Spiderman The Cat Saves The Day

Spiderman, a 12-year-old black cat, is a hero. When a fire started in the basement of his owners’ house in Tennessee, he woke them up with his meowing and jumping on their bed. The couple grabbed Spiderman, put him in his crate and they all escaped out of the burning house.

The couple said that they made it out thanks to Spiderman and that he is the hero of the night.

Spiderman saves the day again.

Source: newschannel9.com

One Response to “Spiderman The Cat Saves The Day”

  1. Donna says:

    My heros have always been animals & cowboys. Congradulations spiderman.Love knows no fear. We have more hero pets than people.Strange that animals “care” for people than people care for people.

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