State Reports Outnumber National Death Toll

What do you get when you add 35 plus 38? It’s certainly not 16. Oregon and Michgan are reporting their own numbers of pet deaths totalling 73. Illness from Oregon: 96, Michigan: 135. And those are just two states. In fact, Pet Connection’s self-reported database sadly exceeded the 3,000 mark this morning.

Can the media please stop using that ridiculous number of 16?

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3 Responses to “State Reports Outnumber National Death Toll”

  1. Jen says:

    Are these numbers only indicative of America? I know personally 3 other people in my city alone in Canada that have been affected.

  2. virginia abell says:

    My baby yorkie died suddendly after being in emergency on friday night at 11pm and again on saturday morning at 4:30 am and back home and Sunday evening she just yelped and jumped up to sitting position and sort of layed out. Shortly thereafter, she just died in my arms.

    I am a senior that is disabled and had her for only eight months bringing her to be a year old on March 26th, a week later she is dead! I miss her terribly and feel that someone should be accountable and replace her. My funds does not allow me to being able to purchase a pedigree again. Help…

  3. virginia abell says:

    I live in California. I gave you my sad news of losing my yorkie Terrier on Sunday, April 1, 2007. She just died in my arms.

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