Texas Lab Claims Acetaminophen In Mixed Dog Food

A Texas lab reports that a pet food sample that included a composite of two different dry dog foods has tested positive for acetaminophen. The sample was sent to Expertox, last month to be tested for any toxins.

Expertox says the results were inconclusive because the sample was sent to the lab in a Ziploc bag. Internet reports say that the two formulas that were tested were from Canidae. The lab cannot verify the sample received is the actual product claimed unless the sample is received in an unopened, sealed, untampered can or bag.

Controversy is brewing over the test results as the best buy dates mentioned in the test report do not exist, according to Canidae. According to Internet reports, the two Canidae dry dog foods that were included in the positive sample are:

1) Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food — best by date RM 7/7/07, use by 7/7/08

2) Canidae All Life Stages Lamb and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food — best by date RM 7/6/07, use by 7/6/08.

(Note: Original Internet reports claimed the best by dates were in July, but now there are new reports claiming that the best by dates of the tested food are from a June lot.)

Neither of these dog foods have been recalled.

It is still uncertain which food or if both of the dry dog foods blamed contains acetaminophen.

Here is the test result.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Honestly I would be skeptical no matter what brand of dog food this is, or is claimed to be. This is just from a scientific perspective — the parameters here open up a whole can of worms for error. The food was sent in a ziploc bag, not in its original packaging. It’s a mix of two different food samples, so we don’t know if neither, one, or both is the offender.

    If you’ve got an unopened bag matching any of these dates, I would not feed it just in case. However maybe you could send that to be tested instead for more definitive results.

  2. E. Hamilton says:

    Using ANY commercial pet food is taking a hell of a risk at this point ,people are free to do whatever makes them happy but if the dog or cat keels over or requires expensive care well, it won’t be because _I_ said a brand or pet food could be trusted.

    I encourage anyone who is feeding ANY commercial pet food to know the real name and correct address for ANYONE recommending that food because you may need that info real badly at some point!

    Trusting the wrong folks is what got a lot of pets dead or suffering and things are STILL the same now!

    Unless your vet is willing to put it in a legal contract that they will treat your pet for free if damage occurs then I would not even trust a vet to say what food is safe.

  3. Jenny Bark says:

    I offered to help pay for the tests because it is being tested by Expertox.No i’m not rich or even well off & I don’t yet know if they need help yet but I do know if your hurting for money ever little bit helps. Most of us heard the hearings the FDA had & know that they would not tell us all the names of the toxins they found & still haven’t. Expertox tested for a lot more toxins that the other labs tested for & would test for people that other labs would not. Expertox also tested at lower detection levels. Expertox did not release to the public the results Don’s site did, which is his right & I for one am glad he did. Any information to help save our babies imo is good. Expertox is FDA approved.
    I remember the posts back not long after all this started when people would put in a zip lock bag the different foods they where using & pay for only 1 test. They then would go out & only buy that food & Lot #, then after all that food was gone do it again. If you have been on here for a long time think back & you will remember that too. I never trusted the food that way but if money was an issue (as it is for most of us) that was a way of trying to protect their babies & their right to do. I can only guess that some people are still doing this.
    Trolls, I didn’t even know what that meant until a little while back but they are on here. EVERYBODY including me has the right to disagree with what anyone says. If you realy read the posts for awhile it doesn’t take much of brain to figure out who most of them are. They must not get paid very much. H!!! some of their posts sounded just like the answers you would get from the pet food people.
    I home cook for my dogs & my cat is now 99% home feed. hope to say next week 100%. I buy Kumpi food not because I am recomending it, I don’t recomend any pfi food. I buy it because it was Expertox tested by 1 of the bloggers on here & since then she has been putting the test on her site. I had to have something while I learned to cook for them & get them changed over. I will be going into the hospital again & I always want to have something for them to eat in case I get into trouble & can’t cook. No ofence ment to the owner, I like her but I just trust the food I buy & cook more & my babies love my cooking.
    To anybody that believes the FDA is telling us the whole truth & protecting us or belives that all or most pet food are giving us realy good food for our babies go for it. You have your RIGHTS & so do I.

  4. Elaine says:

    I haven’t read all these posts yet, but the thought occured to me that perhaps a pet food company in competition with Canidae could submit adulterated samples?

    I know Canidae has been recommended by folks on this post as being a safe food. What better way to undermine a competitor?

    I don’t feed Canidae, don’t know anyone who does, so I have no interest in protecting the company. I just know that the PFI and individual companies are not above ANY dirty tricks!

  5. E. Hamilton says:

    NO pet food company can be trusted.

    NO poster on the internet who says a food is safe can be trusted.

    No vet can be trusted, if they sell pet food and did not stand up for the right thing and so far I know of ONE-MrsP has a good vet, the rest are beneath contempt.

    The FDA SURE cannot be trusted.

    The US government cannot be trusted.

    Mainstream media cannot be trusted.

    Oprah cannot be trusted.

    Trust is DEAD.

  6. Jenny Bark says:

    E glad your back.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If I were going to release test results I’d do through an unimpeachable second party source. Think people.

  8. E. Hamilton says:

    The pet food companies are the one who need to worry about the issue of proof !

    Does it not SHAME them that all the money spent on TV ads is not working as well as say, TELLING THE TRUTH, paying vet bills and you know, making non lethal pet food?
    Pet owners PAID for testing, paid the bills in other words, which is not quite what the pet food companies are doing, is it?

    There have been so many Anonymous posters lately, saying that you should not trust things posted on the internet, good advice.

