Taking A Leisurely Stroll

Pet Stroller

Does your furry baby like to go for a stroll in the park? The Pet Stroller SUV allows your pet (up to 50 pounds) to travel in the comfort of his own stroller (that means you do all the work and he just sits there and relaxes). There is a removable carrier section, rear safety brake, and the stroller has received various best new product awards. There is even a Double Decker Pet Stroller so you can push around multiple pets at the same time. One Itchmo reader says this of the Pet Stroller SUV:

I’ve had one for almost 2 years. It usually sits inside a screened porch with the front flipped under the main unit, ready for a quick getaway in case of emergency, and has become one of their favorite napping areas despite the fact that it’s also been used to transport them on lengthy trips to the vet. The carrier part lifts off and the wheeled part folds up — I’ve used it without trouble in a large SUV as well as in a small Hyundai hatchback with folding (but not flat) rear seats. Impressively sturdy and large enough to fit 2 rather large cats comfortably.

(Thanks Becky)

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2 Responses to “Taking A Leisurely Stroll”

  1. kaefamily says:

    We use an economically priced baby stroller for our 12lbs doggie sometimes when we go on a 4 mile walk. People always give us the right of way thinking there is a baby in the stroller. Once they realize it’s a cute doggie, they are surprised and find it adoring so.

  2. Sabrina says:

    I got a Happy Trails for my puppy, and he loves it. Got it on http://JustPetStrollers.com. Great price and fast delivery.

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