my memory is fuzzy!

    you can google for it and should be able to buy one online or find a local retailer.

  4. 5CatMom says:

    Forgot to add to the above links:

    The owner of Feline’s Pride wanted an alternative to commercial food, so he started his own company. He feeds the food to his cats.

    He kindly allowed Anne to post a partial nutritional analysis on her website:

  5. 5CatMom says:

    Here’s a link to a forum thread for home made cat food recipes:

    The information posted by this dear lady is helping many pet owners.

    Kaffe and Cato are two VERY lucky kitties!

  6. Jenny Bark says:

    Purring Fur,I bought my dehydrator at Amizon. I bought a little better one because i didn’t want to spend time rotating trays & big enough to do a lot at a time because I have a large garden. I didn’t buy the best or biggest thou. I have a Nesco/American Harvest, model # FD75Pr. I paid somewhere around $40.00. It’s funny because after I ordered the price dropped $10.00 & they gave me the cheaper price & I had free shipping.
    A different dehydrator use to be a big tv seller, so a lot of people have them proberly sitting in their cupboard or atic so people who don’t have the money it would pay to ask around.
    Purring Fur I buy a whole turkey & use the parts I can for jerky & then ground the rest for my babies & us. I grind the turkey with my kitchen Aid. I alway make a lot at a time because I don’t have the time to play around. Good luck, let me know how it goes. I like making everything I can because I feel like it gives me a little power over pfi. P.S. keep the jerky in baggies or seal a meal so they don’t pick up moister or oders from the freg.

  7. Jenny Bark says:

    Purring Fur, “Mary Bell’s complete dehydrator cookbook imo is really a good one. You have to be careful thou because a lot of recipes call for onion, garlic or soy sauce. I am still pretty new at dehydratoring so I learned about being safe from her. I am using my dehydrator a lot so I keep mine out.

  8. 5CatMom says:

    Jenny Bark,

    I sent you a PM. Did you get it? Leave Itchmo and go to your email. Click on the link, and it will take you back to your personal messages in Itchmo. There’s a box called “Messages” on the left side of your screen (not the tabs at the top). In the “Messages” box, click “new message”.

    The new message screen will appear. If you want to respond click the “reply” button and a dialog box will appear. From there, it’s just like posting a comment.

    Be sure to click “save a copy in my outbox” so you can find it later.

    Then click the “send” button.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Beth says:

    Jenny–I went to Amazon looking at the dehydrators. I found the model Nesco/American Harvest # FD75PR. It was $60.82. How do you think I can get your price?

  10. Jenny Bark says:

    Beth, I don’t know. I ordered mine a few months back. When I ordered it I just put it in my shopping cart & didn’t order to the next day. Wanted to check with my husband to see if he wanted anything to save on shipping. The next night I went to finish my order & the price was changed, maybe the same thing will happen to you or the price went up, just don’t know. I would try holding the order for a day & see if the same thing happens to you, if not the price just went up. Wish you luck.

  11. MarySmith says:

    I just googled ‘home made jerky’

    And the first page gave lots of info:

    At this page there are several links, too.

    No reason that receipts for wild game could not be re-worked for beef or chicken!

  12. Jenny Bark says:

    5CatMom, I’m sorry I can’t get to your pm, believe it or not I even have 3 credits on the computer. I needed to learn for work at the church & at home. I never blogged until Itchmo & only used e-mail for sending & receiving. I’m sorry I so dumb & proberly a pain in you know what. All your instructions sound great & easly but I can’t seem to get the link from my email page. Maybe I don’t have it set up right, I’ll try to get some help this week. I can’t even think of taking a course until winter, not enough time right now.
    Thanks a lot for all your help, I put my email on the other thread. Thanks also to you I found an email in spam that I really wanted. Thanks again.

  13. MarySmith says:

    Jenny Bark

    Just go to the forums page by clicking on “forums” at the top of this page.

