Texas Lab Finds Acetaminophen In Pet Food


ExperTox, a Texas lab, found acetaminophen (a fifth possible contaminant) in at least five samples of pet food that were submitted by pet owners and pet manufacturers. The medication was mostly found with cyanuric acid, and hundreds of other samples that were sent in tested positive for melamine. The contaminants were found in pet foods that have not been recalled.

ExperTox said that the highest level of acetaminophen was found in a dog food sample submitted by a pet food manufacturer, but the lab is not identifying the company. The FDA is now investigating the findings from the lab and a FDA spokesperson says that: “what’s significant is these things are there. They don’t belong there.”

The article also mentions Don Earl and how he tested his cat’s food and found acetaminophen and cyanuric acid in it. His cat, Chuckles, was eating Pet Pride cat food and died in January. Many Itchmo readers may already be familiar with Don’s story and his website.

(Thanks Maureen and many other readers)

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  1. Ruth says:

    PurringFur: my pet dog had the same problems you have described. She died March 11,2007 after eating IAMs. She died in 2 1/2 days after getting sick. I strongly believe it was the food.

  2. Phyllis says:

    From Dr. Blake’s website page: http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/gemmotherapy.html

    ” For liver related problems, I recommend Juniperus Communis Young Shoots (Juniper): . Young shoots of juniper are active in marked hepatic insufficiency with markedly disturbed laboratory tests. Juniper is the medication for the very deficient liver in the phase of decompensation: jaundice, various types of cirrhosis etc. I recommend a dose of 1 to 5 drops once per day for 6 weeks and then three days per month thereafter for prevention. If I have a chronic hepatitis I continue them until all symptoms are abated and then go to the 3 days per month prevention program.”

    from under allergy: Rye Grain is used for any chronic skin conditions to help detox the skin and liver of patients with chronic dermatitis conditions.

    Here is what he says about rosemary (the other liver support):

    Rosmarinus Officinalis Buds (Rosemary): Action particularly specifically orientated towards the gall bladder. An excellent anti-spasmodic which regularises gall bladder motility. Indicated in minor hepatic insufficiency, biliary dyskinesia with hyper- or hypotonia, biliary colic and chronic cholecystitis. I dose at 1 to 5 drops twice per day until condition is resolved and then once weekly thereafter.

    (biliary means bile related. BILE is produced in the LIVER. )

    My original cancer was from the colon. I also took and take fig tree, and I give it to my cats now.

    Dr. Blake says under gastrointestinal : All Gastrointestinal related disease will be helped by the use of Ficus Carica Buds (Fig). I use it at a dose of 1 to 5 drops one to four times per day as needed for diarrhea or vomiting. I have them give it Fig Tree at feeding time or in food to detox and strengthening the intestinal system.

    Lethargy: For weakness of limbs, urinary or fecal incontinence, prostatis and or lethargy I have found Sequoia Gigantea Buds (Sequoia): to be excellent for treating these conditions. I dose at 1 to 5 drops one to four times per day as needed.

    (I have not used sequoia myself)

    People have mentioned possible internal bleeding. Here is what Dr. Blake says: Tamaris Gallica Buds (Tamarisk): Active on the red cell series, stimulating erythrocyte formation. Indicated in hypochromic anaemia. I use this at a dose of 1 to 5 drops twice per day until anaemia is corrected and then as needed thereafter.

    (I take that too as my red blood count hit bottom when I was on chemo. Once I started taking it, I did not have to go in for shots to stimulate red blood cell production :>D )

    You can e-mail them at DrBlakeGemmo@aol.com .

    I just saw my oncologist yesterday, and was told the PET scan was fine and showed no growth in my tumor in the liver. She also said that my liver function test results were excellent and showed no sign of any disfunction.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Besides Dolisos (Boiron) spoken of on Dr. Blakes website, UNDA makes gemmotherapy products too.

  4. Phyllis says:

    I use Dr. Marcus Greaves, (H) 623-582-1815, or Kemps Homeopathic 619-234-2166 Jeanine.

