Summary of FDA Press Conference

Here is a summary of today’s FDA Press Conference:

  • FDA’s overall conclusion of the new melamine risk assessment is that there is a very low health risk to humans from low levels of melamine and its compounds in pork, fish and poultry. FDA says that a 130lb adult would have to eat 800 pounds of melamine contaminated food per day to be at a harmful level.
  • The FDA says they have a validated test for meat from swine fed melamine contaminated feed so they “can be safely sent for further processing.” Melamine does not accumulate in pork but is filtered out of the body by the kidneys, so this means very low risk to humans.
  • The fish feed containing melamine is being recalled. The two commercial fish farms that received the feed are being put on hold and are being tested.
  • The investigators that went to China have returned and are preparing their reports. The FDA is continuing their investigation. They will not know when the results will be made public.
  • FDA states that the melamine pet food issue will be used as an example as why we need a robust animal feed safety system and that all ingredients that go into pet food and animal feed are certified and verified to be safe.
  • FDA says that we need to look at imports from all countries and not just China.

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6 Responses to “Summary of FDA Press Conference”

  1. Lynette says:


    No harm to humans… but what about pets? Pork, poultry, and fish are in PET food too!

  2. Gary says:

    How did they arrive at that 800 lb. figure? The problem with any of these panels, or conferences is, it’s just talk, anyone can throw out verbal figures to their advantage no matter how false. Empty words mean nothing. For all purposes, it’s just lies nothing more.

  3. catmom5 says:

    GEESH ~ I feel LOTS better now . . .
    (banging head on desk)

  4. Ruth says:

    Wow, the FDA really expects consumers to believe this crap they are telling us. I’d like to see them eat this stuff and see how long it takes them to get sick. I’d like to know how they came up with these numbers.
    How much melamine did it take to kill pets? FDA get real!!

    My headed has exploded!! (again)

    I was listening to the FDA hearing that was on 5/9 or 5/11. And the FDA czar said people don’t read food labels. This was his answer when asked if people should know where food comes from, local or imported.

    How can he make such a general assumption of people in this country? It was such a condescending statement.

  5. Steve says:

    Summary of FDA Press Conference

    Hey were more concerned about growing food to turn into gasoline.

    Get lost and quit stop bitchin’. SHUT UP and pay your bills!

  6. e wem says:

    “the FDA hearing that was on 5/9 or 5/11. And the FDA czar said people don’t read food labels”

    Here is the only label I want to see:

    “This meat is from hogs who did/did not consume melamine and cyanuric acid contaminated product from China

    The head of the FDA says you can eat 800 pounds of this stuff before something unexplained by the FDA happens to you

    Unlike prescription drugs, the FDA thinks you do not wish to read the list of possible side effects from consuming this hog that did/did not eat pool chemicals and plastic resin activator

    If the FDA knows the possible side effects they are keeping it a secret

    How the FDA would know the side effects of consuming what is in 800 pounds of such hog is also a mystery since to our knowlege no one has ever tested this combination on humans except maybe that one lady who ate her dog’s food and foamed at the mouth

    The fact that doses of this products killed a bunch of dogs and cats has no bearing on what it could do to you. You are not a cat, and the FDA assures you not a dog either. You do not have a tail. ALthough you may have whiskers this is a coincidence that should have no effect on the 800 lb limit

    Try to eat less than 800 pounds of hog because the FDA will not tell you what will happen to you, especially if you end up in ER, since it is a secret and you don’t care anyway

    Enjoy your meal”

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