Summary of FDA & USDA Press Conference

Here is our summary of the press conference: (Transcript available here)

  • FDA refuses to give a reason for why a 5th ingredient was redacted. Itchmo broke the news last night.
  • Officials are not sure how pets may be affected by protein deficiency. A possibility we mentioned in the Web chat on
  • Tainted fish feed may have gone out to 198 US facilities from 2 possible manufacturers (identified here).
  • Bio-accumulation is unknown in fish.
  • China was cooperative with visas. The opposite of what was reported.
  • But factories were closed down before FDA could get there. Chinese officials did provide samples, but did not have enough authority to prevent closing.
  • US is currently stopping and inspecting every vegetable protein concentrate coming from China.
  • Number of currently reported pet deaths remains around 4,000, but only about half of all calls have been counted. Will not know an estimated toll until fall.

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  1. Claudia says:


    I wasn’t meaning to offend anyone. What I’ve noticed here, in my experience, and maybe I haven’t been around as long as you, but definitely since the ’60s, is that large retailers such as WalMart have set the standard for what people are willing to pay for products.

    I don’t recall ever being able to purchase, say, a pretty decent area rug for $35 in the ’80s. How about that $40 DVD player or $400 living room suite? Unheard of prices before companies went off shore. While I do think WalMart is great for those that cannot afford the $835 area rug, I am also saddened by the richer masses that choose not to support their own county anymore.

    I have many colleagues that now turn their noses up at a quality product made regionally because they can “get it at WalMart for 1/3 the price” and why would they bother spending the extra nickel on something just because it’s made here.

    I do understand that corporate greed has a lot to do with it, but don’t you think that if the consumer was willing to pay more for their products, the companies wouldn’t have moved their operations to China, Mexico, India, etc. –where cheap labor is aplenty– in the first place?

  2. love gs dogs says:

    Always fun watching “Made in America” ..It is the guy John Ratzenberger or something like that who used to play Cliff on Cheers and he takes his bus all around the country and visits factories etc of things that still are made here in America…

    I look at my dishes..all or most made in China..I wonder about lead..someday after I get over this financial crisis, I hope to explore Fiestaware etc..I realize quality products made here in the states may cost more but we just have to find out way back to a sane world one way or another and one step at a time…

  3. Gary says:

    What is *still* made in the U.S.? at this rate, when nothing is made here, we will be in a real tight spot. The middle east will squeeze the oil and China will squeeze us for everything else. Oh, and China is making cars too. Goodbye U.S.A.

  4. Gerry says:

    Here is what scares the h— out of me. After reading the article on how that company in china was passing of f some antifreeze crap as glycerin it makes you wonder what is in our cough meds, anib…etc…It will really be hard to track that info????

  5. menusux says:

    Looking at a timeline re: the Cereal Byproducts story above, you see Royal Canin & Blue Buffalo both recalling products April 19–both recalls were for dry foods. Blue Buffalo recalled its Spa Select Dry Kitten food, and it’s co-packer, CJ Foods, based in the Midwest, fits the profile re: all recipients of the tainted “RPC” being in the Midwest. RC, who recalled all its US dry products on that date, also fits the “in the Midwest” profile we’d been told about before. The next recall was 4/23, and it was RC once more–this time some of its Canadian products.

    If you go back and read the recall notice from Cereal Byproducts, they state there were 3 companies involved and that two of those receiving the tainted “RPC” implemented voluntary recalls around 4/19/07:

    “The FDA previously found melamine and/or melamine derivatives in Wilbur-Ellis Company’s rice protein concentrate, which was purchased from the same Chinese supplier as Cereal Byproducts. Cereal Byproducts proactively notified their customers of this finding, and thereafter both parties implemented their own voluntary recall of the contaminated products on or about April 19, 2007.”

    So we have RC from the Midwest and Blue Buffalo made by CJ in the Midwest:

    “Cereal Byproducts Co., which has plants in five states and a headquarters in Mt. Prospect, issued a recall for the rice protein products on May 4. The company’s products went to three pet food manufacturers.

    “A congressional source familiar with the pet food contamination issue said that Cereal Byproducts shipped tainted rice protein to Royal Canine (sic), which issued a its own dog food recall on April 19.

    “A second customer, the source said, used the Cereal Byproducts rice protein to make a mixture of pet food ingredients, but those products sustained water damage and were discarded, making a recall unnecessary. A third company, the source said, hasn’t been identified by the FDA.”