    Dr. Blake says:

    To order Gemmotherapy I recommend you go through a health professional provider. I recommend you have your veterinarian read the information I have provided and then call Boiron at 1-805-579-2132 and ask to speak with Anne Lamberti to set up an account to order for their practice.

    There is at least one place on the web that will sell directly to you.

    Gemmotherapy does not interfere with prescription medications (I continued and now continue to take mine). I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned, and do not receive any compensation besides the satisfaction of hearing how someone or some pet has been helped.


    My oncologist at first said things like “Oh, that.” when I mentioned what I was taking after he was amazed (his actual word twice) at my response to chemotherapy. Now he and his NPA ask me every time if I am still taking it and add “keep taking it.”

    Gotta run .

  5. Dee says:

    Has any one used Wellness cat and also kitten food. It is the only premium food left in my town. Pet Supply Plus has stopped selling all other natural foods. Still have Iams, Friskies, etc though. I am unsure of all foods for my cats at this time.

  6. LorieVA says:

    Lorna and Chuck,

    I have to agree with Chuck on the people still buying IAMS, NUTRO, PURINA etc… they just think all us are nuts and it is not affecting them so why listen to crazy old us. I also agree with Chuck that when it happens to them esp any of my friends co workers etc that have told me I am driving them nuts with this and I have to let it go. TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT CAUSE I TOLD YOU AND YOU WOULDN”T LISTEN. Just rolled your eyes at me and changed the subject or made the flip remark that it is just a dog or cat and its suppose to die before we do……………..IDIOTS

  7. Katie says:


    What dog biscuit did you feed that may have caused blood in the urine??


  8. petslave says:

    Dee–I haven’t heard anything problematic with Wellness canned cat food, but sounds like there might be problems with the dry now–read all the posts above & other related forums. i was using Wellness canned but stopped with the Menu recall since their canned is made by Menu

  9. petslave says:

    Has ANYONE sent in any of the Purina products that seem to be causing ongoing problems for months now? –FF, Beneful, etc??

  10. TinaB says:

    Dee - I have been using Wellness canned all along, although I tried to change to other canned after I found out it was made by Menu, but my cats prefer the Wellness. I have not heard good things about the Wellness dry which they have been changing their formulas a lot lately, so might be very different from before. I use California Natural for dry. You can order whatever you want from Petfooddirct.com if your town doesn’t have what you want.

  11. Chuck says:

    Lorna 6-6- at 8:06,

    Yes there has been information galore, but ask around to see how many people know about the information, who keeps up on it, or how many don’t want to know about it at all. Try telling people who have pets this information and see their re-actions. If you come across some who seem interested, don’t count on them following through with your information.
    The same has been said as I read on these blogs.

    My wife approached a nice, young couple in a pet food store recently who were makng a bad choice because they didn’t know anything about the recall. They listened to her intently and with gratefulness in all outward appearances. Then they turned around and reported my wife to the store manager, who then in turn approached my wife and berated her. I consider them to be stupid.
    I consistently believe that it is the people who choose to remain ignorant or egotistical, is what is going to keep the contaminated pet food companies afloat. I’m finding that those people seem to be the majority. who have no interest in the recall. That is sad for the pets.

  12. Barb, GSD MOM says:


    i work in a mid size law firm and I have told several people about what is going on..some want to hear–but others could care less. Some people think I’m nuts. But the majority are concerned about their pets. I ty and educate them and send them Itchmo’s recall/links.

    Oh yes–just found out I am wearing a nice blouse I bought from JC Penny’s and it is made in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dee says:

    Tina B

    Thank you. I like California Natural too. I can’t believe that the pet food store here stopped selling it and now has only the food we know are bad for pets. I am driving one hundred miles on Saturday to get the food I need, but here in town there is only the “junk” foods available.

