Superior Court Judge Releases Congo The Dog Back To Owners

CongoCongo, a German Shepherd that was declared vicious and ordered to be euthanized by a lower court judge because of an attack on a landscaper, has been allowed to go home while his case is appealed to Superior Court.

A Superior Court judge signed a consent order to release Congo to his owners. Several conditions of the release include Congo wearing a muzzle and leash when he is outside, and Congo is not allowed to leave his owners’ property unless there is prior approval.

Congo had been held at an animal shelter during the case, and Congo’s owners, Elizabeth and Guy James, said their dog was depressed and not eating while at the shelter. The lower court judge had denied the James’ from taking custody of Congo while they appealed the decision.

James and his family are excited that Congo can come home during the appeals process.

Source: Trenton Times

(Thanks straybaby)

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  1. Donna B says:

    I am happy to hear that Congo is going home…now NEUTER the dog. Stop breeding your animals and bringing more pups into the world while there are thousands dying in shelters every day. I am thrilled that the dog is no longer being confined and hope the “death sentence” is commuted but I want to see a neuter as one of the conditions of release.

  2. Lynne says:

    He really looks vicious in that picture, surrounded by the kids.

  3. Poodlluver says:

    Well, thank God!!!
    BIG THANK YOU to the Superior Court judge that allowed him to go home!!!
    So happy to know that he can be with his family.

    Anyone know the judges name so we can send a Thank you note or email?

  4. AnneLouise says:

    Yea!!! Run Congo Run!!

  5. shibadiva says:

    I’m delighted that Congo is finally out of that shelter. It must have crushed his soul to be away from his pack.

  6. Nancy G. says:

    Finally, a bit of sanity. The lower court judge and that animal warden both seemed to have an axe to grind and a point to prove, and they weren’t about to back down for any reason. Hopefully the Superior Court judge knows more about dogs, and that they will defend their people, and that raw meat doesn’t make them killers [what 1936 dog book did the animal warden read that bit of wisdom in??].

  7. Max says:

    Neutering had nothing to do with this terrible incident - being hit with a rake and seeeing the dog’s owner being physically ‘attacked’ (he grabbed her to hide behind, then they fell to the ground and she screamed - what was the dog supposed to think?) brought out the dog’s need to defend it’s owner.

    This case should have been thrown out -the attack was clearly provoked.

    If you think there is an animal overpopulation in this country you really need to do some more research - check out “Redemption - the myth of pet overpopulation and the no kill revolution in America” - by Nathan J. Winograd.

    We can and must do better for the animals that trust us.

  8. Lynn says:

    Max, you’re right when you wrote, “We can and must do better for the animals that trust us.”

    Congo’s case has so many different issues…..all of which point to what’s wrong with so many systems.

    I’m still trying to find out the Superior Court Judge’s name. Definitely, huge thanks need to be voiced.

  9. mittens says:

    if the judge really thought Congo was a killer he never would have had him released- it’s a very good sign. how vicious he looks surrounded by adoring children of all ages. next they need to get a picture of him in a party hat eating birthday cake surrounded by happy 5 year olds…

    this case represents the insanity of our courts- the one place one expects and demands logic and level headedness to blindly prevail.

    in general animal control people and animal wardens, often anyone elected by the town council whether they know a cat from a cockatiel ,are not to be confused with shelters and non profits run by humane organizations geared specifically toward the care and welfare of animals. anyone who thinks raw meat makes an animal vicious knows nothing about dogs and animal nutrition and should be in no position to provide ‘ expert’ testimony in a trial.

    i have related on this forum before the pack of semi wild dogs who where killing our livestock and the town animal warden who refused to do anything despite a leash law and a significant amount of property damage( ie dead animals with their throats ripped out). he was best buds with the councilman who owned one of the dogs and had gotten him elected to dog catcher. he was never going to do anything. a petty little man in no position to understand let alone any will to ‘ control’ any animals for any ones’s benefit.

  10. Furbabies says:

    I am sick of stupid people. It’s about time someone in a position of authority shows common sense. Way to go Supreme Court Judge!

  11. Vanet says:

    Thank God that Congo is back where he belongs - with his family. The pup was doing his job. Protecting his home and family. Please give him the freedom he deserves. Congo and family you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Showpoms says:

    Thank goodness for the Supreme Court judge who recognized the idiocy of this situation. Where does neutering come into this? More idiocy. Any item concerning animals that hits the news and the AR’s come crawiling out from under their rocks and take a cheap shot. Happily, I have an 8 week old puppy running around right now, that I bred, and another litter due in 2 weeks. Regardless of what some people think we have every right to breed our dogs when and where we like and not everything that every dog does comes down to whether or not it’s been altered. To those spouting off ad nauseum about the “overpopulation” of pet shelters I suggest you do some research. It’s a myth. My small dogs I won’t have any problem placing. It just means they won’t have to wait for a dog to be imported from some third world country.

  13. Lynn says:

    Rather than tying up their phone lines or leaving messages, I would suggest sending him a personal letter of thanks through the snail mail:

    The Honorable Michael E. Ostrer
    Mercer County Courthouse
    P.O. Box 8068
    Trenton, NJ 08650-0068

    Here’s the phone number for the Honorable Michael E. Ostrer, a Criminal Superior Court Judge in Mercer County Courthouse for future reference: 609-571-4188. His secretary’s name according to the records I found is Penny Hatchell. His law clerk can be reached at 609-571-4189.

    I would really encourage you to send a written letter at this point rather than tie up their phone lines.

  14. Donna says:

    You people spouting off about the “myth” of pet overpopulation have blinders on. Just because you read a book does not make the problem disappear. Try getting involved in rescue and seeing 1st hand the suffering and death these animals experience because there is no place for them to go. Then go back to your dream world and breed your animals just so more can die.
    You are missing the point I was making - I am not saying that the fact that the dog was not neutered caused the attack. I am saying that “backyard breeders” like this family should not be allowed to continue the practice. Because, while you try to deny it to justify your selfish act of bringing even more pups into the world - you are partly responsible for the very real problem of pet overpopulation. Yes, it does exist but in order for you to justify making money off this obscene practice - you will deny this simple yet horrifying fact. There ARE more pets than available homes in this country. And when you hold one in your arms trying to comfort it while it is being put down for no other reason than lack of space - maybe you will wake up to this very real problem.

  15. Jenny Bark says:

    Lynn, great job finding the judge, thanks & hugs to you. I think your idea of sending snail mail is very good advice. We don’t want to upset him, but thank him.

    Does anybody know where we can get in contact with Mark Johnson, the AC (dog catcher) and or who he works for? I would love to send him a letter, bet a lot of other people would too. I think it would be good for him to hear from a lot of us before Congo’s court date.

  16. kathy says:

    Jenny Bark I think that’s a good idea, if we can keep from being nasty to him. If we can educate him in a nice way it could work.

  17. Donna says:

    Welcome home Congo ! This dog is a hero. If that man had grabbed a rake and struck my pets , my rifle stock would have attacked his head. Guess I will have to muzzle that damn thing, it has a mind of it’s own and gets “scared” when it sees vicious humans attacking pups and women. Welcome back handsome boy ! Many thanks to the judge for doing what is right. We citizens , do not often get to see “lawmen” do what is legal and right anymore. Keep up the good work judges, this dog deserves to be dog of the year. He did saved his owner from, a dogs point of “view” an attack on a beloved pack member !

