Talk Back To ABC News About Pet Nutrition


ABC News is offering pet owners a chance to talk back. They will be interviewing Joan Weiskopf, author of Pet Food Nation, and want the public to be part of the interview process.

If you are wondering what to feed your dog or cat or have any other questions regarding pet nutrition, you can send a video of your question -and your pet- by July 11th and you could be part of the interview.

ABC News is specifically requesting 15-45 second video comments or photos.


1) Via your cell phone:

2) Via the web: ABC News

21 Responses to “Talk Back To ABC News About Pet Nutrition”

  1. E. Hamilton says:

    The questions ?
    So many questions and so few seconds to ask them!

    When are the companies that sold poison labeled as premium pet food going to pay the staggering vet bills for the pets that have been sickened or killed?
    You know, like they promised to do, before they decided to blow off the suffering pets and pet parents and spend the money on a whole lot of TV ads and coupons to lure in new victims?

    When will the pet food industry apologize for the shameful way they have treated this disaster?

    When will the entire pet food industry admit that putting roadkill and euthanised pets into that bag or can might NOT really be “premium” and “better than you stupid peons can cook at home”?

    When will the media, ABC INCLUDED, suck it up and admit that the 16 “official” deaths was a horrible lie and a blatant attempt to minimize the scope of the disaster ?

    Since unrecalled pet food is killing and sickening pets everyday, don’t we really need MORE recalls and independent testing?

    If I(or you, or anyone) go out with a hammer and just pound on a lot of pets, slowly, injure some so they suffer for years, kill others, skip out on paying vet bills ,and then charge pet parents for a “premium massage”, how, exactly, is that different from what the pet food industry is doing?

  2. Captn' Carl says:

    Why bother? They are all owned!

  3. straybaby says:

    why just throw your hands in the air and give in?

    actually, this book advocates home prepared meals. the author is a Vet Clinical Nutritionist. sounds like she’s not part of the problem, but part of the solution. here’s a link to her book and once there you can read an excerpt:

  4. Katie says:

    I wonder who is screening the questions? PFI,FDA and veternarians aren’t going to be happy with someone promoting home cooking - I wonder who is paying for the advertising?


  5. Katie says:

    I wonder who will decide what questions get asked? PFI, FDA won’t want to support someone who advocates home cooking.

    I applaud any vet who will finely stand up to the cartel.


  6. Sandy says:

    Well said E Hamilton

  7. E. Hamilton says:

    Anyone, ANYONE, who can command the attention of the media and who has NOT used that power to get the word out on the symptoms of the poison , the true scope of the death and sickness and the suffering, including the dollar cost to pet parents DOES NOT DESERVE A SINGLE MINUTE of MY attention or a bit of MY respect.
    This person can flog her book til hell freezes over but if she was not using her media attention to get this story out there then she gets NONE of my attention.
    NO so called pet expert , NONE of them, gets anything but the back of my hand, or my spit if I see them in the street until they answer the question “Where were YOU when the pets were dying?”.
    They were doing diddly , until they saw a chance to make a dime off it!

  8. amys says:

    NPR did an interesting piece on food safety tonight:

  9. HomeGrown says:

    I know this is off topic, but I thought I would throw this out there. The letter is dated June 11, 2007.

    But it wasn’t issued until July 1, 2007.

  10. mittens says:

    in address to HomeGrown post-

    we’ve been dunking your dog treats in household bleach????

    why not submerge them in a vat of arsenic with an antifreeze chaser….which may have been done because sections of the report were redacted.

    how anyone can have the audacity to stand before a pet parent and chastize them for feeding their pet table scraps or people food( ie food that’s edible)….the last vet whipped that ‘ the big companies know pet nutrition best’ crap on me when i told her( when asked) what i was feeding my cats . i was a pizzle away from slapping her. i’m sure she wanted to slap me when i barked that no way in hell was my cat eating anything from Hills either….the cat’s got a paw in the grave, witch, we’re not kicking her over with that death in a can.

  11. HomeGrown says:


    “i was a pizzle away from slapping her.”

    LMBO! That was a good one. Thanks for the chuckle.

  12. E. Hamilton says:

    It is not audacity that makes the vets say that, it is greed and ignorance, in about equal parts.
    Any vet that sells Hills after all that has come out about the garbage that was in it and the arrogance of Hills in response to sickness, death and suffering, as well as Hills being complicit in the cover up is not a good enough vet.
    Too stupid to be trusted, or too greedy.
    Any vet that has been in the media in ANY way over the last 4 freaking months and was not screaming in outrage over this disaster , not using every public service spot they could leverage to get the news out about the symptoms of the poison and the scope of the tragedy, is not worth diddly as a vet and less than that as a human.

    Not the dog whisperer, not ANY so called pet expert is worth anything if they were not helping when the pets were dying and we were all begging for help and media attention. AND THEY WERE NOT THERE FOR US OR THE PETS_ NOT A FREAKING ONE OF THEM!

    If they did not know about this scandal then they are not such hot “experts” are they?

    They KNEW, they just didn’t DO anything!

  13. HomeGrown says:

    E. Hamilton

    You are so right that this did not get the coverage it deserved. And now it seems that a few are going to write about it. On one hand I want to say, too little too late. But on the other hand we need to continue to get the word out about this tragedy if we have the opportunity. This is not over for us. The USA is still recieving tainted imports from China, Mexico, India. Unless they are going to test everything imported which we know isn’t going to happen, we need to take advantage of what we can do now.