  14. Doug says:

    Captn Carl, My vet told me to feed my cat as many scaps as possible, just to go easy on the “high on the food chain” fish. He loves loves to eat bugs, if he would just eat the mice that he catches. Yes, all of this goes on indoors, really do need to fix those screens.

  15. martha hoffman says:

    What I also want to know, is,
    how much cyanuric acid is in my acetaminophen?


  16. Zanzie says:

    e wem -

    Thank you for the information on your cats’ hair loss. Foot-Foot had this hair loss right after I changed the kitties’ diet to include Natural Balance. They had already been changed from mostly kibble with a little canned food, to all canned. I thought NB would be a higher quality alternative to 9-Lives, and was alternating the two until using up the remaining 9-Lives in my cupboard. Perhaps the NB was responsible for the problem. She only ate a couple of cans. With the first NB recall, I switched to home-made. (And tossed the Pounce treats).

    I also think it’s possible that it is related to stress, since it appeared while we were away on vacation for a week. It’s all in an area that she can reach with her mouth, so I’ve always thought that she licked and chewed the fur off for some reason.

    She seems otherwise healthy - good energy, playing fetch with her toys, cuddling, fighting with her sister about as much as normal. I thought the fur was looking a little better, but we’ve had a few days with thunderstorms, and she has been nervous about the sounds of the rain, as well as the thunderboomers. I’ve not seen that in her before, but perhaps the air pressure changes of the remains of “Barry” bothered her more than us. She’s a mystery to me lately. I’ll wait a bit longer before taking her back to the vet for another look.

  17. DMS says:

    As I posted before, our dog who had extremely elevated liver enzymes also has hair loss–something I had not seen listed as a symptom before. It seems to have stopped falling out, but is not growing back in in some spots. It was literally coming out in tufts-he is a wire hair fox terrier. I was finding them all over the house.

    I am once again appalled that the FDA will not release the name of the contaminated pet food. What is going on? I suspect they have known about it and were not going to release the info, using the melamine angle as a distraction. That was bad enough. Now, surely FDA labs must be able to detect acetaminophen if the one in Texas came upon it without even looking specifially for that. But, until people started getting their own food tested, I think the FDA was hoping this thing would go away or be eaten up. Now they have to do something. We have all had enough! Save that pet food, but don’t feed it to the pets. I want the human food tested as well. I’m glad I saved my samples, because now I will ask for Acetaminophen to be screened as well–and whatever else they can find. The FDA is doing a pathetic job of handling this. What are they trying to sweep under the rug? Why the secrecy?

  18. Trudy Jackson says:

    And while we are all waiting to see what foods are poisen, our pets are dying. They need to get off their ass.

  19. YaYa says:

    DMS, the hair thing was one of the strange issues my Cat had too {amongst other things}.
    She’s just now starting to have some grow back very slowly, Her behavior and activites are pretty much back to normal now. {thank goodness}

    The hair issue still makes me think of maybe- lead or metals, besides/along with some of the other factors we’ve been dealing with here, in the foods.

  20. Trudy Jackson says:

    I have one cat that We all think has a mental disorder. she just goes about the house and does strang things. this started this year. she is missing a little hair off her head. does any of this sound familiar? Let Me know what you think?

  21. mare says:

    Message to Sharon: What do you feed your cat and/or dog that both would be able to share? Immediately find another food to use, also, Itchmo has posted link for help with med costs: http://www.itchmo.com/read/pet.....p_20070410

    Sharon Says:
    June 5th, 2007 at 6:07 pm
    My cat is dying and four vets cannot determine what the cause is. She is bleeding from the mouth and suffering from regenerative anemia. She needs a blood transfusion that I can’t afford. Has anyone seen these symptoms or know which of the poisons would cause this effect and how to treat it?