  18. Lynn says:

    Jenny Bark:

    Wish I could take all the credit for getting Judge Ostrer’s address and phone, but I can’t. Someone on another blog got his name and I simply tracked him down.

    But ask and ye shall receive……Mark Johnson’s address and phone.

    Mark Johnson, C.A.C.O
    1 Monument Drive
    P.O. Box 390
    Princeton, NJ 08542


    I don’t know what the CACO stands for: Certified Animal Control Officer maybe? And if he’s certified [???] what exactly does that cirriculum entail?

    I’ve decided not to contact him for a number of reasons. I’m not sure if he’s a loose cannon or what, but my gut tells me to lie low until after or during the appeal. Don’t want to ruffle his feathers. But REALLY, America wants to know just where he got the idea that raw meat makes animals aggressive.

    I really would like to know how he managed to put a stray dog inthe cab of his truck, obviously not crated, for the dog ate the paperwork. I mean, gee, he thinks Congo is dangerous and yet he puts a stray in the cab of his truck??????

  19. Lynn says:

    I just came across this reference - a town meeting in September 2007 in Princeton Township. Go to the link below and go to the section entitled “ORDINANCE PUBLIC HEARINGS;
    Potentially Dangerous Dogs”

    Note that, ” Princeton Township Code has a provision permitting the Small Animal Control Officer or Health Officer to have a dog declared “potentially dangerous” following
    a municipal court proceeding.” Am I to understand that the ACO could make further declarations on Congo between now and the appeal? Also note the potential spike in license fees for “potentially dangerous dogs.”

  20. christopher says:

    There’s alot of back and forth with this story, but it would have never happened if this the landscaper listened to the owner(who even told him in spanish) to wait untill they were secured. And the owner should have had the dogs had the dogs secured in the first place. Whenever we have an repairman over, we secure our dogs. My dogs are friendly, but why take a chance? EVERYONE knows that shepherds can be overprotective, and wary of strangers. The guy was probably spooked by the dog, and everything snowballed from there. Good thing they had homeowners insurance, but I’m sure they’ve been dropped. And no one’s gonna insure them now. If a dog causes any damage on or off your propery, it goes against the homeowners insurance. And now alot of companies won’t insure you if you have certain breeds. And why couldn’t the owner go out with his kids and rake up the yard? I guess it’s just easier”to have some mexicans do it”, which is the princeton mentality in a nutshell. Anyways, I’m glad the dogs is ok, and I wish them the best.

  21. Lynn says:

    More info on ACO Johnson:

  22. Lynn says:

    I came across this posting by the brother of Guy James, Roy James, on the evening that Congo went home. Thought you might want to read it:

    Thursday, 7:03 PM
    More News from Roy James:

    “OK guys… here is the short version…. CONGO is home pending the hearing on the appeal…. Him being home does not mean anything in terms of how this will end up… Basically he is out on bail… He is doing well…. He found his mate Lucia and had lots of play time with her…. For those of you that live in NJ or NY… Channel 7 and Channel 4 will have a segment on Congo at 11:00pm tonight…. We can’t stop now, because it isn’t over…. I wish you could all see Congo when he stepped out of the car on his property…. The kids were so excited. Again, thank you for everything…. Don’t forget… We can’t stop now.. We still have to call the Gov, and the Mayor to make sure if it doesn’t go our way in court, he still has a fighting chance.”

    “Oh, so you know how “Vicious” he was… He let all the new cameras, photographers, and media in the house and was playing with them… Again, these are people he has never met before…. Please, how can someone even call this dog “vicious”…. Makes me sick…. ”

    “Just so everyone is aware… there is a fence that boarders the property. He lives on 10 acres. There is a gate, and double fence. He also has an electric fence as well as a physical fence. It is a very secure place.”

    “My 6 year old daughter is just back from playing with Congo and Lucia… She is telling me now to tell you all how much she loves Congo…. She can’t believe that the police would want to hurt him, as he is such a sweet dog. I only wish you could all meet him… He is the best. You all are the best for all your hard work and efforts. Thanks.”

  23. Lynn says:

    I just read that the laborers were working on the property the day before the attack. Therefore the laborers obviously had to have known about the dogs, even if the dogs were in the house the day before the attack. [I cannot imagine the dogs being quiet while they heard the laborers out on the patio.]

    Why on earth would someone who KNEW there were dogs on the premises, who was afraid of dogs, and who had been told by the owner to go back in the car and wait, and did, even DARE to get out of the car before Mr. James came out to announce the coast was clear?

    I’m wonderfing if one of Rivera’s co-workers convinced him it was ok to go on the property after waiting 10 minutes. Perhaps Rivera really didn’t want to go, but felt he had to.

    Also, it appears Rivera was going to be released from the hospital 24 hours after being admittted…..but because of the open wounds the hospital decided to keep him one more day day.

  24. Sharon says:

    I hope this turns out well in the long run. Like someone said before Congo is just out on bail. I would like to know if any action has been taken against the worker who attacked both the dog and the woman. If he is in the country illegally he needs to be deported. He came on to private property when told not to by the owner and attacked his family. He is a criminal.

  25. Thel Josenhans says:

    Thank you ……….. Honorable Judge Michael E. Ostrer
    It is nice to hear , we have a Judge , that , can understand , Congo , is not a monster , but a loving , caring , part of the family , He was only protecting , His family , dogs can tell, when a person is a danger , and , this landscaper , showed , His true colors , Congo , Has suffered already , being in a animal shelter , is a danger place , they make a lot of …..”mistakes ” putting animals down. I thank God Cogo is home , with His family, I pray the Judge , see’s the truth , this animal derserves to live , He was protecting His family, We should all have a brave soul , like Congo , this family , has suffered , because a Rivera didn’t use , his brain. He may be bit , but , every one knows , you don’t put your hand in a fire , you , will get burned , He put His self , in harms way , with , his dumb actions , He shouldn’t have , been awarded money , in Fl. if some one acted like , He did , He would have been shot , He was lucky , it was dog bites , instead. I think , this Rivera , brought this on , His self , the dog did the right thing , God Bless Him & spare His life , He is a Hero & His family , is right to fight , for Him ,He has a right to live , to be with the family , He loves , protects . T.K.J. Thel

  26. MelissaCato says:

    Good. Now get back the 250,000.00 and deport those illegals.

  27. furmom says:

    I would strongly recommend to the owner to get lots of videos of Congo acting normal and friendly with the reporters who visit, I’m pretty sure he is doing that. Then get a trained professional and set the dog up for an attack. I did this with my Shepherd many years ago. What you find is a perfectly behaved dog (she had never acted even remotely aggressive to strangers entering, and had plenty of obedience work) will turn into an automatic protection dog, without any previous training, and no encouragment whatsoever. Get this on video, it will prove it requires provocation for this dog to do anything aggressive. This would be very powerful evidence in court. I’m also sure this dog did nothing aggressive while in custody or they never would have released him.