    It looks like the customer who hasn’t come forward among the 3 getting “RPC” from Cereal Byproducts is the one whose products were damaged and never sold.

  6. Gerry says:

    menusux..that was great! We should all hire you to track all the imports from China for us. What a detective! Love it!

  7. Gary says:

    I wonder when we will start getting pots and pans made of spent nuclear fuel rods from China? I’ve been seriously thinking about a geiger counter recently. The next 15 years will be amazing to see.

  8. bw says:

    I switched to Innova EVO at the beginning of this crisis, and my cats are still fine, except for one old 16 year old cat with the beginning of kidney disfunction. I asked the vet and she said that was due to age and not the food, since the symptoms would be much worse it were the food. I hope she is right.

    I have many cats whom I have rescued, and I love them very much, like little children. So far they all seem fine eating EVO. I am feeding them Fancy Feast canned flavors WITHOUT wheat gluten for their meat. I know it is junk food, but they wouldn’t eat the higher quality brand canned food, like Nutro, they wouldn’t touch it, and I am glad now since so much of it has been recalled!! I tried feeding them people chicken, and beef, they wouldn’t touch it. Now I’m glad they didn’t eat the chicken.

    I am a little concerned that Innova EVO has a new bag and a new formulation, however, they said people had complained because of the DUST on the kibble. I told them my kibble was just fine, no dust, and this was NO TIME to suddenly change their formulation and rearrange their ingredients when people were depending on them!! I ran out and bought about 60 lbs of the old formulation in the copper bag. My friend says she couldn’t find any of the old food, and bought a new bag. Her cats like it a lot, and so far they aren’t sick. She’s been feeding it a few days. the new bag is purple and copper. I don’t know what I’ll do when my copper bags are used up. My blood pressure is really high, I am 74 and all these weeks has been very stressful for me. I am not feeling well at all.

    I was going to buy Orijen, from Canada, but now I think it has herring meal in it, and of course we have the fish food contamination thing going on. I am emotionally exhausted, and have been told by my friends to stay off the internet and relax, but I keep fearing Fancy Feast will show up on the recall, so I keep checking in.

    Does anyone know about New Zealand venison?? Or Buffalo?? My friend is feeding that to her dog, and he loves it, but I have cats.

  9. Gerry says:

    bw.You need to try to not stress too much. I know it is hard not to. Your kittys need you too. All anyone can do is the best that they can do and you have done that. I would think that these pet food companys have got to get it together and check their ingredients or go under. Glad to hear nenu was having a hard time….I know my daughters cats are eating innova and doing fine. My sister is still giving her cats ff and they are fine. She like you, tryed other foods for her cats and they wouldnt touch it. Iam not defending ff. I hope it is ok. You just need to relax and enjoy your kittys..Besides if they wont eat anything else you have no choice. Take care of your self, your kittys will love you for it.

  10. Helen says:

    Garyn: I noticed also recently about the soy broth in tuna. Crown Prince tuna has only tuna and water or tuna, salt, and water, and I found same to be true of some other brands of tuna that are from Thailand. The ones that don’t say where they are from contain the soy-broth. I don’t know how you feel about fish from Thailand (my cat thinks it is GREAT, but I don’t think it is so great for her…letting her have it anyway as she has to eat). At least the tuna from Thailand says where it is from and does not contain any %$# soy broth. :)

    Side note…My cat is also doing very well with Innova dry, and her health problems ceased as soon as she was switched to this for a dry several weeks ago. Natura has now stated on their website they are testing all end product for melamine. I have a hard time believing anything I read on any food website at this point, so I very much hope that is true. I do know my cat is healthy again, and I would also feed the wet, Menu or no, if she would eat it (finicky feline…sigh) I am having some luck getting her to eat Evangers wet. Finally a new option. :)

  11. Claudia says:


    I’m reading my bag of Orijen right now. They include fresh-caught northern Whitefish (a member of the salmon family). This is not fish meal, nor is it farmed and fed fish feed. They get it from the many nothern Alberta and Saskatchewan lakes — fresh, not frozen. It does contain Salmon meal, but likely, it is wild salmon. I have called them with questions and they are very friendly and forthcoming.

    Here are some articles written by the Edmonton Journal and other publications on the company (links from their website):

    My cats are thriving on this stuff.