    Sharon Says:
    June 5th, 2007 at 5:30 pm
    Pedigree and Milk bones……I still want to know what was in those that made my dog pee blood and throw up blood. I know that in humans, pro longed use of Acetaminophen will cause stomach bleed outs and death. To this day neither Pedigree dry dog food or Milk Bones have been recalled and I can not afford the testing. I have kept the food for months now just in case a recall comes up. My dog has been on home cooking every since he got severly ill last Easter. I walk my dog to pee and he thinks he is done and starts to walk while still going. My vet said it was a kidney infection. In all my research I have not once found that kidney infection causes dogs to pee blood or throw up blood. If anyone knows…..let me know please!

  22. Trudy Jackson says:

    check this out-
    hope it works

  23. DogBoston's DogBlog | Dog Friendly Blog and News for Boston Dogs and Owners says:

    […] Itchmo reports that the fifth foreign chemical/substance to be discovered has been identified as Acetaminophen (generic form of Tylenol). […]

  24. tylamarius says:

    THIS IS REALLY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF .. I can’t believe they will not release the names of the products concerned. So .. we are just supposed to continue to feed our animal(s) (possibly) this food and then suffer the consequences … I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS CRAP .. I’ve gone almost completely to HOMEMADE food for our three dogs. But have to admit sometimes I “MIX” with Science Diet Prescription and/or Pedigree .. and of course NOW I am petrified that those products could be the concerned ones !! Two of our dogs already have liver problems (one from age and one from tick fever) .. and the other a kidney problem.

  25. Phyllis says:

    Lorie — yeah, I hear that from my kids, but I e-mail the ones with pets the latest, and I e-mailed ALL of them about the toothpaste and the GM rice fiasco. “a prophet hath no fame in his own country!”

  26. Chuck says:

    Barb Gsd Mom, 6-6 at 5:41 Good of you to do that, and you experienced two things that my wife and I have been experiencing for months with literally dozens of people, unknown and known to us, and the known people have always claimed that they love their pets being a main topic of their conversation.
    You exeperienced the same:
    1. the ones who could care less and some think we are nuts
    2. the ones who will listen but don’t expect them to take heed. If some or one does, all well and good. You did the best you could.
    My wife made copies with lots of pet food information about the crap they have, I passed them out at work. The best part is, I work in a hospital with a lot of people who have animals and the articles meant nothing to them.

    Sam 6-6 at 5:54 I ask myself that all the time: why are some people on here still asking the same questions about Purina, Beneful, and the rest of them. Do they want approval or what?

    Someone on here suggested having a poll about how many will go back to buying the same brands. Good idea, but as we can see, some haven’t even stopped buying the same brands that have lines on the recall. They keep ignoring the toxins that are found time and time again through the articles and reports bloggers have put on here. What the heck does it take already?
    For the amount of bloggers on here who insist on feeding their pets crap despite all the information, I think we can safely say that they speak for the rest of the country who will continue to keep those crap companies afloat. As time passes, then there will be an endless stream of crying comments on here from those same pet owners who had all the advanced warning in the world.

  27. Captn' Carl says:

    Here is something for anyone who is determined to make a clean break from the toxic so called “Pet Food’ that is all too easy to buy and feed to our best friends.

    It is time to stop cheating our pets by taking the easy way out and further jeopardizing their lives.

    The recommendations and recipes found in this reference are both much safer and more nutritional than any of the tainted and poisonous slop on the market.

    I picked up a copy of this book at the local Wild Oats store in Hinsdale IL. It is the paperback edition and sells for $18.95.

    The book is entitled: Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural health for Dogs
    & Cats.

    There are sections on all manner of things relating to nutrition, home made pet food, diseases, and anything and everything relating to cats and dogs. This is an excellent all around pet owner’s manual with useful information on every page. The recipes are the most important feature at this point in time.

    The beauty of these recipes is that you can add or delete ingredients and supplemental vitamins at your discretion. There are no hard and fast “rules”, and it is pointed out that there are many variations on the recipes offered.

    So if you’re really serious about taking the best possible care of your best friends, I strongly recommend this book. The supplements mentioned are easily found at Wild Oats, or local health food stores. The meats and basics for the recipes are also easily found at the local supermarket and are the same foods that we eat.