  28. furmom says:

    Just to be clear I do not mean to physically attack or harm Congo again, but a trained agitator (not some local idiot) wearing protective gear can demonstrate the change in Congo when he or his owner are threatened. This is why you can’t let idiots on your property, if they get aggressive the dog will too. It’s the behavior that sets them off. The same dog with the same person who is acting normally (if they haven’t previously attacked the owner) would not be harmed by the dog.

  29. Nora and Rufus says:

    YAY CONGO! You are a steller dog no matter what the nay sayers say! And a real German Shepherd beauty too!!!!! This has made my WEEKEND!!!!! CONGO is a credit to his breed. He knew he was at deaths door while at the shelter and of course he was off his feed! I LOVE YOU CONGO. Thank the judge and individuals who had the brains and common animal “Horse Sense” to make the right decision.

  30. Lynn says:

    I am not an attorney but perhaps if there is one lurking on this blog, and if you are familiar with New Jersey law, you could answer a couple questions:

    1 - On appeal, isn’t there a limit in terms of what evidence you can introduce? Are you allowed to introduce anything new that wasn’t heard in the Municipal Court?

    2 - I tried to find an “Animal Law” attorney licensed to practice in New Jersey and wasn’t successful. I’m sure the James’ lawyer, Mr. Lytle, is very good, but I wonder what his track record is on animal law cases? So this question has two-parts:

    2a - What are the names of attorneys licensed to practice in NJ who specialize in ANIMAL LAW and what are their track records [wins, losses]?

    2b - Has Mr. Lytle prosecuted any animal law cases before and if so, what is his track record in terms of wins and losses?

  31. Jenny Bark says:

    Lynn, Thanks for all the information & links you have given us. Please don’t down play what you & others do in finding things that I am unable or do not have the time to find. You & other posters have to take the credit (you all deserve it) because people like me can only say thank you. Your post 2:16, again I will say thank you.

    I am going to write this Mark Johnson because my gut is telling me he at the very least has an ego problem along with something else I will get to in a second. I read your link on his bio & he said “A sick animal is easier to capture than a healthy animal, and I can usually tell whether it’s a case of rabies or, more often, canine distemper. I take all my sick [treatable] and orphaned baby birds, squirrels, and raccoons over to the Mercer County Wildlife Center.”
    I can tell you a full blown rabid animal is not easy to catch until it is dying. The head of the Dept. of Infectious Control, Dept. of Agriculture & my vet all told me it is impossiable to tell if an animal is rabied without killing it & checking the brain, yet he can tell. He can also tell if an animal can be treated or not, just doesn’t seen to need a doctor. He does not say any where in his bio what he does with the animals that are not treatable or has to be put down except bats which he says he sends out. He says he has been going out in AC (dog catcher) since he was 4 years old. I am getting old & I can tell you dog catchers didn’t then & a lot now don’t kill the animals in a very pretty way. I don’t know of anybody who would want a 4year old around. I will also never unstand a dog eating the papers that would help the James that where in the front seat of the truck. He could’t even save some of the papers? I’m sorry I don’t buy it. I will try to keep the letter nice but (even thou I home cook) i will tell him I find nothing wrong with raw food & I disagree with his findings.

    I am starting to agree with some of the other posters who think this is a set up deal. My 1 sister & a friend are very afraid of dogs & would never go around a dog until the owner said it was ok, much less around a bunch of dogs when the owner just came back & they where greeting them. You couldn’t pay them to go near the dogs. The landscraper has changed his story at least 3 times. I have a hard time believing someone who has changed their story even once. Then add in a lawyer, sorry this will never look good to me & I am worried about Congo & the James family.

  32. Jenny Bark says:

    Furmom, I think your ideas are great. I hope someone they know reads Itchmo.

  33. Lynn says:

    Jenny Bark,

    Just a thought, but maybe you will consider it:

    You presented some good information about assessment of rabies and raw food in your last post. Rather than send it to Johnson, maybe it’s a better idea to send it to the James’ attorney, Mr. Robert Lytle, or even to Guy James himself. [I have their addresses.] It might establish just how experienced Johnson is in assessing animals when it comes time to go to court to appeal.

    THEN, after the case has been won, I would send the info about rabies and on the raw feeding to the Mayor [have her address, too] and the Town Council [presumably they do the hiring of animal control resources]. But be warned, I’ve intuited from my reading that the Town Council and the ACO are very tight.

    I was reading comments late last night and definitely came away with the distinct impression that Princeton Township is not an animal loving community. There is also some dissent with the Town’s government and the community, as evidenced in a comment by Anne Soden, a resident of the area, who wrote:

    “Anyone who has had experience with animals and Princeton Township knows that this is NOT an animal friendly community. Therefore, they [Town Council Members] have the right ACO who portrays their stance.”

    [Reference tothe above:]

    I wonder on what basis ACO Johnson decided that the lesion on the skin of one of the pups was made by a canine tooth rather than a rake.

    And last but not least…….I read conflicting stories about exactly when Congo was hauled into doggie prison. The prevalent story is that Johnson wasn’t planning to take Congo away from the family and it wasn’t until later [maybe the next day?] that Rivera opted to get an attorney, at which time the ACO went for Congo.

    Logic tells me that IF he didn’t take Congo away until some time later, then he could not have thought that dog was that dangerous. Or maybe his truck was filled to capacity, who knows? [In any case, something’s wrong with this picture.]

    BTW: There were a total of 5 laborers. Where were the 4 laborers when Rivera was attacked? I think one was with Rivera…….but what about the 3 other laborers? Did they help?

    Hope Tornado’s doing better!

  34. Brigitte says:

    I’m so glad Congo is home! What an undeserved nightmare! Now, my question is, why wasn’t the landscaper charged with assault and battery (he grabbed the owner and dragged her to the ground)??? And, since the landscaper supposedly came well before he was supposed to, why not also trespassing (he had permission to enter the property at x hour, but not at b hour, so in my legally challenged point of view, he was trespassing at b hour)?
    Let’s hope there are sensible people handing the appeal!

  35. Jenny Bark says:

    Lynn, Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but with Art home to watch Tornado I had to get some very badly needed sleep. Tornado imo is starting to look really good. He is drinking some water & eating some turkey & brown rice, he wouldn’t touch beef & rice (???). His temp is now good & I did get some bile & there is very little black in it & no red blood & it is starting to smell better. What little urine I got is still very strong. I didn’t take him for an upper GI, my vet trusted my judgement on wheater to take him or not depending on how Tornado keep doing. We will be at the vets tomorrow & will see what the tests she sent away says. Well also run more blood, urine & bile at her office & send away also. I think she will be as happy as I am about how he is doing. He is starting to look like his self again. I just wish I could find out what toxin he had. I can’t find a bite on him anywhere & my other dogs & Kitty are fine. Thanks for asking, hugs to you & a kiss being sent your way from Tornado.

    About Congo I like you ideas better than mine. I would like to send a letter to the James or his lawyer just in case they didn’t catch his bio or have checked on rabies. Also I dout if that stray dog eat all the paper work in favor of the James. It only cost a few cents to send a letter & if they already have thought of these things at least they will know somebody else supports them.

    I will include about raw meat but you know so much more than me on raw that I hope you write too. I am praying this lawyer is very good & knows about animals & can win this case. It would be so sad if Congo got to come home for 30 days & then be put down. 30 days is so little time to even prepare for a case.