    If you are not signed in, do so. Then at the top of the forums page you’ll see:

    Home Help Search Profile My Messages Members Logout

    Just click on the “My Messages” link and you will see any pm’s that have been sent to you.

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  15. Pukanuba says:

    Thanks for all the info on dehydrators……I did send out a couple of emails to friends of mine that have every gadget available & never use them. If nobody has one they want to sell, then I’ll go back to the internet. I found one on the Sears website that was around $45…..don’t want to spend a lot because I doubt I’ll ever use it for anything other than chicken strips for the pooch. I assume you get some kind of book with it telling you how to make different things……don’t have a clue how to use one.

    I’m just really sad that China doesn’t seem to care who they poison & it’s obvious that those sectors of our Gov’t that are there to protect us seem to care even less whether or not we croak from poisoned food. This is something that’s more like a very bad dream that I can’t seem to wake up from……it can’t possibly be happening in this great country of ours…….The United States of Chinica.

  16. Jenny Bark says:

    5CatMom & Mary Smith, Thanks for all the help, I think I got it now. Your both are wonderful.

    Mary Smith, I like your links.

    Pukanuba, if you don’t find one use an oven & see if you like it. Mary Smith has really good links above or use my recipe.

  17. Curtis says:

    PetSmart carries a real meat treat called Carvers (formerly Chew Eez Carvers) that my golden doodle absolutely loves. They’re over 80% real meat, they come in beef and chicken flavors and you can find them at your local PetSmart. These might be a great option for anyone looking for a replacement to the Smokehouse treats. Oh, and Carvers are manufactured by Purina here in the USA…which is nice.

  18. Sue says:

    Saw the mention of Feline’s Pride. It is a great product for those who can’t make their own diet up. I’ve been feeding my Maine Coons, Diesel and Charlie Girl, Feline’s Pride for a year now. The other great benefit is their teeth. at her annual checkup in Aug 2006, the vet mentioned that Charlie would most likely need her teeth cleaned the next time she was in. Nothing mentioned at this year’s checkup. We’ve also had a number of vets that the cat’s have met when they’re out and about comment on how great their teeth and gums look. Both cats are registered animal therapy cats with the Delta Society. They make hospital visits in the Miami/Ft. Laudedale area, so its important that they stay healthy. I have a link for Feline’s Pride on their part of my website:

    We feed our Dobe puppy a part raw diet too - Nature’s Variety (frozen). I can get that locally at some of the specialty pet food shops. The formula is more appropriate for dogs even though they market it for dogs and cats. We’ve purchased the Smokehouse treats in the past (missed the fine print about made in China) and luckily had no problems. Won’t be giving her those treats…

    Any of the canned foods we use are the holistic/organic types. The main reason we even use them is if our raw supply was ever interrupted due to a major storm (it is south Florida), we wouldn’t want to have any major stomach upsets from a sudden diet change.

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  21. Deanna Toomey says:

    My dog who is a Shih_tzu became sick from Smokehouse chicken breast,also my daughters dog,they have not been able to eat in 4 days now,should I take her to her vets? please let me know….Deanna Toomey

  22. BorderCollieMom says:

    I have read a lot of the posts and find them very informative, thank you. I did not see that anyone mentioned what TYPE of raw products they are buying to dehydrate. (I got my dehydrator at a yard sale for $5). There has been much talk for a bunch of years about the amount of additives (hormones and other junk) found in meat and poultry and fish that humans consume. So, unless you are purchasing nothing but certified organic products for your pets and yourself, you are still getting nasty chemicals in the food. (even with the organic designation, some people feel that we still are not safe from all these things.) Even farm animals from the good old USA are still fed crappy food with loads of additives. It is hard to be truly safe unless you grow it yourself.

  23. J.K. says:


    I can confirm that our 5-year old beagle and 2-year old beagle mix became violently ill after eating 1 (ONE!) Smokehouse brand 8-oz Chicken Tender each, from a bag purchased at an H.E.B. in Austin, Texas in mid-August (for those of you not within Central Texas, H.E.B. is a regional grocery store chain that serves mostly South and Central Texas).