  12. Claudia says:

    Whoa! I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I went to the Canadian Food and Agricultural Inspection Agency (CFIA), the FDA equivalent here in Canada, and finally, after 2 solid months of recalls, they post a link to a page dedicated to this issue. Talk about late! They have been fighting over who’s responsibility this is for weeks and now, somehow, they’ve managed to address this. I know I’ve sent numerous emails to them. They’re sick of me already.

    I’ve also spoken with a friend of mine who works in research at the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health in Winnipeg (aka the virology lab). I asked her if they have had anything to do with the melamine issue and suprisingly, they are not doing anything there. All the staff were waiting the day the news broke for some instruction from the CFIA who were called shortly thereafter, and…..nothing. What a joke. It took animal scientists from Cornell and the FDA to search for this one and a university lab in Guelph to find a reason for the renal failure. I can’t believe there were so many resources and nothing done here — as if it wasn’t their problem too.

  13. Joan says:

    DATE AND TIME: May 22, 9:00 a.m.
    LOCATION: Holiday Inn, 2 Montgomery Village Ave., Gaithersburg, MD.
    CONTACT: Zoe Gill, Center for Veterinary Medicine, 240-453-6867. The topic to be discussed will present work-in-process on a method for ranking animal feed contaminants by their relative risks to animal and human health.

  14. Mandy says:

    I have been thinking VERY hard about my kitties health problems as of late.

    Whiskers: Had to get her teeth cleaned for the first time in her life after a life time on Purina One and Cat Chow dry. She sheds a lot, and I don’t think her coat is very shiny. She also seems to throw up a lot after she eats, but after checking it, it does NOT always have hair balls in it. Since she’s eleven years old, I blamed it on her age.

    Smokey: Also eats Purina One and Cat Chow dry. Doesn’t shed much, but he has a different kind of cat. However he also is not very shiny, and his eyes water a great deal. The vet gave him eye drops. He is only two years old.

    Can it be the food? I don’t know. But after hearing about Purina’s two recalls, all of the complaints of people that said their cats got sick after eating other Purina products that were NOT recalled, and finding out that they buy from China, AND finding out that they were not properly talking or giving info to people who made complaints, I don’t think I can ever trust them again. I feel like they completely ruined my trust in them.

    Thank you all so much for your advice on different cat foods to try out. I am researching as many of them as I can. I don’t want anything to do with any products that buy from China EVER again!

  15. straybaby says:

    “Since she’s eleven years old, I blamed it on her age.”

    11 is still an older adult cat, not senior. yes, you should start having more thorough vet checks done, but cats can live til 18-20 yo, so it may just be some of the ingredients in the diet don’t agree with your kitties. too high in grains, etc. methinks you and your kitties will enjoy a food change ;)

  16. Marilyn says:

    Comment by Claudia: “I do understand that corporate greed has a lot to do with it, but don’t you think that if the consumer was willing to pay more for their products, the companies wouldn’t have moved their operations to China, Mexico, India, etc. –where cheap labor is aplenty– in the first place?”

    Another aspect of this is “shareholder value”, a catch-phrase within corporate America. I used to work for a very large American based corporation whose values used to be centered around customer satisfaction with the customer being the end-user. Their products were very well known and their product price in the marketplace was not a problem. They were very well respected. Then, in the mid-80’s, they got a new CEO and a new focus, along with much of the rest of the industry. Suddenly, it was all about shareholder value. The “real” customer was now defined as the shareholder. It wasn’t long before down-sizing and job-loss became the norm. Operations were moved, first to border states, then to Mexico. Eventually, the company was swallowed up by a bigger mega-corporation.

    I’m suspicious of any company that places more value on share-holders than they do on the end-user. It can be hard to find that out because companies still do their marketing to the end-user. You have to be able to find out what their company culture is on the inside to know their real values. And, I suppose if you are a share-holder you may feel differently than I do.