  36. bronzy says:

    Glad that Congo is home.

    I agree…get back the $ 250,000. and deport the illegals. Stop supporting them by taking advantage of cheap labor. Doesn’t it seem logical that a laborer would risk a dog bite to win that kind of money? America was surely the Land of Opportunity for him! He’s not supposed to be here, he attacks the owner, and yet he is awarded money. “Only in America” he and his friends are singing as they go laughing to the bank!

  37. Lynn says:

    Jenny Bark:

    So glad to hear Tornado is doing better and hope in very short order he’s living up to his name. [I assume he normally runs around like a whirling dervish.] I certainly understand the anxiety about the not knowing which toxin did this……I would be frantic, too. Better to know what it is and deal with it, I think. But your other furries seem ok and I would think they eat the same food. Maybe some plants/flowers outside???

    I’m afraid I know extremely little about feeding raw…..must be someone else on this blog you’re thinking of. But go to this link that discusses making home-made food, as some of the bloggers will be very knowledgeable about raw food.

    In fact, maybe you should start a forum called “Congo and Raw Food” and explain in the opening posting that you are seeking their help to collect documented evidence to send to Congo’s attorney in anticipation of the upcoming appeal, as a means of disputing Johnson’s claim that it causes aggression.

    For your reference [and note his affiliation to the Supreme Court on Character…..not sure what that means….but I hope it has something to do with credibility!]:

    Robert E. Lytle, Esq.
    Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein, Blader, Lehmann & Goldshore, P.C.
    Suite 104
    101 Grovers Mill Road
    Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648

    The law firm’s website:

    Admitted: 1990, New Jersey

    Law School: University of Dayton, J.D., 1990 Order of the Barristers; Pace University School of Law, L.L.M., 1993

    College: Susquehanna University, B.S., 1986

    Member: New Jersey Bar Association, Mercer County Bar Association (Trustee).

    Biography: Member of New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on Character.

    Born: Denville, New Jersey, May 27, 1964

  38. Jenny Bark says:

    Lynn, I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel good about this law firm & lawyer. I like how they said that they work as a team. I also really like this ” Board certification is a rare quality for New Jersey lawyers. Out of more than 80,000 registered lawyers, only about 1,600 are certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey”, that I read on their site. He has also been out of law school long enough to be good. I didn’t see anything about animal law, but then how many dogs like Congo & the James family go before NJ supreme court.

    Lynn, I’m still pretty dumb on the computer & am worried about starting anything on the forms. I have been reading Itchmo since right after it started, I didn’t post for months & only registered months later when Itchmo was running for something. I read the forms but only posted lately & only a couple times. I don’t even remember the rules.

    I have known about raw feeding for a few years & I don’t see anything wrong with it. All the dogs & cats I have heard about are & have been doing real good on it for years. When I started home cooking for my babies I was on a lot of good sites that did raw, some vet owned. I think I will go on a lot of them & see if they will let me copy off of them & send them to this lawyer. Who knows maybe some of them will send things to this lawyer. I am not afraid to stand up for something I think is right & failing & who knows I just might find something they can use. 30 days to go back to court isn’t very long.

    I am going to send them my thoughts about rabies & distemper & etc. I don’t like his bio at all. If anything I send isn’t worth it their is always a garbage can to put it in.

    Straybaby is one poster that is really good on raw food. Maybe she will read this and give us information.

    When we got Tornado we where in a motor home with 3 dogs & 1 cat & a tornado touched down (fun time), that is how he got his name & he has lived up to it. We later got his sister Melanie & she was in a home when a tornado took off the frount of the house.

  39. Lynn says:

    Jenny Bark:

    Email me at the following email - just string it all together without any spaces and substitute the usual characters for the words I have enclosed in [ ]’s.


    I think it is important to let the attorney know what the general consensus is and what experts think and I’m happy to help you put this together. Email me.

  40. Kodys Mom says:

    Shouldn’t someone investigate the landscaping company for hiring illegals?? I would certainly think that after this is all over (hopefully for the better for Congo) that there would definitely be a lawsuit by the owner’s insurance company to reclaim the setttlement given to an illegal. Aren’t there laws against paying out an illegal? Geesh, what kind of a country do we live in? I’m not sure how NJ is, but in my state, if you have one dog incident on your property, your insurance company drops you like a hot potato. I certainly wish the James family the best in this. I have grown up around dogs my whole life, even GSDs and there was a time I was grateful to have the protection of one when a man came on our property and wanted to know if my mom and dad were home. I was only 7 years old at the time and my parents were working in the farm field. He was a well known business owner in our town, but rumor was he was a molester. All my GSD did was stand protectively by me and give a low growl. The man left and I was safe. 30 years later and the man was charged with child molestation. He took the cowards way out and committed suicide before all the previous victims came forward. I might have been one of them if it hadn’t been for my dog protecting me.

  41. kyle says:

    I was wondering that, myself. How is it that people who are here illegally get such a huge settlement? Yeah, I guess they are pretty happy with the outcome.

    I say keep the dog and get rid of the illegals.

  42. clow says:

    hey people need to stop fighting over a dog. OK the guy got attacked by a dog and got his lawsuit money and now the dog is ok everybody you can shut the hell up all ready god all this hate over nothing isn’t getting you now where. Move on in life people these days are so racesis about the honduras guy god hes not mexican you dumb racesis person god and the dog isn’t a mad animal with rabies. you people make me sick with all your ugly bad lies. listen people this isn’t for you to worrier about its for the dogs owner and the working dude to handle this in court and they did the dog is free and home and the guy is cut up with alot of money good everybody flippin happy but noooo you racesis people want to be like retarts and dont know what to do but hate god i hate racesis people so much

    im a 16 6′2 white guy that sees now in this world many AMERICAN people are so dumb that they know now in these days we are a country of one and what do i see alot off dumb people that are so flippin racesis that they hate anykind of race but their own makes me sick. i hate raceiss people so much makes me want to beat the living shit out of them so bad grrrr.
    anyways people have to stay out of other peoples stuff its not your problem its the owners family and the other dude so stay out of it because you know in life that this might end up with people fighting and getting hert over nothing. you wanna know why all these people got in to this is because of the stupid press they don’t know how to tell the truth every day when you get your news paper you can see that they talk about a certain person that never happens. What happens next the person goes on the news and tells everybody that its not true and then sews the press. i know what you might be thinking right now about the what im saying but its freedom of speech jack in the box go to school some time. im sorry to hear about all that has happened but its life things happen good or bad just have to live with. i used to have a dog just like that and i know how that type of dog gets when it sees its owner in a rumble with another its just in stink god the dogs not mad its just its in stink i had to give my dog away because of it being over protected but i raised it well to be a good and awesome dog not how other people in this world use them for their fur or for fight that makes me so sick. But what can i say many people that are reading this don’t change the just stay on the same page.

    god bless America we rock with our cocks out

  43. Sherry says:

    Leave CONGO with his owners and do not give anymore money to the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT…..Perhaps Congo is smarter than the people who are supposed to be watching the ports….Congo was taking care of his family. He should not be put down….ANd YOU CAN NOT JUDGE A DOG BY THE WAY IT LOOKS for what ever idiot put tha comment!!!!

