Tennessee Vet’s License Reinstated

Baber A state board has lifted the license suspension of Bill Baber, a Gallatin, Tennessee veterinarian who was under fire for his cruel and illegal euthanasia methods.

Members of the Tennessee Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners reinstated Baber’s license because they did not think he posed a threat to public health and safety of animals.

During the temporary suspension, Baber was not able to practice at his private clinic or the animal control facility. Baber has agreed to not euthanize any animals until his December 13 hearing when the board will decide if they will take away his license.

Baber said, “I’m relieved and gratified and I appreciate all the people who came out to support me.”

Source: NewsChannel 5

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23 Responses to “Tennessee Vet’s License Reinstated”

  1. Macushla says:

    He killed animals causing as much pain as possible. He’s proved he has no feelings for animals. And they don’t think he’s a threat to public health and the safety of animals?! Just like MD Boards — they all stick together. Too bad I’m not able to visit his private clinic.

  2. Lynne says:

    This sucks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t let my pets get within 100 yards of him!

  4. Poodlluver says:

    Well, thats just unbelievable!!! Crazy.

    No way would my pets EVER go near him, he has NO compassion and obviously does not care about the way animals feel to be able to treat them the way he did….if he felt one OUNCE of guilt he would step down from practicing due to shame and guilty conscience, which obviously there is NONE there in his soul.
    I dont know how someone could stand to look in the mirror after the torture that he inflicted upon those animals. Repeatedly too! Thousands. SO Cold.

    Such a shame, and VERY BIG disappointment that the vet board doesnt feel the same way that TRUE ANIMAL LOVERS feel.
    Makes me wonder about the entire veterinary board.
    I guess that their decision should tell us something about the entire group that made this decision. Dont really know WHO honestly cares and who doesnt when it comes to vets. Some can put on a really good front for the owners. Be careful!!!!

  5. Carol Johnson says:

    I wonder WHO was supposedly out in support of this creep? I would not take a pet rock to this morally destitute man.

    I think more calls to the board….and letters to the paper are needed….this is justice failed!!

  6. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    So lets see now. The Board reinstated his license, pending a board meeting where they will decide whether or not to take away this same license.

    Gee, we all wonder how that hearing is going to come out.


  7. Nora and Rufus says:

    Just like the pet food companies and retailers. For the majority of vets and their Board, it is only about money and they don’t REALLY care about the animals. What a bunch of cold hearted monsters. To be able to shoot an animal in the heart with the dreaded Euth needle, to die thrashing and crying in agony, millions of times through the years, who in the hell could do that? And then, who can say it is ok? I would not be surprised if the decisions regarding this situation causes possibly combustable, explosive, and violent results in the future.

  8. menusux says:

    The doctor needs a shot–of the cattle antibiotic Micotil, which is generally fatal to human beings and has no known antidote–preferably he should self-administer it.

  9. Velvet's Dad says:

    The only way to stop this “vet” is to write to the state board; then for the locals to picket his business which surely should result in putting him out of business should the state board do the unthinkable and outrageous after the Dec. 13 hearing. Through the power of the Internet, this whole affair will follow him.

  10. Stefani says:

    This is a nationwide problem. State veterinary boards in most states dismiss approximately 90% of the cases they receive. In the rare cases in which they actually do something, they do very little, and seem to bend over backwards to let the vets off the hook. They identify with the vets, as buddies, colleagues, and never want to punish them.

    While I agree that this is not very different than the human medical boards, there is one huge factor that makes the regulation of veterinary medicine MUCH less effective than that of human medicine: Malpractice suits cannot be brought from a pragmatic standpoint when your pet becomes a victim. Therefore, the ONLY recourse a consumer has is to go to the vet boards. In human medicine, lawyers are more than happy to take a GOOD strong malpractice case. Because we have ONLY the vet boards to turn to, NOTHING is ever done about vets whose licenses should have been taken away a long time ago.

    We are at the mercy of the vet boards to protect us and our pets from bad vets, and THEY DON’T. Instead, they coddle them.

    Take a look at the case of Thomas Sheridan (www.sheridantruth.com). That man is STILL practising.

    My website, the Toonces Project, currently features an editorial on how BAD the vet board is in Texas. Several consumers in Texas are trying to do something about it now. This editorial could be written about ALMOST any state in the US — it’s just as bad.

    We, as consumers who LOVE our pets, need to demand that these vet boards do their job, and put pressure on them.

    Let’s make them feel the heat in Tennessee. What can we do? How can we mobilize?

    Please visit The Toonces Project and read the front page editorial.

    The Toonces Project
    “Is Your Pet Safe at the Vet?”

    PS — I realize that these animals were not anyone’s pets, but they, too, deserve humane treatment, and a person who would do what this man has done SHOULD NEVER be allowed to practice as a vet, at a shelter or anywhere else. He is LACKING in the basic compassion REQUIRED of all medical professionals and is clearly a SOCIOPATH with no conscience.