  17. pat says:

    claudia, it think that if the consumer were “willing” to pay more, and i still don’t think that will has much to do with it, corporate profits would simply go up by that margin with no improvementin quality at all. it’s a formula that certainly works for energy companies. as for cheap labor, did any prices go *down* when companies re-sited in foreign countries? no! they exploit the foreign labor force, treat them like dirt, and continue to raise their prices and suck up a larger profit margin.
    i’d like to point out that many, many towns fought, and continue to fight the siting of walmarts and other box stores in their areas, but it’s a fight that’s difficult to win. walmart, et al has a lot of money to grease the wheels. they have armies of lawyers to harass and bribe town governments into giving way, and plenty of money for advertising. people… normal people that is, with work-a-day jobs, are hard pressed to pay their bills, so naturally they gravitate toward a place that advertises things at prices they can afford. box stores eventually drive all the mom and pop stores out of business so that often there’s little choice but to shop there, or at one of their brethen. then they turn around and tell us we wanted it. i personally wouldn’t set foot in a walmart if they were offering eternal life with every purchase. but it’s not fair to criticize those of humble means because they look for bargains. the box store was basically forced down our throats. and there’s a certain irony in the fact that when katrina hit the gulf coast, the most efficient relief effort was walmart’s. maybe we should let walmart take over the federal government… at least we’d come in on budget.

  18. lainie says:

    I Live In An Area Whr Over The Lazt 20yrz It Has Startd To Look Like China. Id Rather Shop Small Mom And Pop Shopz But Not Many Exist Here Anymore. If I Do Find 1 Itz Ownd By Chinese And Sells Nothn But Productz Of China Or Hong Kong. Whn I Do Find A Small American Run Store I Buy What I Can Thr And Become A Regular But Whr I Am Those Storez R Few Xsighzx

  19. Susan says:

    My older sister raises certified organic chickens in upstate New York. She found out that some of her “organic” chicken feed has ingredients from China. These ingredients have gotten the USDA organic certification through the wonderful, trustworthy paperwork inspection. She’s now looking at the California organic certification, even though she lives in upstate New York, because it’s stricter. She’s printed apologies in local papers, put up signs in the stores she sells to, notified private clients, etc. She says all she can ethically claim is “free-range,” although by the existing rules her products are organic. Other organic producers are REALLY mad at her. The 9/11 food safety law says all she has to know is one step behind (where she buys from), and one step ahead (who she sells to). Wow!

  20. LorieVA says:


    I have Chicken of the Sea tuna at home it states soy broth or wahtever it is in the ingredients and also says it is from Thailand. Double yummy info label. But like we said be for it say in big print Tuna in spring water.

  21. Helen says:

    LorieVA: The tuna thing still infuriates me. I am buying the Crown Prince tuna because the ingredient list on the back matches the claim on the front…tuna, salt, and water. Also it is lower in sodium than the more dominant brands. You can bet I will check the ingredients on every can I buy though. No telling when they will insert a new ingredient without mentioning it on the front of the can. Sigh. I can’t remember which other brands I found from Thailand, because they were not familiar. I chose the CP because of the lower amount of sodium.

  22. LorieVA says:


    My cats will not touch people tuna, they will however eat people salmon. This whole thing is on my last nerve. They really want their smelly wet cat food back, but I do not think that is ever going to happen.

  23. Claudia says:

    Pat and Marylin,

    I see your point and you’re right about corporate greed. I just wonder what, then, would constitute a shift in practice. Are we pretty much all at the mercy of whatever the corporations decide is OK for us? I guess I like to think the consumer has some sort of sway.

    I like to get my groceries at my corner ‘mom and pop’ store — they have the best deli in town. I try to stay away from Superstore, Safeway, etc. if I can. I try and get my produce at the farmers market or in rural towns at harvest time. I read all my labels for origin of product (bought a chainsaw and garden sprayer made in the USA yesterday) and I always look for Canadian made clothes in the malls (LeChateau always has something to buy that was made in our country). I guess if more people cared to look and spend their dollars on nationally-produced goods, we might have a chance.

  24. Helen says:

    LorieVA: My kitty will eat tuna but not salmon! Funny cats. Jeez, it is hard to feed the little junk food addicts. I am having some luck with Evangers. The Seafood Caviar is the first food I have tried that has a similar texture to the FF ground up varieties, and she dove in. I am going to try the turkey today. Hope your pair are getting over the GI stuff.

  25. LorieVA says:


    Thanks they seem to be doing better but I still worry constantly, Geisha is still doing the coughing thing a little bit but I am hoping that is shedding related seeing she is Persian and is dropping fur like crazy right now. Fingers crossed. My Tortie Topaz cot is so much nicer no more dandruff. That other food must of been drying out their skin like crazy. There is now where near me that sells Evangers. : ( but thats okay for now I will cook the chicken and use the wild salmon going to whole foods to get some og the crown price sardines ick. And my dry of choice is Kumpi for their vitamins etc plus food source for me to be able to go away for more that 12 hours at a time.