  44. Debra says:

    Thank GOD, Congo lives. What does the average joe, who dosen’t want to keep a gun for protecting his family do? Get a Dog!! Slowly the powers that be are taking away the rights of Americans to protect their homes and family, freedom of speech by being PC, taking “GOD” out of Gov’t bldgs, allowing illegal peoples to dictate our way of life, telling us how to raise our children. My German Shepherd gave me the freedom to go outside my home again without fear of becoming a victim of violence.
    How far is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION going to seep into our Rights as Americans, We are the second class citizens in our own country. Get our teens back mowing lawns like before. They need to work also.

  45. MAtt says:

    Thank you Debra, I couldn’t have said it better!!
    “Slowly the powers that be are taking away the rights of Americans to protect their homes and family, freedom of speech by being PC, taking “GOD” out of Gov’t bldgs, allowing illegal peoples to dictate our way of life, telling us how to raise our children.”


  46. Ted says:

    To Guy and Elizabeth James. There is not much more I can post that has not already appeared on this blog. Except you have done an excellent job of training and loving Congo. I would love to have a dog like Congo. If you had a site that sold Congo’s picture on it I would buy one. It would go right next to my AMERICAN FLAG. ( I would like to see the money go towards a defense fund for Condo, believe it or not ) Good luck to you and God Bless…..

  47. joe says:

    people are you crazy its just a dog. you guys are so weird to get worked up over a dog. theres alot of things in this world we need to be looking at and asking questions like the iraq war. When are our family and friends coming home????. No you guys are all worked up for a dog and some stupid dude.
    Theres many things in this world that you should really put your ears and eyes on. Ive seen many dog attacks in real life and on tv many of the time when the dog attacks a person thats the last moment for the dog because 50% of the time the person kills the dog. but the dog was lucky that the man didnt have a weapon or that dog would of been long gone. This could happen to any dog thats why you keep your dog some where where it couldn’t try to kill some body. What would happen if this happened to a little kid IT DIDN’T KNOW. I herd of something like this a few months ago when a dog almost killed this little boy in ny what if that happened their then your minds would change. and one more thing if your so worked up about immigrants that come to America 24/7 around the world then why dont you get your over weight jobless self and go to border control and get a freaking job

    God bless America and nothing else will match to it
    vote democrat we dont want stupid rich people running this awesome state

  48. joe says:

    Folks, let’s be human for a moment. If the landscaper attacked the family (which I think is unlikely or that would have been the bigger news), why isn’t he being charged. Haven’t we come to a point where we value a dog’s life more than another human’s life, even if that human is an illegal alien, just because that human being is not our brother, or sister or daughter or son? Where in the world has empathy gone? Saying that the landscaper deserved what he got, to me, smacks of the kind of justification that Hitler would have used to relish the spectre of other humans suffering.

  49. Mark Rivera says:

    Dog should have been killed. It’s ridiculous how many people are getting emotional over a dog that has not even been in their lives, to value it’s life over the life of a human being. Then to make it an immigration issue! I guess xenophobia is the new way of life now and days, even though we all are immigrants to this great country.

  50. bill says:

    i have a black german shepherd and i have trained to be a top of the line security dog but it would never attack somebody without me giving a world of it but if it did then i would probably would ether have to sign it to be a cop dog or put it down because i dont want a huge law suit


    Instead of having conditions on the dog’s release, how about the illegal having the condition to either pay this country what he owes to become legal or leave. Dogs dont attack unless a) they are provoked or b) raised to do so. So maybe we need to look further into what he did to the dod and not what the dog did to him. Like other cultures we love our dogs. They are members of our families. Someone tries to hurt their family the dog shows the gratitude by protecting them. Finally why are we paying an ILLEGAL anyway. He souldnt have gotten anything as he hasnt done the right thing by not doing things the legal way.

  52. dog lover in california. says:

    Good Dog… Good Dog!!

  53. pitbull09cb says:

    I feel very badly for the individual that was hurt, if he didn’t provoke the attack. The dog always gets the bad rap and you don’t even know what really happened, so I would say that it is safe to say that putting the dog down would be ignorant. I am a proud owner of a pitbull, 2 rottweilers, and a Great Dane. I have never had a problem like this, but I resent the day that I have to deal with a problem like this. Nobody wins, everybody is hurt. The victim got a lot of money over this, so couldn’t the dog’s life be spared.

  54. Jimforpresident says:

    Everone is losing there brains in this country including the insurance company that paid this guy. I think I will go down the street find the biggest dog i can find provoke it and threaten the family. and then Hire this lawyer to protect my illeagle rights. I think the courts should have used the 250,000.00 to send this man back across to the boarder. Pay the hospital bills, and go after the landscaping company that hired the illegal. Shame on the insurance company for even paying this dollar amount. If my dog protected my family I would be so proud of the dog. I would Buy him a big stake and buy a even bigger dog for redundency.

  55. one nation says:

    Sorry to hear about the person being attacked by the dog. Before we rush to judgement either way; for the dog or the gardener, I would like to know the whole story. Was the dog just protecting his family? Does the dog has a history of attacking people?
    A couple of facts to consider; the gardener was here illegally, and yet he was afforded all the rights of a legal citizen and awarded 250, 000 dollars.
    Just one more question; why hasn’t the gardener put deported? I mean if it would have been a white male escaped convict he woud have been sent back to jail.
    We as a nation need to enforce the our laws otherwise we will be a nation of lawlessness.

  56. Anonymous says:

    First of all, Congo couldn’t have attacked the ILLEGAL immigrant landscaper if he hadn’t been in the US illegally and if the Landscaping compnay hadn’t hired him. The landscaping company should have to pay their employee the 250,00. Also, the landscaper should be glad the owner only had a DOG to protect his family and property and not a GUN or he wouldn’t be here to collect his 250,00.

  57. Chris says:

    Alot of people have said alot of things about both sides here. But we still dont have the whole story. We cant pass judgement on either party until we hear the whole story. Did the landscaper, regardless of immagration status, provoke the dog? Immegration really does not have a place in this story. It is a side issue that needs to be dealt with seperately. That lump of money that was awarded, I am sure the isurance company will claim and in some way ti will get back to the landscaper, who if is truly illegal, does not have a SS# and something will happen to him for tax evasion or some such. If the dog attacked the man unprovoked, then the dog should be punished. You need to take out the immagration status of the man, and look at him like any other person. The rest is outside details that have no bearing on it.

    The fact that he is illegal does need to be addressed. But just because he is illegal does not mean the dog has a free shot at the guy. I have had dogs all my life and I know that dogs do not attack unless provoked. Be it teasing, threats to their family, or outright physical harm of the dog or family.

    So lets get the whole story before we start passing judgement on either of them, and not assume we know what happened one way or the other. Because when you assume, we all know what happens.

    As for Donna..shut up. Go get on another soap box somewhere else. No where in the story does it mention his fertility status, and to assume that the owners are irresponsible and did not neuter the dog already is ridiciulous. And who is to say the dog is not AKC certified and they might want to bread the dog for showing purposes. This is another issue that doesnt belong mixed in this story.

  58. Blue Eyed Devil says:

    Make the illegal pay his doctor bill and send him back across the border.
    Maybe he will think twice about committing a federal crime and crossing the border. If I break the law I get in trouble. This double standard of illegals getting away with breaking the law has got to come to an end.

