Southwest Airlines Employees Save Seeing Eye Dog’s Life

BannerFriday the 13th is Banner’s lucky day.

This yellow Labrador retriever is Larry Colbert’s seeing eye dog. Colbert and Banner were riding in a taxi to Phoenix Airport. The man heard Banner yelp in the taxi but didn’t know what was wrong.

When they got out of the taxi, Colbert noticed that his dog was limping a little and that his own hands were sticky. He had no idea how severe Banner’s injuries were.

A security officer first noticed that Banner was gushing blood from his leg and standing in a pool of blood. He asked Colbert if he needed help. Then six Southwest Airlines employees also came over to help.

One employee managed to grip Banner’s leg tight enough to stop the blood flow. Meanwhile, Colbert called his girlfriend to come to the airport to take Banner to the animal hospital.

The same employee holding Banner’s leg carried the 72 pound dog to the car and rode with them to the vet. All during that time, he was still gripping Banner’s leg.

From Arizona Republic:

Banner is recovering from surgery for his 5 inch gash and several severed arteries in his leg. The vet said that he would have bled to death if he didn’t receive any help or treatment. It is still a mystery of how Banner got cut.

“If I hadn’t paid attention to his little limp, I believe he would have gotten me all the way to where I needed to go, and bled to death in the process,” Colbert said. “He would have worked until he dropped. How many people have that kind of commitment?”

“I can’t say enough about Southwest Airlines and the employees who helped me,” Colbert said. “I travel a lot for business, and traveling without Banner is a major hassle. On Friday the 13th, there were angels with us.”

8 Responses to “Southwest Airlines Employees Save Seeing Eye Dog’s Life”

  1. Donna says:

    Blessings to all the “earth angels” that helped banner.Great story of compassion.

  2. FiverCat says:

    With this repulsive Michael Vick situation a story like this restores my faith in humankind. It makes me realize that there are still some good people in this world. Have a great weekend everyone.

  3. kae family says:

    Our family of three and a half (our lit’ 11 lbs mutt) are thinking of getting another dog. Due to their innate gentle, friendly and intelligent trait, my S/O has always wanted a golden retriever or a yellow or chocolate lab. Story like this further strengthens our commitment :-)

  4. HighNote says:

    I always wanted a golden retriever too. They are beautiful and smart dogs. Makes me wonder about the taxi driver. I do not see how this poor dog could have got such a terrible cut like this in a cab. There are some terribly cruel people out there in this world. I wonder if the taxi cab driver did it.

  5. dog collar addict says:

    it’s an awful story with a nice ending. the southwest employees are heros!

  6. catmom5 says:

    There are good people out there. Obviously the airline employees went above and beyond to help this wonderful dogger and his person. Only a dog could be so selfless. Couldn’t we humans learn a lot?

    Yesterday at Pet Supplies Plus a woman was checking out with an obviously senior lab. As I was petting the dog she told me that the dog just showed up in her yard about two months ago. They contacted shelters, put up flyers, took out ads, but no response. Since the humane society would likely euthanize this old girl, the woman decided to keep her. She had a leaking problem (the dog) but it has been taken care of with medication. Wonder if someone just didn’t want to deal with an old dog with some medical issues and dropped her off . . . Sadie is now in a wonderful home with a mom who loves her. She’s a beautiful dog with good manners and a loving spirit. Glad she will live out her life in a secure, loving home.

    So there are good people out there and it’s nice to hear about them. Too many Michael Vicks in this world!

  7. Katie says:

    Thanks for the story Itchmo. Restores my faith in mankind.


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