    Enough about is Beneful or Purina or Iams still ok to feed my pets…..HELL NO IT IS NOT! None of the commercially prepared slop is fit for consumption by anything but a hazardous material landfill!

    Do the right thing by your pets. That is what they have always done for you! You won’t be sorry! A little extra work by you now will insure your pets a long and healthy life in addition to adding more joy when you watch them really enjoying their meals for a change.

    Captn’ Carl

  28. Anonymous says:

    Trudy — this could be heavy metal toxification — mercury, cadmium etc. My daughter had hair loss after the family got an intestinal parasite of some type. (doctors never figured it out) This daughter also was exposed to mercury about a year after that. She is still having problems with neuromuscular symptoms and thin hair that has not grown back. Gemmotherapy is helping her detox and Acupuncture helps with the neuro problems. She still suffers greatly from lethargy, spending most days in a recliner. She has been told everything from its all in her head, to severe fibromyalgia. She even got tested for myasthenia gravis, ALS and muscular sclerosis!

  29. Phyllis says:

    Trudy — Anonymous was really me. I forgot to put my name in.

  30. Phyllis says:

    Sharon — have you looked at thepetwhisperer.com/gemmotherapy site? I take tamarisk to keep my red blood count up — it works so well that while on chemo I only had two shots for building the red blood count. I saw the oncologist two days ago and she says all my blood work is great!

    She likely has a food sensitivity or allergy. Many cats are allergic to milk, corn, wheat etc.

    Also, for the bleeding from the stomach, try using digestive enzyme and pro-biotic enhanced food. (Innova Evo is one) There are several on the market. This approach has helped me a lot as I had a big problem with all milk products. So much so, that I hemorrhaged several times before my colon surgery. Now, I use Maxi-Gest or Omnigest (digestive enzymes) for unknown foods (church potlucks :>D ) and lactaid (digestive enzyme for milk). BUT with the pro-biotics added, I now use 1/2 lactaid ultra for things like possible milk in bread or cookies, to one or one and a half for something like a cup of frozen yogurt.

    Also, are we praying for our pets? I certainly prayed over Purr-Purr and it helped us both. She knew I loved her, and I was comforted that I was doing all I knew to do. I held her close and prayed for her. I believe the animals are on this earth for beauty, and to teach us many lessons. We are learning compassion in our suffering over them, and while it is hard for us, it will have its rewards. We are also learning service and gentleness. Since we are told in the Bible to “pray over our flocks and fields” I think it is totally appropriate to pray over God’s fur-angels that he has put right here among us.

    Purr-Purr helped me heal of cancer by laying with me whenever I came home from chemo. She would crawl right into the bed, something she did not do otherwise, and lay next to me the whole night! I only wish I could have been wiser than feeding her commercial pet food. My son’s cat ate the same food, and did not get sick, but just slowed down some. Now she and the new cat get Innova EVO and organic canned, plus the gemmo products mentioned above.

    God bless you Sharon, and your fur-babies.

  31. Karen V says:

    “tylamarius Says:

    June 7th, 2007 at 12:26 am
    THIS IS REALLY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF .. I can’t believe they will not release the names of the products concerned. So .. we are just supposed to continue to feed our animal(s) (possibly) this food and then suffer the consequences … I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS CRAP .. I’ve gone almost completely to HOMEMADE food for our three dogs. But have to admit sometimes I “MIX” with Science Diet Prescription and/or Pedigree .. and of course NOW I am petrified that those products could be the concerned ones !! Two of our dogs already have liver problems (one from age and one from tick fever) .. and the other a kidney problem.”

    Well, that would be hard now - since they removed that reference from the article online.

  32. Captn' Carl says:

    Karen V

    I sympathize with you wholeheartedly. We were doing the same (mixing home made with occasional remnants of the original prescription Science Diet k/d) and holding our breath hoping that that would not show up on the list. Well…no more waiting….based on what we’ve seen so far of their willingness to divulge which additional brands are also affected…..why take a chance with any of them? None of them are trustworthy!