  59. Han says:

    More facts are needed to pass judgement. Where specifically did the attack occur, and what led up to it? On owner’s property?
    Was landscaper/firm hired by home/dog owner?
    In any event, my vote is to spare Congo based on the info available to me.
    Also, the award appears excessive and illegal IS ILLEGAL!

  60. Anonymous says:

    All of you who show compassion and or side with this Illegal garbage should be put down! Yes, the dog is more of value than you people !

  61. proud veteran says:

    this stuff makes me sick! hard working legal americans have to do the right thing but illegals do not? I think we should do our own yard work and send them back to the countries they belong to. Who pays the bill when they need medical care,or gives them food when work is not available.
    this is not fair to americans and legals. as for the dog,it seems he was just doing his job,and thats all any dog owner can ask for.

  62. Bill Mckenzie says:

    save the dog, he was just doing his job, would have never happened if the guy had not been here to begin with. maybe the judge should be put down, probably one of the same guys who turn a blind eye to the US being overrun with illegal aliens, they can put down what ever dumb a** gave this criminal 250K

  63. Ira Weiss says:

    Wait a damn minute. The landscaper was already awarded monies for the “attack”. If a human being attacked another human being and caused physical harm, he would be charged with assualt, fined and possibly even serve jail time. You wouldn’t kill him, would you? So why kill the dog?

    And where does a judge get off determining life or death for an animal? Is he a canine behavior specialist? I doubt it.

    Illegal immigrant or otherwise, this is about what is right for the animal. He clearly is not a danger to the family and they are the ones in contact with the dog on a daily basis. If anything needs to be done, place a strict ruling regarding the care and housing of the dog. People are too quick to decide life or death when it comes to animals, it’s no wonder we have similar feelings when it comes to our fellow humans.

  64. adam says:

    The dog was PROVOKED by the ILLEGAL, with a rake. He was barking at him. When the wife came out to get Congo the ILLEGAL ran toward her and grabbed her. That is when Congo attacked, a he should have. It is high time we make it a felony to cross the border. This criminal used a fake Social security number which would have gotten us time in jail. Does he have to pay taxes on the quarter million dollars? If they put my dog down I would find the landscapers boss and tell every one of his clients to fire this illegal company. Illegals should not have the right to sue.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Obviously the people that are lobbying for the euthanasia of Congo have never had a dog. I would never support raising an aggressive dog but good for him for protecting his family. It has nothing to do with valuing his life over a human’s. Once his life is taken it can’t be given back, shouldn’t we wait until all the facts are in?

  66. Susan says:


  67. Vulcan Logic says:

    The dog is far more valuable than this 3rd world criminal. The fact that he was given insurance money is sickening. The years slip by and we’re doing NOTHING about our illegal imigrant situation. My town is literally overrun with Mexicans. They comprise 1/3 of our school population. These “people” sneak into our country and contribute nothing. They are parasites, here to take whatever they can get. A host can only support so many parasites before it is bled dry.

  68. Norwegian Viking says:




  69. Kenny says:

    What’s WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE??????? THE ILLEGAL GETS $250,000 & they want to KILL the dog for protecting it’s property & owner????? WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!! Give the dog a Steak & send the illegal back!

  70. ANNIE says:


  71. jimforpresident says:

    To the person that says this has nothing to do with illegal immigration this is being to the truth. The insurance company should have gone straight for the juggler on this one. This guy is here illegally end of story. If he would like to be part of this country give him a gun send him to Iraq. Have him fight to stay here. Just as the Irish had to do during the Civil War. Just like my grandfather had to do during WWI and my Uncle who had to shoot his fellow country men in WWII to protect his right to be in this country. My father in law and Uncle that fought in Korea and Vietnam. Dam it people wake up and smell the poop. We have men severing this country right now for our right to live and be free in this country. And for me to have the right to be here and talk about this stupid situation. These illegal’s should not be here as for the citizens that hires them they should be brought up on treason charges. I am not talking about the home owner that hires a company that is licensed and bonded. I am talking about the company owner, or the incorporated, CEO presidents of the company, his team under him will do what he says. I have many friends that have immigrated to this country legally they are some of the best people I know and I welcome them here. My for fathers were allowed to do it legally. . Do it legal or suffer the consequences. If my dog bites a person that is not supposed to be in my house, on my land, or in MY country. So be it. My family has fought for this RIGHT and I thank everyone of them in my prayers everyday. If this was a citizen with legal rights then he has the right to take this to court. This case never should have even made it this far. Bad lawyer, bad lawyer, sit, shut up and obey. Treasonous act on the lawyers part HMMM something to think about, tough legal precedence on that one As for treason on the company and owner that hired the illegal HMM any good lawyers out there want to join me in a test of the courts on this one.

  72. caz says:

    How the hell can an illegal get any insurance money at all? Kick the guy back to his country and save the dog!

  73. MadeintheUSA says:

    Spare the dog, as he was doing what is natural; protecting his loved ones from a perceived threat. Send the illegal back with his 250K; he already caused enough problems.

  74. brad says:

    Let be real America. Stop giving more rights to ILLEGAL immigrants…it’s bad enough the guy is illegally in OUR country and received thousands of dollars for it. The dog should be left alone to return to his family. For those of you who think otherwise…wake up and smell the roses.
    let’s think it out:
    ILLEGAL immigrant = Thousands of dollars for being here illegally because he provoked an attack by a LEGAL AMERICAN family’s pet

    Dog = Death sentense for protecting his family

    yep…makes sense to me. Gotta love where this country is heading

  75. gregorio says:

    The yardman was hired to do the lawn. The dog should have been restrained but obviously it was not. The owners were negligent. Their ins. co. must have accepted liability for the dog’s viciousness. To shift the issue and make it the fault of a hard working person is typical of this country’s racist mentality. It is shamefull to read the racist and derrogatory comments made against an immigrant who was doing a job even the owners did not want to do. Your racist and anti-immigrant positions are shameless, considering that this country was founded by whites fleeing persecution in GB. Who has appointed you to judge those who flee their own countries due to revolutions, hunger and despair at the hands of those who often practice genocide in those countries. To value the life of a dog more than that of a human being brings back visions of this country’s deep rooted hatred and contempt for those that are non-white. Not so long ago the plantation owners worked slaves to the death, the government troops rounded up native americans into concentration camps to take their lands, and racist white hooded clowns murdered minorities because the government simply looked the other way. Cubans are given a ticket to remain in this country as soon as they touch gound. Extend the same opportunity to ALL those who come to this country seeking the amber fields of grain.

  76. Norwegian Viking says:




  77. Kevin says:

    Mark said

    Mark Rivera says:

    December 1st, 2007 at 12:22 pm
    Dog should have been killed. It’s ridiculous how many people are getting emotional over a dog that has not even been in their lives, to value it’s life over the life of a human being. Then to make it an immigration issue! I guess xenophobia is the new way of life now and days, even though we all are immigrants to this great country.

    That is just plain stupid. It all falls back to the principle of it all, it is their property. Any dog should defend it’s owner and property. If the principle of this is not acknowledged then a thief would have the same right as this man has been awarded. If you put yourself in the place of the dog and someone grabbed your wife would you not beat the crap out of him. The dog didn’t know he was an illegal immigrant so that does not play into the position the dog is in. Lastly, if the illegal immigrant was not in this country it would not have happen to him.