  11. Stefani says:

    PS —

    Re: “locals to picket his business which surely should result in putting him out of business”

    Who owns the video? Can the owner of the video give permission to the protesters to run it outside his office?

    They should get one of those “wearable” video screens like PETA uses. If anyone would take their pets to him after seeing that, they are nuts!

  12. pat says:

    un-flipping-believable. what exactly qualifies as a threat to public health and animal safety in Tennessee anyway? i thought these people on the board were all so mortified by the videotape of this monster’s actions. so what changed? friends in low places? money changing hands? what?

    this kind of wink wink nod nod say no more is becoming increasingly evident at every level of government. they don’t even pretend to be ashamed of themselves anymore. i’m beginning to think that the only way to stop it is to lay waste to the entire power structure and start from scratch.

  13. animal lover says:

    However this turns out, I think this man should receive an IC injection daily. Preferably with a big ugly stinky man standing on his head to restrain him.

  14. Stefani says:


    “i’m beginning to think that the only way to stop it is to lay waste to the entire power structure and start from scratch.”

    As I understood it, that was the original intent of the second amendment. But just try it now and see how they slaughter us.

  15. Connie says:

    Hi you guys.

    I was so, SO sad to see this last night.

    “So lets see now. The Board reinstated his license, pending a board meeting where they will decide whether or not to take away this same license.

    Gee, we all wonder how that hearing is going to come out.”

    Exactly. I’m on the edge of my seat. :(

    I am just beyond disappointed. I came up off the couch last night when it came on the news.

    I wrote so many letters last week. Sigh. I feel so defeated. :*( Nothing is ever going to make a difference, if the vet board will stand up for this monster.

  16. The Lioness says:

    Stefani, where in Maryland are you located? Are you still in Maryland? I visited your site and was relieved not to see the names of any of my vets there. I’m at jens_pen(at)juno(dot)com if you want to talk. It’s funny, because local people have been recommending Katz when people ask for vet referrals! *scary*

    As for this schmuck, half of me is not surprised he got his license back. At least he has said he will not euthanize, but still. WTF? I really hope his license gets yanked in December. I would also like to see him charged with animal cruelty.

    I don’t CARE that these weren’t people’s pets. They were sentient beings who feel pain and fear and sadness. :(

    ~The Lioness

  17. Stefani says:

    Lioness . . . I’ll email you.

    Just FYI, I only have records for a certain time period on my site, not all records forever. So, just because your vets name isn’t there doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t have a record. To be sure, you would need to file a FOIA request with the state.

    As for Katz, it is my opinion that he is the MOST unethical individual I have EVER met. Also, the state of Pennsylvania just ordered him to “voluntarily” surrender his license after reviewing the case decision regarding my cat.

    I have not even put all the facts up on my website. For example, he transferred my cat to another hospital and left a note saying that if my cat died, he would have someone come and pick up his dead body the next day. And he never even called me to tell me what was going on. Other stuff .

    Of course I agree with you about these shelter animals deserving better than this. What kind of person could do that? Only a sociopath, IMHO.


  18. Lynn says:

    This is pathetic. This brotherhood has got to stop. Why the hell did they ever create vet medical boards? What is the intent? All they do is hand out licenses and one wonders if they ever check the credentials of the people applying for one.

    Need a couple good reporters to investigate and blow the lid off of these agencies because far too many people seem to think that because it is under the umbrella of the State it protects the consumer’s pets.

    Just like the FDA…..sounds familiar, eh?

    After this and the Congo/trespassing issue and stupid, stupid action taken by the local judge to incarcerate Congo, I’m of the mind we almost need to de-structure our government and rebuild it.

  19. The Lioness says:

    Stefani, you are correct. I realize it is not a thorough record.

    And here I thought Maryland was a somewhat progressive state. *scoffs* I feel so dumb–I grew up here! ugh.

    ~The Lioness

  20. Jenny Bark says:

    I’m so sick over this I can’t even talk right now.

  21. Donna says:

    People need to list all the vet’s they have had problems with. Best way to stop mentally ill vets,……………give them no clients. National chain of pet parents sharing their stories,………………guess what ? Major damage inflicted on bad vets and saving pets from cruel treatments. No business………….equals a closed business. We can make a difference.

  22. Jenny Bark says:

    This gets me so upset. I can & will always see those poor dogs & cats & how Barber treated & hurt them. I can’t go to Tenn. and carry a sign but I can & will write & or call them all again.

    If anybody knows what else anybody in different states can do to help PLEASE let us know.

    Imo he will get away with everything & if he wants to will be able to work at the shelter again.

  23. Sylvia says:

    These people are crazy - take away a license, give it back, have a hearing to see if his license should be taken away for good - sounds like th inmates are running the asylum - this “vet” needs to NEVER see another animal, he is grossly incompetent and obviously cares nothing about the welfare of animals or causing them pain in the last moments of their lives. He is obviously not able to feel shame (or anything else) but he people responsible for reinstating his license should truly be ashamed.

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