Tainted Pet Food: See It On A Map

The Washington Post has a map that details how the shipments of tainted pet food ingredients spread through the US and Canada.

(Thanks ticocats)

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  1. Sandy says:

    They have a store locator on their site. I have a few places here I can get it. If anyone wants it but don’t have any stores close, I have asked for other items and stores ordered it for me. Just have to ask!

  2. Helen says:

    Sharon re: “Teric never resurfaced with the results. Whenever people say they are going to have independent testing done they then disappear from the forums. It creeps me out.”

    Teric did reappear and posted that the Kumpi/Canidae/Felidae mix tested clean of melamine, but that he was still waiting for some other results. He didn’t post after that though.

  3. ally says:

    Re: Teric’s Testing Results

    As folk have said, Teric DID post his results:


    “The results on the bags/products that I submitted in for testing of Kumpi, KumpiKat, Canidae Dry, Felidae Dry are as follows:

    Melamine Non-Detected / Aminopterin Non-Detected :-)

    The other tests for Amilorine, Amiloride & Cyanuric Acid will be completed Monday.

    My biggest concern is the Melamine and they were not detected in any of the products I submitted.

    I do hope that these results give many of you a bit of relief. But, please understand I can not in anyway say that because of my test, everything is safe & free of toxins due to the different batches produced. I know what I have is safe and I will continue to test each bag of food prior to feeding & I will post the results.”


    I’ve yet to see him post his remaining results (I may have missed them), but the initial tests I quoted can be viewed here:


  4. Judy says:

    I wonder if anybody has had their own urine tested for Melamine out of curiosity? I don’t trust that the crap has not found its way into our foodchain.

  5. Judy says:

    No surprise the Canidae foods tested A-ok because there is no gluten or any of those grain protein concentrates in any of their products. Also, all ingredients are US sourced and they do not use Menufood or those plants that had the problem.

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