  78. Laken says:

    Congo was protecting his family and turf. I’m sorry someone got hurt–however, who in the hell gives an illegal alien the right to American insurance money? Send him back to his own country–without the insurance money.

  79. Laken says:


  80. Bane says:

    Brad, you’re totally right. This illegal parasite probably had the whole thing planned. He wasn’t even hurt that badly. He made a small fortune, which should be forfeited due to his illegal status. The James family should press charges against him for battery and animal cruelty. Illegal immigrants hate animals…they are constantly killing dogs on the border when they cross through backyards. Sometimes they garrote puppies for fun and slam kittens into trash cans. This has been documented. They have no value for kindness towards animals. This jerk disobeyed instructions from James, got onto the property before being given permission, hit Congo hard enough to cause bloody wounds, and had the nerve to put his hands on the lady of the house and pull her to the ground. If the dog and the rest of the family weren’t around he would have probably beaten and raped her. Deport the piece of trash, make him forfeit the money to the American taxpayers and give the dog a medal. Rivera deserved what he got from Congo (which was only a few scratches and bruises) …I’m just sorry Congo didn’t finish the job and rid the world of another piece of criminal trash.

  81. Bane says:

    Gregorio is playing the race card…these illegal immigrant supporters have no real facts to back up their position in supporting these parasitic criminals so they always play the race card. Guess what Greggy? If Rivera was a lily white Swede or whatever who was here illegally and commited the exact same acts I would still hold the same position. So your argument doesn’t hold water. Next.

    Mark Rivera is no doubt one of those illegals or La Raza Reconquista types who I mentioned earlier who grew up setting cats tails on fire because they hold the third world view that “they’re just animals”. Go to hell Mark…it’s because of jerks like you that folks don’t always put human beings first. When the human is in the wrong and the dog is protecting the lives of humans who are in the right, the dog’s life should be put first. And another thing…you say people are valuing the life of a dog over the life of a human being…guess what? The human being is alive and well, and $250,00.00 dollars richer. The dog, a beloved pet, is scheduled to die. For what? This isn’t even an eye for an eye. You moron.

  82. linda says:

    Congo should not be punished. He was just doing his job, the Illegal person should be compensated for his injuries but I agree he broke the law he should be deported back to his country, family and all if he has any.

    To the people who throw the word “Racism” around, if these people came across the border the way they are suppose to and work and pay taxes and not steal peoples identity, which by the way I was a victim of and it becomes a long ugly process to try and undo the damage that these people have created.Then there would be no complaints.

    The comment “They are doing jobs that nobody else will do” is nothing but a bunch of nonsense. My Fiances company had put an ad in the paper for labor work and the phone was ringing off the hook, not by Illegals but American citizens who are willing to do the job because they couldn’t find work.

    Congo is part of the family like most of our pets are.To have someone who broke the law and who doesn’t belong in this country come into my yard and an incident happen because of stupidity and then they tell me that I have to volunteer my pet to be killed. I would take my dog and my family and get out of that state.

    This has nothing to do about Racism, this is about justice for Congo.

  83. james says:

    well i agree with the fact this landscaper dont belong being awarded 250,000.00 or any court settlement !!!!!!! how does are laws work here ?? that and illegal immigrant that broke the laws of this country entering it and that same person can be awarded a judgement a hearing and a settlement against someone thats lived in this country a good part of there lives !!! something is really wrong here !!!!!!! now to the dog being put to sleep , this is completly wrong in every aspect!!!!!!!!!! were has this so called judge !! determined the dog is vicous?????? has he attacked other people each and everyday ?? or have a history of vicous behavior??? im guessing not!!! ive happenend to be an owner of german sheperd breed since i was 5 years old ,im now 46 and never has any of my dogs attacted or bit anyone !!! this breed of dog is very loving toward there master and especially kids , i feel they can sense a loving companion !! my present dog is very protective of me walks at my side follows me everywere no special training was ever done with this dog !!! if one makes an agressive move at me she will attack that person i feel theres a gross mistake been cast upon Congo , to many misjudged circumstances were in play when this dog attacked !!! if the dog was provoked or teased i can understand the attack, if the landscaper hit or made an agressive move at Congos master or the kids being he was a stranger understand this the dog will snarl and at worse attack !!! these dogs are very protective of ther territory of were they reside and ther masters !!!any superiour court jude needs my insight on behaviour of these dog breed is welcome to it !!! dont destroy this dog !!! in gross misjudgement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. james says:

    a wiser thing would be to cut the illiegal immagration of this country out !!!!!!instead of destroying a dog !!!!!before we 250,000.00 ourselves away to nothing !!!!

  85. Anonymous says:

    You all make me ill on how fast one judges,Get the WHOLE story first before you jump on the band wagon ,I mean WHOLE story as in truth .Were all human on matter where we come from , Oh wait you all are rich and live in huge homes with buttlers huh ,so u have the right to judge as if your God

  86. Bane says:

    “Buttlers”? Looks like the only folks playing God are the ones who decided a beloved family pet’s life should be ended simply because he was protecting that family. We’ve got the whole story, Anonymous…no worries there.

  87. Anonymous says:

    pitbull09cb, for someone who owns many dogs, your viewpoint is more humane and you at least take a moment to consider the plight of the human being mauled by a dog, while asking that the animal be spared. Fair reasoning. What I don’t get is how my other fellow Americans have no iota of empathy for the suffering of another human being so long it’s not their family. This person may have broken the law by being here illegally, no doubt, but one of the things we pride ourselves in as Americans is the notion that all humans have dignity, whether they are here legally or not. To put the comfort of the dog over the pain and anguish of a human is mean spirited. You are not God, remember.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Nether are you God why Don’t you shut up no one cares a bout you sum people are just dumb like you so maybe you don’t have the hole storey

  89. amimal lover says:


  90. an unbiased view says:

    Two questions:

    1. why would anyone throw a rock at a dog and expect everything to be ok?

    2. why would anyone run towards the dog’s master who was just previously provoked by the thrown rock?


    1. someone’s misguided way of thinking that throwing rocks is appropriate in America; dumb.

    2. only an illegal immigrant would act so foolishly as to do this; dummer!

  91. Mike C says:

    The owner of the dog is an idiot. This is what he gets for tying to save a few bucks for cheap priced labor. He is fine with an “illegal immigrant” landscaping his lawn up until this. Why would an “illegal immigrant” attack a citizen if he knew he would face charges and possible deportation if all he is trying to do is survive. Sounds to me like the owner was irresponsible in putting up his dog and when crap hit the fan his only explanation is “honey we’ll say the landscaper was attacking you”.

  92. Helen Revell says:

    I can clearly see that Congo is loved , has been trained, and is cared for. He is a pet , not a predator. He is not out searching for someone to attack. I am sorry for the man who was hurt, but if the owner, says the man teased the dog, I am inclined to believe it. I’m sorry but in the culture of the man who was bit, the people treat their animals much much different than we do. I know this for a fact. These people are caring for the animal that God has in trusted to them.

