Speak on Your Pet’s Behalf

Sleeping Cat and DogThe recent recall has opened a lot of peoples’ eyes and angered many. Perhaps you don’t think you’re the activist type. Perhaps you think someone else will fix the problem. We thought the same way before all this happened as well. Our baby was never affected, but at the heart of humanity is our desire to help those who cannot help themselves.

Other than you, the parent, who will speak for your pet?

And yes, Itchmo WILL stoop to using an obscenely cute picture to tug at your heart.

8 Responses to “Speak on Your Pet’s Behalf”

  1. Steve says:

    Keep up the good work here. Your making a huge difference.

  2. Robert F Davis says:

    Thanks for all your work getting the word out and holding these companies hands to the fire!

  3. DebM says:

    Thank you to all of the fantastic sites that are doing such a great job in getting out information so quickly. As you all know, Senator Durbin is in the front on this and he will need your assistance. I am working closely with his office so that this matter is not just historical news. PLEASE go to the site above “Ask for a congressional inquiry” send your e-mails. Thank Senator Durbin for his leadership in rapidly bringing this into an investigation. PLEASE, we must be a voice for those that cannot speak!!

  4. DebM says:

    THANK YOU ITCHMO for posting this on your great site!!

  5. susanUnPC says:

    HSUS or ASPCA should create a letter for us to send out to our members of Congress — I know HSUS has all my contact info + the names of my members of Congress, so they could easily send a letter on my behalf. But, in the meantime, I went to Sen. Patty Murray’s site — http://murray.senate.gov/email/index.cfm — and Sen. Maria Cantwell’s site — http://cantwell.senate.gov/contact/index.cfm — and wrote them the following:

    I hope that you will join Sen. Dick Durbin in calling for an intensive, rapid investigation of the pet food industry — which appears to be almost without regulation.

    I have also read that the FDA’s funding has been severely cut back — a February 2007 A.P. article says there are 12% fewer FDA field employees and that “safety tests for U.S.-produced food have dropped nearly 75 percent, from 9,748 in 2003 to 2,455 last year, according to the agency’s own statistics.”

    It is clear that the Bush administration has cut back government oversight and allowed corporations cheaper, less ethical ways to cut corners in guarding safety for both pet and human foods.

    By the way, a Seattle blog, Itchmo.com, has done a superb job of following the pet food recall scandal. Menu Foods is attempting to obscure its responsibility, and is still producing pet food without strict oversight. Please demand this company cease operations until the FDA has concluded its testing, and also urge the FDA to pull out all the stops to make sure that they’ve uncovered all the reasons for the thousands of pet deaths to date — with more deaths sure to occur.

    By the way, I got the FDA info at this indispensible site, http://www.ombwatch.org … I learned about the OBM Watch group when I wrote a widely-quoted article about the systematic dismantling of government oversight of corporations and consumer protections. I encourage you to read my piece, not because it’s by me, but because it’ll shock you just how much that agencies like the FDA and Dept. of Agriculture are having their investigatory and oversight abilities ruined:

    Daily Kos: Dead By Sunset: Kill it, and make it look like an accident

  6. Stephanie Hatfield says:

    please help get the pet food industry regulated the same as the human food industry, our furry friends deserve nothing less than equal rights & opportunities. they share this planet with us.

  7. Steve says:

    Guys it’s obvious the Pet Food Industry is corrupted and they are digging in to fight this countries pet owners tooth and nail.

    Looks like it’s going to be a long term battle to get change and accountability.

  8. Mandy says:

    The recall of pet foods containing wheat gluten imported from China brings to light a hidden danger of globalization that none of our official representatives have even touched on - the problem of ensuring that food products brought in from other countries is safe by US standards. I have not heard one word from the FDA, the Department of Agriculture, our elected officials, or any other agency to address the potential risks such importing can impose. Sadly, it is too late for the hundreds of animals that have become ill or died as a result of this unsafe food product imported into our country. What will it take to ensure that future imported food is safe for animal and human consumption - more animals and possibly humans to die?

    Right now we import food from several countries. A large majority of the fruit we import comes from Chili, Brazil, and other South American Countries. We import tea and rice from China and other Asian countries. We import sugar and coffee from around the world. Some of these countries use pesticides that were banned in the US decades ago. After an incident like this I wonder if there is anyone out there checking the safety of our imported food supply?

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