    Our dogs are about 40 lbs each and are generally in good health, but within 30 minutes of being fed one treat each, both began vomiting a mix of chewed and partially digested Chicken Tender (noticeable immediately because of color and texture), along with a huge quantity of phlegm. This happened before we had seen the news reports about the Walmart voluntary recall of Waggin’ Train chicken treats.

    Having attempted to navigate the incomprehensible website maintained by whatever shell corporation uses Smokehouse as a brand name, I strongly suspect that the brand name is irrelevant and meant only to throw people off the scent.

    Dried chicken breasts from China are (I suspect) a waste by-product of massive chicken kills following bird flu and other avian pandemics in central China, probably get routed through a small number of more-or-less anonymous importers, and then get packaged by a bunch of interlocking shell companies that share the same factories, management, and investors.

    We had bought several bags (we had turned to the treats after the more general recalls because we foolishly thought that the chicken breasts would be good treats). The chicken breast poisoners played us for chumps. Unfortunately, we didn’t save any of the bags, but we did notify the store manager of the Waggin’ Train disaster, and of the likelihood that Smokehouse and Waggin’ Train share the same supplier or suppliers.

    Luckily, our dogs seem to be doing okay, and now get cheese cubes, carrots, blueberries, and fresh meat treats.

  24. Dennis says:

    As of this evening, October 6, 2007, the Petsmart store in Overland Park Kansas has Smokehouse dog treats on the shelves. They have multiple types, and are very well stocked on more than one shelf.

    It appears their internal communications with stores and between them and the AVMA may be lacking.

  25. Amazing Cooking Guide says:

    Amazing Cooking Guide

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting

  26. Shelly says:

    11/9/07 I tried to purchase Smoke House treats at a H.E.B store in San antonio Texas (marbach ) Product still on the shelves, Store director told me I could not buy I guess at first I was mad , Now Iam glad. Am looking into a dehydrator now and will make my dog treats now on.

  27. A.JOHNSON says:

    My son’s 7 year old cocker spaniel has gotten very sick this past week, with all of the same symptoms described by the others. The vet could not find what was wrong with him, but
    think he was poisoned. He did not get the chicken treats, but he did get Dentleys chew-rite sticks. Has anyone had any trouble with this product?? We noticed that other chew treats had been re-called. We’re not sure of how much kidney damage has been done, he has been in intensive care all week, but he’s starting to do a little better and may be able to come home. Thanks Ruth

  28. Bob says:

    Hi, Everyone,

    I’m a pet food supplier from China. I have paid much attention to the pet food recall affair. And I want to expatiate something that you didnt knwo.

    As far as I know, All our products exported to USA and Canada is nautral chicken meat without any additive and artificial preservative. so it’s health food. even human being can eat it. And my boss kept feed his dog with our products.

    you can take it easy, it’s impossible to export any bird flu infected chicken in China. If you come to China occasionly, you’ll find how much China government stress on FOOD Safety.

    And you FDA testing report also said that the dog’s illness is not definately caused by Chicken jerky.

    Anybody want to chat me about pet food, can communicate with my by MSN:, or my skype: pengbomu.

    I can send you picture of our goods, and samples if you need.

    You’ll find what I said it’s true.

  29. GilaRiverRider says:

    This article is dated. Not knowing about this hysteria, I recently purchased and fed two bags of Smokehouse Duck & Sweet Potato treats to my 3 companions - no harmful event occured -

    I’m wondering if all the China fear mongering is just hysteria … my crew lived through the dog food scare too.

    How many tons of pet food comes from China and how many millions of animals here eat it - and what did we have, less than 50 cases of illness and less than a dozen cases which were fatal? And how many actual deaths were 100% verifed as being caused by pet food from China?

    Perspective folks, not hysteria.

