States Crack Down On Puppy Mills


State lawmakers across the nation are trying to crack down on “rogue breeding operations and pet sellers.” Recently, the Nebraska Legislature passed a law that increased the number of kennel inspectors and requires new operations to be inspected before opening. Laws are pending in Oregon, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island which would tighten the regulation of retail pet stores. Also puppy lemon laws that would allow buyers to get their money back if health defects are discovered are being introduced in various states.

The Humane Society states that 2 to 4 million dogs that are brought into families each year are products of puppy mills and that the “demand for popular breeds, and the high prices people are willing to pay, keep breeding operations churning.” The Humane Society suggests that if people want a puppy should avoid pet stores and should either adopt from a shelter or buy from a hobby breeder.

2 Responses to “States Crack Down On Puppy Mills”

  1. Chuck says:

    In our state of PA, the town of Lancaster is known across the country as the puppy mill capitol of the U.S. For the two terms he was in Senate office, Santorum used to claim that puppy mills were one of his main targets to eliminate.
    Now that he’s out of office, to our benefit, without having done anything about the mills, and over 9 years later now, and hundreds of unknown sick, incurable pups from puppy mills being sold to customers through pet shops over the years, the mills are still in operation. This is despite thousands of protest letters and protest marches held in Harrisburg that included people from aroung the country, including the HUA from Nebraska. (Hearts United for Animals)

    In typical political fashion to seek another term, our Gov. Rendell thought that it was a clever way to get animal-lovers’ votes by making it one of his campaign promises to eliminate puppy mills. No word of it since he got re-elected recently.
    I question why powerful politicians, who are as transparent as glass, have a problem with closing down the simpler illegal operations, compared to the harder illegal drug operations that they can’t get a grip on either.
    All of it just smells of pocket money.

    My word to the wise is politicians will make promises to close the puppy mills, but only believe it when you see it. If they’re saying it get elected or to get re-elected, hold them responsible to their campaign promise.
    If you write to them, expect to receive letters that appease.
    Former Sen.Santorum was mighty good at that. Gov. Rendell is hopeless.

    Puppy lemon laws wouldn’t necessarily be needed if puppy mills were closed down and the pups came from reputable breeders. So that tells me that those states who are considering puppy lemon laws, the polititcains really aren’t going to crack down. Sounds like a typical Santorum appeasement.

  2. kaefamily says:

    Who to say that those former senators were/aren’t “investors” in those puppy mills?

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