  26. Anonymous says:

    My cats have been eating Newman’s Own dry and seem to be doing well on it. I have been sending Newman’s emails asking about the different ingredients and their corporate vet Dr. Phil Brown has always responded within 24 hours. Evidently all their ingredients are U.S. and organic. The last email I sent asked about their fish meal. He said “we use wild-caught menhaden fish as a source.” So my cats are eating Newman’s Own dry and Nature’s Variety organic raw chicken medallions and a little organic raw beef.

    I returned to the grocery store all my cans of tuna and sardines.

  27. Helen says:

    LorieVA: I am still making myself ill thinking there will be sudden delayed symptoms and my cat will get sick and die. She is happy for all the extra attention, and was spoiled rotten to begin with. :) If there is something human or pet that you want for your cats, and no store near you sells it, ask someone to order it. Lots of stores are great about that (they are trying to sell stuff after all), and you can influence what is available to you by asking for what you want. :D

  28. Zoe says:

    Sorry, I was the anonymous post.

  29. LorieVA says:

    I will take my chances with sardines, salmon and baked chicken. Not a fan of raw diet, doesn’t any one ever worry about bird flu or BSE both can be passed to cats?

  30. Helen says:

    LorieVA: We are all taking chances every time we eat, same as our pets. We just have to make what we feel are the best choices for our pets, and adjust that based on whether the pets (especially cats) will cooperate. We just have to find the most trustworthy producers we can whether we feed/eat raw, cooked, canned, dry or whatever. Pet food producers have a vested interest in convincing us we can’t keep our pets alive and healthy without their food, but since many have proven so untrustworthy by selling poisonous food they now have a much harder job. Ha ha ha. By the way, clams have a ton of taurine even cooked. Have you tried giving clams?

  31. Helen says:

    Clams are prone to having a lot of other pollutants, heavy metals, etc. though. :(

  32. LorieVA says:


    you are right everything is a crap shoot right now, I am sitting her drinking a diet coke wondering what all is in it that is killing me. * SIGH* Clams no I have never tried clams. HMMM. I also read that cod has alot of taurine in it also. I am using the dry food as their vitamin source.

  33. lainie says:

    I Use An Oil Supplement 4my 2catz That Helpz Alot With The Hairballs When Theyr Shedn. Itz Dreamcoat By Halopets. I Use It On All My Pets Food Dogs, Cats, And Birds And Theyr Coats Are Beautiful And It Helps With Allergies. Ive Bn Using It For Over 2yrz And See The Diffrence Each Spring When Allergy Season Starts. Also Havent Found A Flea On Any Pet Since I Startd It. Anyone Else Using Any Halo Products

  34. Zoe says:


    I thought about that too before feeding them the raw. Then I realized that outdoor cats and other animals eat all sorts of birds and mice and other things with few ill effects (Mine have never set paw outdoors). So I decided to give Dr. Pitcairn’s recipes a try.

    Since the diet change they have lost some weight and are playing like they did when they were youngsters. One is 13 and the other is almost 14.

    I’m just being really careful with sanitation as far as the raw stuff is concerned.

    I tried cooking it but they don’t like it as well. It’s so hard to know what to do especially when they have been used to all the wrong food.

  35. Zoe says:

    I tried giving mine clams but for some reason they won’t eat them. I find that they are so used to the commercial cat food smell that fresh food isn’t as appealing to them.

    Any suggestions on how to make the clams more appealing?

  36. Helen says:

    Zoe, have you tried putting some clams underneath the raw food? They may just eat them along with.

  37. LorieVA says:


    I have that book also, too funny I bought right after all this stuff started. Hven’t used the recipes but found the book very interesting and informative, about other things.. Both my cats are indoor also.

  38. Zoe says:

    I think the hardest part for me has been getting them used to the taste of good, real food instead of the other stuff. The real food doesn’t have that strong repulsive smell that they seem to like so much in the canned.

    Thanks. I’m going to try hiding the clams under something they like.

  39. bw says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. I am happy to hear someone else is using EVO, and FF with no ill effects. I am wondering how Purina has seemed to escape from this whole thing, with only the first couple recalls.

