Surfing Cat: Loves The Waves Or Simply Hanging On For Dear Life?


Most cats usually don’t like water, but there are those certain felines that love playing around in the water and here is one that even surfs.

It all started when Domingo Pianezzi of Lima, Peru brought his cat, Nicolasa to the beach and the cat jumped onto his surf board.

Pianezzi said that Nicolasa loves catching waves and some say that she may have the technique to turn pro because she “hangs ten” with all claws hooked around the edge of the board. Pianezzi also stated that Nicolasa loves surfing almost as much as catching mice.

Although some say that Nicolasa grips onto the top of the surfboard because that is the only dry place while she is in the middle of the water. They say that she is gripping on the board for dear life and is not enjoying herself.

What do you think? Is Nicolasa going to be a pro surfer one day or is she in sheer agony?

Source: Telegraph

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20 Responses to “Surfing Cat: Loves The Waves Or Simply Hanging On For Dear Life?”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Yeah… that looks like hanging on for dear life to me.

  2. shibadiva says:

    Sure. Pigs in factory farms love that too.

  3. MaryHelen says:

    I think its animal cruelty - also likely that if he keeps up his search for publicity his cat will end up drowning.

  4. Kevin says:

    If the cat goes to the board in hopes to surf that’s one thing. If your siticking the beast there just to get a picture, I have a problem with that.

    I hope he/she is enjoying the surfing.

  5. mittens says:

    of course ,my cats have a hobby too-it’s called bouncing off my face as i sleep at 4 am while they play krinkle ball freestyle football. precious and adorable!

    the scuba diving cat actually looks a little like the original swimming cats- the turkish vans- with it’s big body and that fur but the surfing cat in all those photos looks horrified and like she’s desperate to escape from the insane human.

  6. metropet2000 says:

    Why are we human beings so naive as to think cats would love the same sports activities as we do? That the cat boarded the surf board on land surely is not an indication that surfing the waves was next on its agenda. That a wave could overturn the board and drown the cat is not an option for someone who loves their cat. I suppose next on this cat’s agenda is climbing Mt. Everest. Or perhaps pitching for the New York Yankees. Whatever is next for this hapless cat, I would hope it’s a nice soft rug in front of a sunny window and an owner who loves it enough to just love it. It is quite clear that this cat’s owner is putting this cat’s life at risk which is idiocy and a grab for attention.

  7. Merlin Marshall says:

    I saw the video and it didn’t look to me like the cat was enjoying itself! A couple times it tried to crawl back to its owner, but he just put it on the end of the board again. He also dumped it in the water and it was crying as it was swimming.

    Sure looked like animal cruelty to me. I hope someone takes it away from that creep.

  8. furmom says:

    It depends which video you see. Watching one video (with some critical bits edited out), you can’t tell for sure. When I watched a more complete video, the cat is definitely terrified getting on to the board, trying to cling desperately to the surfer, but he won’t let her, making her sit on the board. If he tried that without no surfing suit on, he’d be torn to shreds. What’s the plan if he wipes out not right on the shore, or the cat swallows water while swimming? Two thumbs down on this one.

  9. Don Earl says:

    Actually, the man isn’t smiling in the photos either. Maybe surfing isn’t really all that much fun?

    Cats do things for their own reasons and what they do doesn’t necessarily have to make a whole lot of sense, or be consistent with that other cats do. Some tend to be extraordinarily interested in whatever their person is doing and want to get involved. Others could care less. My experience is it’s pretty hard to get a cat to do something it doesn’t want to do. You can trick them once in awhile, but they catch on to tricks quickly if the practice of tricking is abused.

    I don’t think there’s one chance in ten billion that a mean or abusive person could ever get a cat to go along with what the photos show. I’d also lean toward the idea a cat would quickly pick up on surfing clues and be unavailable for the activity if it was something it really didn’t want to do.

    Isn’t there a point where folks should limit terms such as “abuse” and cruelty” to the kind of SOB that comes home everyday and kicks a pet across the room with steel toed boots out of pure meanness? Maybe I’m missing something, but I think that would make more sense than worrying about a pet and its owner that are so strongly bonded they want to spend the day playing together.

    Pretty soon someone will come up with a definition that putting a pet with someone so boring all they do is sit on the couch together is cruel. Or maybe a cat sunning itself in the window isn’t getting the proper emotional stimulous to be a complete person and should be taken away.

  10. cupcake says:

    That is not his pet, it is his “friend’s”. And cats are not sea creatures. One strong wave and that cat is gone, forever. that cat looked and sounded terrified. He was rough with it as well. Animal abuse.

  11. Donna says:

    I feel this is wrong for the cat. Perhaps the man would gain more publicty by surfing with a shark.The man and the shark, both have a love of the sea.When the man falls off the shark, would not have to search hard for prey. Publicty would be all his if he lived to enjoy it. This situation picture represents a lot of stress for the cat in a unatural enviorment.

  12. Nora and Rufus says:

    SHARK BAIT!!!!! Not a good idea. This poor cat! How f-ing stupid can these guys be?

  13. Bo says:

    I had trouble watching this video. The poor kitten looked terrified.
    Makes me want to do unto the dude that is doing unto the kitten.

  14. Merlin Marshall says:

    Watch the video
    this is not a happy cat!

    Granted, there are some cats that like water, but this does not look to me like one of them. Its terrified!

  15. Janet says:

    I have to agree with all of you…watching the video left me feeling like the cat was being abused.

  16. Martha says:

    This is animal cruelty at its worst. This idiot should be arrested.

  17. Shirley Valenti says:

    The kitten looks trrified.If she falls in the water,she is a goner in the waves.I would never let my cat be at risk.I will adopt her if she needs a home!

  18. Shirley Valenti says:

    The kitten looks terrified.If she falls off in the big waves,she is a goner.I would never put my cat at risk.Iwilladopt her if she needs a home!!!!!!!!!!

  19. power kites says:

    haha.. Great! It’s my first time to see a cat surfing.. How nice.

  20. Red Door says:

    Dogs enjoy it and some cats like water. I didn’t see the video but the cat doesn’t seem that scared in this pic.

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