  9. Moosemarcy says:

    I am so angry over this. That is what I have been feeding my minpins. No more I guess. What are you all feeding your pets. I do some homecooking but I was wondering about Merrick. I have seen that in other reputable dog sites thatthis dog food is considered good. Wasn’t that made my Diamond?

  10. Elaine says:

    I have switched to Kumpi kibble, but also feed a raw egg in cottage cheese every day. I was feeding Hills Science Diet, and my dogs were fine, but I won’t buy anything from the companies that did silent recalls while other pets are getting sick and dying.

  11. Rocky says:


    Last time I checked, Canidae dry is made by Pied Piper.

    By now, many folks won’t recommend any food. But here’s a place that might be able to help you:


    Their toll free number is 866/919-2415. Ask for Anthony.

  12. Catlady says:

    I’m not sure what to believe. There are some strange circumstances surrounding this story and inconsistencies that make me skeptical. Information on another forum is not totally consistent with the info here on Itchmo forums and in both cases, it was a “friend” who posted, not the person who supposedly had the test run. And, a different “friend” at that. It would be more believeable if the person who had the test run would come forward. I hope for those who have dogs that it is not true. Also, although the copy of the test results from Exper-Tox are a little difficult to read, it looks to me that the report date is 8/04/07, which I guess might be a typo. Not important probably - just an observation.

  13. JJ in IL says:

    nora in your sept. 5 post at 10:44 am want to know what source you took or have the information in your last sentence that says dog tags being found in cans of Merrick dog food a few years ago? I do not use this food any longer due to the loose stools and runny/funny yellowish/whitish color. I’m not bashing this food just want a source of where nora got this information from.

  14. Rocky says:

    “Also in 2006, Merrick Pet Care recalled almost 200,000 cans of “Wingalings” dog food when metal tags were found in some samples”


  15. Phoebe says:

    Now, I am admittedly deeply biased against the pet food companies as my posts to date have certainly shown, however, this whole story is disturbing.

    Two different Canidae dog foods (and two different Cal Nat foods) were mixed and sent for testing? Even if one tested positive for something, how could anyone know which of the two mixed foods was responsible? Granted, the mixes were of the same company’s foods, but that is a mistake that no one should make. And now it’s been determined that incorrect dates were listed? So we don’t know which food in the mixture tested positive and now reports of the dates have been changed?

    If the person who ordered the tests wants to establish a credible chain of evidence, they need to submit unopened bags of the same food for testing. That would eliminate all questions. Surely there is one unopened bag of each these two Canidae foods somewhere. Epertox can only report on what it is given. With opened, mixed samples, the lab has to take on faith the origin(s) of the sample. Epertox can prove there is acetaminophen in the sample, but is it even Canidae? That’s why the unopened bags are so important. We can’t stop Canidae or any other company until we can prove it really is their food.

    Coming on the heels of Menu’s critical financial condition, the testing and documentation of this food needs to be beyond question. Otherwise it looks awkward at best and clouds a critical issue. At worst, it could look like Menu or its ilk is trying to help eliminate the competition and perhaps resurrect its own public reputation some by saying, “See, it wasn’t just us!” (We’ve already seen financial analysts gullible enough to believe that Menu is a victim.) Mixing foods and reporting the wrongs dates/codes muddies things just enough to create panic and a financial backlash. If the test results (after proper testing procedures of unopened bags are followed) are accurate, Canidae deserves those consequences and more. If unopened bags cannot be tested, however, that sets off all kinds of alarms for me.

  16. danielle says:

    I checked my bag last night, it is dated June 5. The bag was already in the trash can as I had just filled the storage containers. Just to be extra cautious, I didn’t give it to them. The dates were a little too close for my taste (no pun intended).

    I agree that this report is very, very strange. If the person who had it tested told their story directly to Itchmo or any of the other pet moderators I would give it more credit. But coming from a friend or a friend of a friend, details always get messed up. With all the inconsistencies, the questionable packaging/dating of the samples, and the fact that no one is coming forward and explaining why she did things the way she did, I just don’t want to take it as gospel.

    I’m strictly feeding Timberwolf dry and Evangers canned until Canidae’s test results come back, and we see how they respond. So far, I think they have had the quickest response. They also didn’t deny that it was their food, they immediately said they were testing the food AND the supplements. So I think they deserve some credit for their response.

    I still think it is in the vitamins.

  17. Molly says:

    I see some people have offered to help out with the cost of the lab testing. I have an opened bag that I’ve had a problem with and stopped feeding, plus two additional unopened sealed bags that I would really like to get tested. Money is extremely tight right now since my husband recently got laid off. Is there anyone who could help me out with the expense? I am willing to pay for the shipping of the 30 lb bags to ExperTox.

  18. E. Hamilton says:

    Molly, go to the forums here, link is on the top of this page, says forum, go to the section marked pet food info, there is a thread called pet food testing and you can post there, maybe get some help.

    If you found your way here , then you can figure out how to use the forum, it is easy.

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  21. Laurie Ann Bazinet says:

    As far as Merrick is concerned, I’m not happy that they found, metal tags in the Wingaling variety, but I have had people I know find worse in their food in what is considered “Fine Dining” Resturants, soapy brillo pad for one! No one is perfect and as long as they are not poisoning my dog, I’ve given them another chance. My Dog is very healthy on their food and people comment on her very shiney, healthy and soft coat. She has much energy and a good disposition. As far as grocery store brands, never! I wish I could get my Cat to eat foods with no preservatives or fillers. I’ve tried many brands to no avail! I even tried giving her homemade food, notta! She likes her fancy feast even if I hate it! She was abandoned when I found her and I wonder if it may be what she was fed before I found her.

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