    I am going to try and get some Orijen dry cat food, the lady was sick and didn’t order it last week so now I have to wait till next Tuesday.
    I just want to give my cats a choice.

    I am going to try and call around and see if I can find some New Zealand venison in my area. I saw some buffalo, and it is a strange looking color, but a friend says it smells and tastes like beef. I want to check the lable and call to see if it is free range or if it is fed grain, (possibly contaminated).

    I try to stay off the computer, but there has always been something new every day, so I feel I have to check. I have called my legislators several times. I am sure they are sick of me.

    Thanks again for the reply, it is reassuring.

  40. LorieVA says:


    Purina escaped the whole think by just plain old denial. I have the 2 sick cats from thier product and they know it is on record with them the FDA and Animal Poison Control. So it is from my lips to Gods ears that they get theirs someday. Not saying all their products are bad just the FF Elegant Medleys please if you love you kitties stay away from the greenish blue can. I had been a faithful users of FF for 7 years it just so happened i hit the lottery and bought one of the poison cases.

  41. Helen says:

    bw: About the Evo, Natura now claims they have started testing all end product for melamine. I don’t know about the formula change, but the dry food being grain free makes it difficult to extrude into bites, so it is not the same as other dry foods. Even if they changed the formula, if they are testing, which they SAY they are, you should be able to feel fairly safe with it. My cat is doing well with Innova Senior for a dry.

  42. LorieVA says:

    Helen, I am just getting ready to eat my Starkist chunk white albacore tuna in water pouch, it does not only have vegetable broth9soybean0 it says product of Ecuador. Now thats a new one

  43. Zoe says:

    You know, as bad as all this has been, the one good thing I can see is that it has made me more careful about what’s in my food and my pets’ food. I no longer just trust that ingredients are safe. I now use all organic. It has also made me go back to basics and making everything from scratch, no more canned and pre- prepared food. I’m becoming more self sufficient. Heck, I’m even sending off for some organic vegetable seeds!

  44. e wem says:

    Steve - I feel sick about eating. I am sticking to beef and fish from safe countries. I don’t enjoy sandwiches because of the gluten. Fast food, frozen food, I hate shopping now. They have taken away the simplest joy of living.

    Claudia, I read that Canada does not require country of origin on labels. I know I saw a container of cashews labeled ‘product of Canada’. Cashews cannot grow in Canada. I am so grateful for Canadian caught fish.

    Mailyn - you hit the nail on the head. Shareholders are now the customers, not the chumps who buy the product. I knew someone whose uncle once sold his diary product to Kraft. They were meticulous, inspected his barns, checked the feed. Now Kraft is Kraft Global and the food is anyone’s guess

    Helen - I read that clams have taurine at itchmo. I found a brand at Meijers called Doxsee, wild caught product of USA. The cats will be tested soon

    To the FDA: “But factories were closed down before FDA could get there. Chinese officials did provide samples, but did not have enough authority to prevent closing”

    China is a police state People are hauled off to camps or their broken bodies tossed back to families after a re-education. Give me a break.

    Johnnypaycut for Head of the FDA

    Cats rule

    By their sacrifice our cats have revealed the slimey underbelley of the beast who is consuming our wonderful way of life. For the sake of our cats lost to the beast, and those who remain, we will fight to regain our nation, our trust, and our sacred liberties

  45. Helen says:

    Zoe: What you are doing is the only way to get safer food. :) Companies that know people will only purchase high quality food will produce more quality in an effort to get customers back. The problem at that point is the lying. The getting away with the lying. There are many loopholes in organic certification for example. You have to trust the certifier in order to trust the organic label. Demand is what changes markets. As long as people are willing to buy and eat cheap poison junk, there will be ever more cheap poison junk on the market. Companies do such exhaustive research on who is buying what and why, they can’t miss it if hoards of us will only accept food with country of origin labelling, truth in labelling, organic, etc. as criteria for eating. I miss enjoying food. I am scared of everything! I have been a nervous wreck shopping at the Co-op, and they research every product they stock!

  46. Zoe says:


    I know that before I will buy anything in the bulk foods area of Central market, I ask what country it came from and if it was US grown. I called Arrowhead Mills and asked where their organic basmati rice was grown. The answer was California. It takes a little more effort (okay, a lot more effort) but it is worth it.

  47. Helen says:

    Zoe: Never underestimate the power of determination. It is indeed SO worth it.

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