Stray Dog Found Spray-Painted

Spray-painted dogA wandering dog was found spray-painted all over his body in San Antonio. An animal control officer found the Jack Russell terrier and officials say that damage could have been done to the dog’s eyes and skin if the paint seeped in. So far, the dog is okay.

Animal control employees want to catch whoever did this to the innocent dog and say that: “San Antonio shouldn’t stand for anybody who treats an animal in this matter. It’s against city law.”

A family that stopped by the shelter has already fallen in love with the dog and want to adopt him after the standard 72-hour waiting period.

Sound familiar? In May, vandals spray-painted Wiley, a dog, with the message “Go Home” on his body.


One Response to “Stray Dog Found Spray-Painted”

  1. SMITH111 says:

    What a sick world. What comes around goes around. I hope the idiots that did this get there’s!

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