Tattooed Fish Illegal In Oklahoma City, Dye Baths Permissible

Tattooed FishThe Oklahoma City Council has voted to change a year-old law that banned the artificial coloring of pet fish. Tattooing and injecting dye into fish will still be illegal, but other forms of coloring, including dye baths, will be permissible under the revised law.

It all started a few months ago when someone visited a pet store and saw a fish with “I love you” tattooed on its scales. Animal control was called, and the pet store owner told officers that he got the fish from Quality Pets.

The officers confiscated an estimated $1,700 worth of tattooed fish from Quality Pets and euthanized them.

Donald Fleming, the owner of Quality Pets, was outraged when his fish were seized and euthanized. He said that many other pet stores like Petsmart, Petco, and Wal-Mart color their tropical fish by either injecting dyes or through a dye bath process.

He added: “Are we going to hire fish police to go out and confiscate these fish and euthanize them for their own good?” Fleming also stated that he treats all of his animals humanely. He said before he tattoos the fish, he sedates them, so they can’t feel any pain.

But Cynthia Armstrong of the Humane Society of the United States disagrees with Fleming. She said many animal rights organizations consider dying a fish or injecting dye into a fish to be inhumane and painful. She said that because dye baths will still be legal, fish will still endure painful coloring processes.

“The fish literally drinks and bathes in this chemical die,” Armstrong said. “This is extremely damaging to fish. It has a very high mortality rate. It makes them more prone to infectious diseases and shortens the life span for fish that do survive.”

The only councilman who voted against the amendment said the revision is useless because it is difficult to determine if a fish is colored with a dye bath or an injection.

“This ordinance, as I understand it, would essentially be unenforceable,” the councilman said. “There is no way we could go in and tell how a fish was colored.”

The assistant city manager said most likely the only part of the ban that will be enforced is tattooing fish.

Source: The Oklahoman


18 Responses to “Tattooed Fish Illegal In Oklahoma City, Dye Baths Permissible”

  1. Lynne says:

    Everyone in this story is sick.

  2. Jenny Bark says:

    I agree with Lynne. Sick, sick ,sick & very sick. The people who buy any of the fish that are treated that way anywhere are sick too.

  3. Merlin Marshall says:

    Doesn’t anyone else think this is gross and disgusting? I’d NEVER buy a fish treated like that.

  4. Bridgett says:

    I totally agree!! Sick, sick, sick. Sticking something that little with a huge needle for the fun of it?!?!?! sick sick sick.

  5. Monika says:

    i think that fish in pet stores suffer enough.. from the stress of constantly being moved to being bought for kids and by adults who aren’t instructed on how to properly care for them.. i have known so many people that instead of learning how to care for the tank and fish simply just buy new ones when the other ones ‘die’.. it just makes me sick.. and now this!!! what is wrong with our culture that this is what they want to buy now? what is wrong with these people? who started this ‘brilliant’ idea? everyone else is right……it’s sick sick sick..

  6. Chris says:

    In addition to the tattooing and dye baths, I find it deplorable that they killed these fish! Two inhumane acts - dying for looks and then robbing the fish of what life they did have. Thirdly, why should these fish have to pay with their life because they were subjected to an illegal act?

  7. Claudia says:

    What a bizarre “flavor of the day.” This is not cute and I really don’t know what type of people want this. Just wrong.

  8. The Lioness says:

    WTF kind of an idiot tattoos a FISH? :o Wow. The stupid just never stops! *shakes head*

    ~The Lioness

  9. Just Me says:

    oops double post, so erased

  10. Karen says:

    the dyeing of fish for any purpose is inhumane and ethically wrong. They are living creatures not ornaments as they are so often treated. If you should not dye a dog then you should not dye a fish. I think is horrible the way fish are treated and coming from being in the retail fish trade in the past, the way people treat them, they literally do not care about them, “It is just a fish” is sad and such an inhumane statement.

    They don’t ask to be here, stuffed in tanks where they cannot swim, usually in unhealthy conditions. But because they have no fur and most don’t make any sound people just don’t care.

    Plus there is NO REASON to dye fish. Just another way to make money. Just another way no one cares that these creatures are living things.

    humanity is dead I think. Sad but true

  11. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    There is a glaring inaccuracy in that article, everyone. PetSmart does NOT sell dyed fish.

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  14. Brenda L. says:

    I work for PetSmart on 63rd and May, and yes we do die our fish….still! I have brought this to the Tropical management supervisors, and they said that they feel it makes a better and quicker sale. They also stated that this process was NOT painful, and they will continue doing it. I did put in my resignation after that, and plan on proceeding with this.

  15. me says:

    you people need to chill. there are worse things in the world to be worried about. people tattoo themselves all the time and fish are no different. who cares they’re just fish. i swear they always have to find something stupid to ban. the people who took the fish from the stores and put them to sleep are the horrible ones! they are the fish killers.

  16. Josie says:

    I have two and plan on buying more!! If you can brand a freakin’ cow, you can tattoo a freakin’ fish….I ate their cousins the other day..It was good. Pull the tampon out a little, it seems a little too tight!! Get over it and feed some hungry kids.

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  18. cornflake_girl says:

    First of all, these are “pet” fish we’re talking about people. When you buy a goldfish at the store for change back from a dollar, do you mourn the loss of it when it suddenly up and dies? No, you scoop it out and flush it down the toilet and oh my god, your life continues without missing a beat. Personally, I think the fish look cool. Do I stop and think what “hardships” this particular fish had to endure to make it into the pet store? Again, no, I pay the six-dollars and am putting the fish into my tank thirty-minutes later. I love how “Brenda” put in her notice at the local PetCo (or where ever) after learning that the fish are “dyed”. Does she sleep better at night, thinking she did her part for “the cause”? Hey, why don’t you go join PETA and sacrifice a cow because that’s just what they [PETA-people] do. Yeah, cause that makes soooo much sense. Do you know how small these fish are? Their brains? I do not believe that these one-inch fish have the intellect that rivals us humans, or even the upper echelon of the food chain? And “Karen” tells us that it’s “inhumane” and “ethically wrong”: lacking humanity and compassion, dishonorable and immoral? Is it just me, or are these some serious and harsh accusations she is throwing out? And for fish no less. Oh and one more thing. Karen, when I say it is just a fish, I mean, it is just a fish. Am I an inhumane person for saying so? That would be a negative. Try swallowing your own load of crap the next time you swat a mosquito that lands on your arm this summer. How dare you kill that mosquito. How dare you rob it of it’s own short existence here on this earth because it was a nuisance to you and ultimately just wanted some of your blood. Shame on you.

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