Surfer Saves Dog Swept Off Into Lake Michigan

Dog RescueThank goodness for those good Samaritans on their surfboards.

Matt Smolenski, a surfer, rescued a black and brown mixed breed dog that was swept off a pier and into Lake Michigan by a wave. He grabbed the struggling dog’s collar at the same time the dog stopped dog-paddling.

He put the dog on the surfboard, and the dog rode the surfboard to dry land. Smolenski fought the large waves and a strong current to bring the tired dog to shore.

“I’ve watched the dog about a million times,” said Smolenski. “He barks at the waves and then jumps back when they wash up on the pier.”

A witness said the waves were so large, and since the dog wasn’t on a leash, the waves swept both the dog and the owner off of their feet. The dog tried to swim but struggled because the waves were so large. The owner was yelling for his dog.

Smolenski said the dog’s owner thanked him and gave him a high five, but left in such rush, he couldn’t even get his or the dog’s name.

Source: Associated Press

Photo: Don and Joan Dobbin

2 Responses to “Surfer Saves Dog Swept Off Into Lake Michigan”

  1. Lynn says:

    Mr. Smolenski deserves a huge thank you. He is an example of what’s right about this country.

    On the other hand, I certainly hope that pooch is kept away from the water……he may not be so lucky the next time. Or maybe it’s a clue to his pet parent to buy a surfboard and take Fido surfing!

  2. MaineMom says:

    Itchmo -

    Thanks for sharing the “good.” There seems to be so much “bad” in the news every day. Hope the pet parent learned a lesson. Check tides and keep “water” dogs under control.

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