  93. amimal lover says:


  94. just.sayin says:

    I am an American soldier of Mexican decent. I am for secure borders and believe that the majority of illegal aliens are good, hard working people. They circumvent the system because it is beyond their means to do otherwise. I helped someone gain legal residency and later citizenship. It was crazy hard to do. Every time you submit a form you have to pay a ‘processing fee’ reaching in the thousands of dollars. On my soldiers salary, it took me a very long time to afford it. The laws were changing faster than I could raise the money and it caused me to pay even more. Later, I tried to research how many soldiers have died in our current conflicts that were resident aliens and given citizenship posthumously. I have also tried to find out how much money the U.S. gains in unclaimed income tax because illegal aliens can not file a claim from their ‘made up’ SS#. I never found out but can guess that the figures are astounding. Be against them by all legal means; but not by being ugly toward your fellow man. Research the dog story and you will see that Congo, the other five German Shepherds and Mr. Rivera are victims of the homeowners negligence. Mr. Rivera hold no ill will toward the dog. The dogs can be sparred either by gubernatorial pardon or simply by Mr. James swallowing his pride and accepting the vicious dog restrictions. Change the law and you’ll be reading about more irresponsible pet owners claiming that their pets were provoked by any imagined gesture.

  95. just.sayin says:

    I can’t keep up with you guys! Rock? what rock? Did you see the story which states that Mr. Rivera works for a company owned by Mr. James’ brother. Handout? What handout? The Gardener works hard for a low wage so that James’ brother can profit. Would a manual laborer who can be deported thousands of miles away really come to their house for ill will? The guy got out of his car for a second session of work. He had a rake and was attacked by six German Shepherds (maybe five) because one was out running loose around this time. The guy could have defended himself with his rake against one but not the whole pack. Mrs. James could not call them off so he hid behind her. She fell and now you all have it as an illegal alien came over and attacked the wife. German Shepherds are a great breed but there are a few of them that get a little extreme in the territorial dept. Any comment on the Jameses hiring illegals (causing) the problem, No rabies vaccinations for their dogs causing Mr. Rivera to go through the whole rabies vaccine series, Their loose dog (out of the yard) while Mr. James still has time to shower, Hiring a crew to work in a yard full of loose attack dogs (yes they did)?

  96. Illigal American says:

    Kill The damn dog!! What are you Hicks thinking??? Stop screwing your sister and open your eyes to the real story. The dog bit someone, put it down… Hello illegal or not. It doesn’t matter. Plus All the jobs being done by these illegals are things lazy Americans in the US would never want to do! I know I wouldn’t!

  97. Fed Up says:

    The landscape company should be sued for assault to the homeowner since the worker pushed her to the ground, for their workers tresspassing when they were told not to come onto the property, and for hiring illegals. Since when does an illegal have any rights in this country; they are here illegally. They chose to ignore the homeowner and came on to the property so they got what they deserved. Why is it permissible for an illegal to break the law and collect money and for law biding citizens to be penalized. Send the illegals back to their country and make them go thru the process of entering the US legally like all of the other immigrants. Then vote all of our representatives who are not representing the American citizens out of office.

  98. amimal lover says:

    To Illegal… Your not an American. You are an illegal alien…….. if you do not like us hicks…. or our laws… or our lazy people… give me your address… I personally will purchase the ticket to fly you back where you belong.. I am tired of the illegals who come here to milk the system complain… Go back we will do better without you.

  99. Anonymous says:

    So insurance pays out to someone who is an illegal and was illegally on someones property because the dog bite him protecting his master. this whole case makes no sense, dirtbag is here illegally, owner tells him in spanish to stay in the car and dumb ass still gets out and then has the balls to grab the wife and throw her to the ground and the dog is suppose to do nothing. Part of the problem is that the dog is a German Shepherd, if a Lab had done it, then it becomes heroic, a GSD, Rott etc. then it is vicious. Dog should get a medal and a lifetime of free dog food, illegal should be sent back, minus the money

  100. C1982 says:

    The immigrant is here illegally!!! Come here the right way and maybe the illegal part wouldn’t be such a problem… Yes we were all immigrants that are here legally and pay taxes, why shouldn’t they have to, instead of living off of us. Give him his money and send him back to where he belongs!!!! We (the taxpayers) can be as judgemental as we want when are people are the ones paying!!! Support Congo’s Law!!!

  101. Kristen says:

    Save the dog! Congo was just doing his job, nobody has any right to euthunize him. He wasn’t doing anything wrong at all. The judge should start thinking a little bit more. The man H-I-T the dog with a rake. So in other words he asked for what he got. He provoked the dog, & the dog protected his property. Any one who is against Congo needs to understand that none of this was his fault. The gardener shouldnt have even been at the lady’s home yet anyways. SAVE CONGO!

  102. Donna says:

    Sounds to me that the public NEEDS to support Ron Paul for president.He is pro america and will close the boarders.This will ensure security and stop any more of our animals from having to protect americans from illegal attacks and will reduce the crime rate. Congo did what is right for a dog that percieved his owner to be in danger.The illegal,…….is a criminal.No money should have been awarded.Sue the company that hired him.Remember,………….RON PAUL for president.He will set america back on track and bring border security. And………………… he belives in the constitution !

  103. Helen says:

    Congo is a good pet , in a family that loves him very much. he is not a predator, looking for someone to attack. Congo should live. and people should have respect for Gods animals instead of teasing them.

  104. Fed Up says:

    Illigal American says:

    December 3rd, 2007 at 2:09 am
    Kill The damn dog!! What are you Hicks thinking??? Stop screwing your sister and open your eyes to the real story. The dog bit someone, put it down… Hello illegal or not. It doesn’t matter. Plus All the jobs being done by these illegals are things lazy Americans in the US would never want to do! I know I wouldn’t!

    Go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we hate you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by by by by byb

  105. Fed Up says:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. 20503
    June 23, 2006
    FROM: Clay Johnson III
    Deputy Director for Management
    SUBJECT: Protection of Sensitive Agency Information
    In an effort to properly safeguard our information assets while using information technology, it is essential for all departments and agencies to know their baseline of activities.
    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provided a checklist for protection of remote information. (See attachment) The intent of implementing the checklist is to compensate for the lack of physical security controls when information is removed from, or accessed from outside the agency location. In addition to using the NIST checklist, I am recommending all departments and agencies take the following actions:
    1. Encrypt all data on mobile computers/devices which carry agency data unless the data is determined to be non-sensitive, in writing, by your Deputy Secretary or an individual he/she may designate in writing;
    2. Allow remote access only with two-factor authentication where one of the factors is provided by a device separate from the computer gaining access;
    3. Use a “time-out” function for remote access and mobile devices requiring user re-authentication after 30 minutes inactivity; and
    4. Log all computer-readable data extracts from databases holding sensitive information and verify each extract including sensitive data has been erased within 90 days or its use is still required.
    Most departments and agencies have these measures already in place. We intend to work with the Inspectors General community to review these items as well as the checklist to ensure we are properly safeguarding the information the American taxpayer has entrusted to us. Please ensure these safeguards have been reviewed and are in place within the next 45 days.

  106. moth says:


  107. moth says:

    Congo should definetely not be euthanized, any dog would act the way congo did. The landscapers caused the problem not the dogs.The landscapers should be ashamed of what he did the dogs and the family.

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