Teenage Girl Rescues Dog From Python

Lilly18-year-old Elske Strauss, a teenager in South Africa, did whatever it took and even fought off an 18 foot python to save her beloved dachshund, Lilly.

It all started at the family farmhouse and when Elske heard Lilly whining. She ran out and saw a python had gotten a hold of Lilly. They were in the stream that flows past the house.

Elske said, “The giant python’s body was already curled around my dog, four times. Lilly’s head was inside its jaws, and the reptile was starting to swallow her.

All that she could find to rescue her pregnant dog was a stick. She repeatedly hit the python on the head to let go of her dog. But the python refused to release her, and then Elkse jumped into the water, lifted out the snake, and threw it on the embankment.

Elske continued to hit the snake, and once the snake loosened its grip, she grabbed Lilly from the snake’s mouth.

Lilly wasn’t breathing, so Elske began to give the dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Finally, Lilly coughed up and water started to come out of her mouth.

After seeing a veterinarian and being treated, Lilly returned back home and is recovering from her frightening incident, and just a week ago, she gave birth to seven puppies.

Elske, you are one brave young lady.

Source: News24

16 Responses to “Teenage Girl Rescues Dog From Python”

  1. Donna says:

    What a brave young lady ! I would have done the same thing. NOTHING messes with the “fur kids” .The wrath of momma is powerful and knows no fear. Great rescue young lady and Merry Christmas to you and your “fur kids”.

  2. Nancy G. says:

    Ohmygosh, what a horrible ordeal for that poor dog. Imagine living in an area where you have to worry about Pythons eating your pets?!

  3. hazel says:

    We need more young people like this..she is an true angel and a brave one

  4. Claudia says:

    Yet another story of a young person’s selfless act. Maybe society is heading in the right direction after all. Kudos to you, Elske!

  5. Lynn says:

    Elske, you are phenomenal. Nothing like a mama’s love to save the day!

    Hope Lilly is kept on a leash when outdoors.

  6. KarlaSanDiego says:

    Elske-you are an angel from God.

  7. Carolyn & Maggie says:

    Totally impressive! Lilly is one lucky dog.

  8. Thel Josenhans says:

    Elske …………….. God gave you ….. Lilly , you proved your love to God & Lilly ……….. I wish you love , joy , in your life , and Lilly & Her pups ,
    Don’t ever change ……… the world is , so proud of you , you didn’t stand there , scream , you acted…………. you saved a beautiful soul ….. Lilly ,
    Wish I could hug you both .
    God be with you both , ” ALWAYS ”
    T.K.J. Thel

  9. Ann says:

    Yes, Elske did a wonderful, brave and heroic thing saving Lilly. I only hope Elske or another responsible person will stay with Lilly while she is outside now. Fences don’t stop snakes and if you live in an area with snakes big enough to eat your pet you should never let your pet outside alone! I know this happened in Africa but with more and more “pet” pythons and boas escaping in the US everyone should be extra careful when letting their warm-blooded pets outside. And the people who let “pet” snakes that are not indigenous to the US escape and wreak havoc on the environment and companion animals should be fined and never allowed to own another. Boas and pythons are NOT native to the US and belong in a zoo where they can do no harm. And no, I don’t hate snakes and I am not afraid of ones that can’t kill me.

  10. kaefamily says:

    18 foot long? That is a lot of snake! Still it didn’t deter the courageous young lady from rescuing her pup.

  11. Nathaniel says:

    18 foot python, in a death coil, in the water, and an 18 year old woman picks it up and throws it on the bank, beats it senseless, rescues dog and performs C.P.R. for said K-9. What are you lady, She Hulk in disguise? Keep eating your wheaties and rock on.

  12. Pug Lover says:

    Talk about brave… It’s good to know that somebody is sticking up for domestic animals.

  13. LoveMyHound says:

    WoW!!! I am so elated that that much love for a pet still exists in the new gen =D Congratulations and I am sure your baby and her babys feel how much you care for them. You have a friend for life and it’s great to see a pet parent earn the neverending love a dog has for us all :)

  14. Sane says:

    Grrl you are soo brave! That was really risky and shouldnt be attempted … but who can listen to common sense when someone you love is in trouble right?
    you are beyond brave. you are amazing! I dont know you and still i am so proud of you! this story brought tears to my eyes!
    I have a 10 ft Burmese python, she could get as big as 25 feet or so. But I would never allow her out and about or where she could hurt anything.
    I also have a beautiful almost 3 yr old rottweiler that i love to death. They are kept apart at all times!
    I dont let rogue my python out of the kitchen either. it has a door with a lock on it also, since i have four kids.
    Snakes are beautiful creatures, but so are dogs, and most of all kids, All must be kept separate and safe!
    I feel really bad for that snake, she wasnt meaning harm, she was just hungry and doing what comes natural, but your dog dont deserve to be dinner either, and im so glad your dogs ok and that you love her so much. Especially being she was pregnant!

  15. calico says:

    Not so sure she’s a hero. She’s letting her valuable dog run the neighborhood loose, apparently in a place with larger predators. She’s breeding but letting the pregnant female run at large. I hope she keeps the dogs in side from now on.

  16. MACKENZIE says:

    You did mouth to mouth?! OMG

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