    Awhile ago I posted a link to an MSNBC site called Gut Check America.

    If you out there haven’t voted, please do!

    They are doing a poll to see what issue matters most to us and then they will do a story. I sent in a letter and voted. The issue of Government Accountability regarding the FDA is where it was percentage-wise when I voted. I guess there are not as many people as I thought would vote on this issue. I thought it would be hands down most important. But what is winning is Health Care. Not that that is not important, was just hoping for a story on food and pet food safety. Anything that keeps the focus on this and how safe we are and how little government is doing to protect us and our pets is good.

  14. mittens says:

    the most honorable thing any of us can do is stand up for the helpless, voiceless, the powerless. it is the very foundation of moral life- to stand up when everyone else is to scared of the powers that be or too selfish to risk their stand up for what is right despite any and all consequences.

    i’ve been paying those g-damn pet bills-i’ve had 4 senior cats with life threatening illnesses in the past year(unfortunately they’re all around the same age. it’s like when your in your late 20s and all your grandparents die-a generational thing)- those bills are not cheap. theyre getting paid plenty thank you to make up for their educations and their fancy ass facilities and the cheap overnight nondoctor labour in their ERs, their over priced meds. just how much DO vets depend on pet food companies and drug companies( don’t leave those nasty ass vipers out) for financial support? theyre not making that much on those cans and bags of crap theyre hawking. i take it they fund new machinary, give free food, throw fancy ass seminars, free lunches…just guessing. that’s what drug reps do for doctors to pimp their new drugs.

    i take it they are subsidized far more then we know or they will admit and their silence has been duely bought. do vets also take an oath to ‘ do no harm’ as do other doctors? silence equals death in this case…quite harmful.

  15. E. Hamilton says:

    NO so called pet expert, not a vet, not a nutritionist, not ANY of them has any claim to your respect, your money or your time until they are standing up on their hind legs and doing the right thing.

    And then they can explain why they have not been doing it for the last 4 freaking months!

    Until the PFI is gone forever, until the poison has been identified to MY satisfaction, until the vet bills have been paid and until the apologies and the truth are as widely spread as the lies , until that day, I will call ANY self proclaimed expert a liar, to their face, online, in public, every chance I get!!

  16. straybaby says:

    so i guess we should just ignore all those that have been saying all along that commercial pet food is crap and NOT use their info to take care of our pets?!

    hello folks?! where are you going to get info to feed your pets correctly? were you listening BEFORE the pet food recall? i’ve been using their info for a few years, and appreciate some of the new sources out there. NO, these new sources are NOT out there because of the pet food recall, they have been there all along (and not getting the time of day). yes, this woman is selling a book, but she is also willing to offer help. gee, what happened to all those questions people have been asking other non-professional pet owners?

    personally, i don’t give a crap *how* the info gets out there, but that it does. and that info is how to care for your pets and educating yourselves so you don’t fall victim to the PFI again, or for that matter any other industry. the power for us is in the knowledge of how to do it without *them*. i no longer give one red cent to any company (parent or otherwise) that was involved in this and also any company organic or not that is involved with Big Corp, pet food recall involved or not. period. end of story. *voting* with my wallet and my heart.

    make your own decisions, but don’t shoot the messager that may be your friend.

  17. Patricia says:

    Totally agree with you, E Hamilton!

    Since moving to Lincoln CA 5 yrs ago (about 30mi. from Sac) my cats have been going to a cats only vet. Had blood & urine done on both cats & dental on one about a month and a half ago. This vet was still promoting Hills and even foisted samples on me! Will not support raw, home cooked or other brands!!

    Guess whose cats will now go to Loomis Basin where the vets are open-minded about nutrition?

    Maybe not supporting WalMart or P&G will eventually have an effect - but losing paying clients may change some vet’s views on nutrition in a hurry.

  18. E. Hamilton says:

    straybaby, my point is that ABC is going to use some fluffy bunny carefully screened sweet and light bullcrap, AND this woman, to defend themselves from the FCC complaints about them NOT covering the pet food recall!

    If the first words out of her mouth on this little dog and pony show ABC is doing are about the symptoms of the poisons AND the true scope of the death and sickness, then I will run out and buy the book and GIVE it to someone who still has living pets, I will do that.

    But if , as I would be willing to bet decent money, this is just more of the same old , same old, then it will be no surprise.

    I remain of the opinion that the “experts” are all as suspect as the rest of the pet industry that has done nothing to help, with the exception of a few blogs, and I will do NOTHING to give any of them a dime, a moment of my time and if they do not like it then they can step up and speak out.

    ABC runs a whole lot of pet food ads, and more than ever these last few months.

  19. pam says:

    maybe i’m just naive, but if everyone who has something to say actually contacts abc news…perhaps they will get the message that there is a really big story out there and their news department has missed it! what if they get thousands of videos…it’s going to make them wonder and considering their connection to cnn…why not take the time to speak your mind? no cursing etc…just tell them how you feel. we all have an invitation to bombard a network with our views. how often does that happen?

  20. Roberto P. says:

    Pam, that is a wonderful idea. Give them thousands of videos. I like it!

  21. Trudy Jackson says:

    Mittens, Yes, vets do take the oath- Do no harm.
    I’m still boycotting and talking a lot. Everyone thinks i’m crazy, but i will continue for the little ones who can’t fight for themselves. And I feel good about it.

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