Tennessee Girl Calls For Change After Dogs Die From Antifreeze Poisoning

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 10,000 animals die each year from antifreeze poisoning. And, Haley Ham wants to do something about that.

This 11-year-old girl from Tennessee lost her two dogs, Sam and Jessie, when someone in the neighborhood gave the dogs a poisonous stew with antifreeze as the main ingredient.

Antifreeze smells and tastes sweet to pets, and a few tablespoons can kill a dog, and a couple of teaspoons can kill a cat.

Ham was incredibly distraught after losing her two best friends. But she wanted to do something to help save other animals.

She created a project about the dangers of antifreeze and wrote to officials asking for changes in legislation and created an online petition to support her cause.

Ham stated, “There’s a bittering agent, denatonium benzoate, and it can be put in for two cents a gallon, and it makes (antifreeze) taste very bad to animals and children, so they don’t eat it or drink it.”

Tennessee Senator Raymond Finney said he plans to sponsor an antifreeze bittering bill during the next legislative session.

California, Oregon, and New Mexico have successfully passed legislation requiring that a bittering agent be added to ethylene glycol antifreeze to make it unpalatable for animals and children.

In 2006, a national antifreeze bittering bill never made it into law.

Ham said, “I don’t want any other animals to have to suffer this, because it’s a very terrible death, and also for justice for Sam and Jessie.”

Source: WBIR

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10 Responses to “Tennessee Girl Calls For Change After Dogs Die From Antifreeze Poisoning”

  1. Lis says:

    Someone will be along shortly to call this “nanny state legislation” I’m sure.

  2. Carol Johnson says:

    I hope that no one calls this “nanny” legistlation. It is a simple and good idea to prevent the death of not only animals but very small children.

    AND what about the insane neighbor….someone should give them a long time in jail

  3. Lynn says:

    Yes, what of the insane neighbor? Arrested, charged? Sentenced?

    Regardless of whose property the animals were on, that still doesn’t make it right to kill a living creature.

    As far as the chemical additive - great idea.

    Anyone know wht the national anitfreeze bittering bill never made it into law?

  4. Act Now says:

    This is a good bill and I will be writing Senator Finney and the rest of the Senators to pass this bill.

    The national antifreeze law probably just died from lack of support or interest. I never heard that it was even in the offing. More publicity on sites such as this and lots of letters can definitely help. Once a child dies from ingesting it, the bill will sail through and everyone will be appalled that nothing was done before that! Never mind thousands of animals have already died.

    However, such a bill will not save pets from a sadistic bast*rd like the neighbor who did this to these dogs. His intent was to kill! He mixed anti-freeze with chocolate and onions among a few other goodies. I believe he did his research and was definitely malicious in his intent. While it is a terrible thing that the dogs died, it is a good thing that no small child discovered this toxic mix - especially since he/she added chocolate to it. I suppose, had that happened, there would have been a bit more outrage and definitely police investigation and action taken. Who knows next time it may be a child with a poisoned candy bar at Halloween. Who can determine the extent to which this sicko will go. Jeffery Dalmer moveed on from pets to people, as do many of these sadistic creeps. If it were my neighborhood, I’d be raising hell to find out who did this and have them prosecuted. And I’d be sure everyone knew who did it so they could beware.

    Antifreeze for strays must be a Tennessee thing. I used to work with a crazy lady who put pans of antiifreeze in her yard to “get rid” of stray cats! These kinds of people will sadly find another way to harm animals that cross their paths. But at least if the antifreeze bill is passed here, it will prevent accidental ingestion and sadistic poisoning using this means.

  5. Jenny Bark says:

    Lynn, Rick Santorium (I forget how to spell his name) R-Pa. He told us in newspapers & speechs that he started the bill & would get it passed. He didn’t. He also promised to clean up the puppy mills in pa. He didn’t. Pa voted him out of office big time. A lot of us believe he just lied to us to get our votes.

    This is a good bill & should be passed. I pray this Senator Raymond Finney does a better job by his people.

    One antifreeze co. does put this bittering agent in it on their own. I forgot the name of the company but I think it started with a S.. Sorry I just can’t remember the name. If my husband was here I could give you the name because it’s the only one we use.

  6. Nora and Rufus says:

    Sickening monster of a neighbor. Wonder what other evil things this person has done and never been caught?

  7. Jenny Bark says:

    Petition link- http://www.ipetitions.com/peti.....epoisoning

  8. Jenny Bark says:

    Lots of posts in the link above on WBIR. Most posts are for the family, a few are not. It looks like a lot of dogs are killed by antifreeze in TN..

    The brother,mom (under Mom & Ginni Ham) & neighbors have posted. The father is a cop & believe they know who has given the antifreeze to the dog.
    Sunday Nov 18
    Thanks…I agree no one has the right to poison a persons dog. Speaking from personal experience. My daughter not only witnessed the dogs suffering great agony prior to euthanasia. She herself suffered tremendously. Her heart broke. We tried to save Sam and went to great expense, but his kidneys began shutting down….. Watching her have to say goodbye to her loving companion was heartwrenching. She was lying on the vets floor with him…sobbing into his fur, and telling him how much she loved him…and how many balls he would have in Heaven.. Sam always seemed to have a ball in his mouth. He loved them! Sam her golden was so sweet, and he was so much a part of our family. He was pure sunshine. He was sleeping in the house when he began getting sick. He was in so much pain. My daughter still crys for him and Jessie. It was upon coming home from saying goodbye to Sam that we found Jessie suffering the same. It was just about to much heartache for a child to take. She will never recover from the loss. Jessie did roam the neighborhood, but he had for years before we ever moved into it. He was just a big, goofy,loving dog. The only farmer around here did’nt mind him one bit. He said “that dog never bothered anything” he often would find Jessie sleeping with his chickens roosting on him! Our nieghbors had someone go into their back yard and put poison in their dogs kennel. Death by poisoning is such a horrendous, painful experience, and something no dog should have to endure. And what you said about dogs protecting our kids…Jessie did follow my little girl around, and he would wait for her if she visited the girl next door. He was her guardian in the neighborhood. And Sam her guardian at home.
    Antifreeze causes such a excruciating death. I hope that the bill is passed for a bittering agent to be added. I know that sick, cruel individuals will still inflict suffering, but at least this would be one less method
    One of the Mothers posts.

  9. chris captain says:

    This should be a standard on anti freeze products to keep chicken xxxx people from killing animals if they are so big and bad to do this to an animal do it to someone who can fight back and whip your xxx. mostly trash who do this so they will burn in hell for eternity not that this justifies it but man up and go toe to toe with a real person rather than be a chicken xxxx.

  10. jill nichols says:

    My dog is suffering right now due to possible ingestion anti freeze. She is in kidney failure. if something tasted bad she may not have ingested it. this is a great idea.
    jill nichols

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