  30. Ruth says:

    My Yorkie became very ill over a two-day period. I had fed her Smokehouse chicken tenders for a year, but there must have been a bad batch. Her symptoms were not attributable to any other cause. It took eight days of IV fluids, numerous blood tests and care to get her to a point where she could come home. Her kidneys have been damaged, I don’t know to what extent at this time, and she will most likely be on a special diet for her remaining years (she’s 6 now). She’s alive, but only because my vet had lost another dog to the same symptoms two weeks prior and acted immediately and aggresively. I’m sure it’s not everything from China, but all products should be tested regularly, not just when there is a problem. At $10 for a one-lb bag, that’s almost four times what I pay per pound for the chicken breast I eat, it should all be tested regularly. I will not feed my dog anything that isn’t made in the USA completely ever again. We have testing here that is unmatched. There’s a reason some US manufacturers outsource their work - it costs them less because there are not the same restrictions. I’ve learned a $5000 lesson - but I’ve learned it well.

  31. crystal says:

    I have 3 large German Shepherds. We have fed them the smoke house chicken treats sense they have been released. when these tenders were recalled in aug we stopped giving them to our dogs as we bought them at pets mart. Pets mart then told us the items were tested and that they are safe for the dogs to eat. we gave our dogs the treats only to notice that one was throwing up. right after that she became latargic and could’nt even walk. she collasped in the floor and could’nt move. She had shallow breathing. we had to roll her over on a blanket and carry her to the car to rush her to the emergency vet. many test were run dr said her liver enzymes were out the roof. she was dehyrated, she had pancritis which he said comes from alot of fat. the bag reads on these tenders low fat. She was held over 244 ours put on an iv and given meds. this game out to $687.00. Now she is home we are seeing that she is peeing on herself and not even knowing. which she has always been potty trained and never has had an accident in the house. We are waiting on the vet to get back with us on that. I called the customer support center for pets mart as I was directed by our local store. The lady i spoke with was dummer than a box of rocks. I explained to the lady what was going on and she told me well the best thing i can tell you is not to buy the product well duh. I said look My problem is that these items are still on the self and they need to be pulled as I do not want this to happen to any more dogs. she took my information and said she would pass it on. I will not rest until these items are pulled off the shelf. I know china likes to eat dogs but don’t try to kill ours.

  32. N. Craighill says:

    I was able to buy the Smokehouse brand from Petco on 10/3, the Duck Breast version. Two of my beagles got extremely dehydrated, similar to the other reports, too weak to even stand so we rushed them to the emergency on two different occasions. Not until the second dog got sick did the Vet even hear about the chicken tender scare. Now after $2,000+ vet bills, I have two weak dogs with possible kidney damage that won’t live a full life. I’m very angry and want to know when we are going to stop telling these sad stories and do something about it? How come this story broke in August/September but we still have sick dogs in November? Where is the website that is keeping track of all these cases and comparing the symptoms? Let’s get organized. Maybe get a lawyer.

  33. Steve says:

    I found a store in VA that makes their own dog treats and my dogs just love them. I stopped with all this Chinese treats because you just can’t trust them and cheap isn’t the way to go for my dogs. Go to My dogs won’t eat anything else now.

  34. Henry says:

    I like to buy food and supplies fro my pets at most discounted prices from PetsMart store…..!

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  37. Karen says:

    I was ran across your blog today. I wanted to share a wonderful dog food I found a few months back. My dog just loves it. The food is made with all human grade ingredients. It is also made in the U.S. and Eco-Friendly. I have personally tasted this food and it is tasty. I must say I liked it. More importantly my dog loves it. I am sharing this information because it took me a long time to find a great food for my dog. It is called Pet Bistro

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  39. mark says:

    Pet Bistro - Has anyone tried this new Pet Bistro everyone is raving about? We recently bought pet bistro and our dogs went crazy. I have never seen them love a food as much as this one. I read where Karen had tasted it, and I must say you are right this food has a great flavor. I hope this company makes treats soon.

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