    We have about 3 bowl fill-ups left of the science diet k/d for our dogs, and about the same amount left in dry food also for our remaining cats. The remaining pets (We lost our Calico Cat GIZMO on March 11th) are all symptom free, and were all checked out at considerable expense just to make sure. Their dry food is left out all day for them to nibble at.

    We are making and feeding homemade “wet” food now and have been for over a month.
    Once this dry food is gone, we will make our own dry food as well. To hell with all of the manufacturers, the FDA and those in the know who refuse to divulge the potentially life saving information. They have no intention of potentially losing any more money over this situation, no matter how many more pets they kill.

    Drop all commercially prepared food like the plague that it is!

    Other than the distinct possibility (or rather very high probability) that those responsible for divulging the newest affected brands are directly involved as stockholders or corporate executives for those brand names; there is no reason to withhold that information even for a second considering all that has transpired and is quite likely to continue.

    This would not be the first time that a “conflict of interest” existed in this country, nor will it be the last.

    Continue with the home made food for your dogs and once your prescription food is gone, let that be the end of it! Sure your vet will miss his 45-50% Markup each time you fail to purchase the special ”Prescription Only” food from him….but…..that’s too bad!

    Let someone else feel the pinch for a change. Much better than losing another pet to the greed of these unscrupulous businessmen!

    Stick by your guns with this one…you are right!

    Captn’ Carl

  33. GreenChick says:

    I really want to know when they are going to identify the brands found to contain acetaminophen. As soon as they do I will be posting them on my blog. Thanks for spreading the word. This should really be getting more air time. I have some vet recommended menu suggestions and am no longer buying packaged pet food.

  34. Captn' Carl says:

    Hi Sam

    You make a good point (several good points as a matter of fact) with the Hills Science Diet ingredients.

    You must remember that the use of these ingredients has been accepted for years. This is not the first time that these products have been questioned, but it is by far under the most tragic and unforgivable of circumstances.

    The pet food industry as has been pointed out in an earlier enlightening post is an off shoot of the waste disposal industry. These companies are recyclers of the byproducts of slaughter houses, chicken ranches and other such glamorous industries.

    I remember when in the military outside the rear of the mess hall were two different sets of trash cans (right next to the grease trap). They were labeled edible and inedible.
    Now: That is what was with the byproducts of human consumption. Where they went from there is anybody’s guess. I always suspected that they were loaded on a truck and delivered around to the front door again (but that’s my opinion of Army food).

    If you look closely at the ingredients that you have pointed out, you can well imagine the circumstances under which they were rendered as well as the sterile and germ free environment they were handled in as well. Right! Tell me another one.

    It is no wonder that our pets have all kinds of sickness, mysterious illnesses, allergies, bladder stones, diseases and the lot. It has been said you are what you eat. Nuff’ said here.

    In short: Almost everything that is in the commercially prepared so called “food” that we have been feeding our pets for years is laced with decomposing, putrescent and very objectionable byproducts from slaughtered, sick and diseased animals that were slaughtered in unsanitary and filthy deplorable conditions.

    People need a wake up call. These are not the kinds of pleasant things that people dwell on while enjoying a thick steak at their favorite restaurant; however, when they fork out a serving of this rotten and contaminated so called “food” to their beloved pets, these things similarly never enter their minds.

    Why? That’s a good question. The pet food industry spends millions in advertising using the best models, finest crystal glassware, and most inviting backgrounds and scenery available to portray the image of wholesome and delicious food for our best friends.

    Yes PORTRAY! All of these commercials are professionally produced and edited portrayals of things that do not really exist. That is why people continue to place their trust in these liars and thieves. People are conditioned on a daily basis through constant repetition that these are the finest and best products anywhere for their pets.

    I worked for a short time as a “studio mechanic”, part of the motion picture industry, and worked on a couple of commercials for TV. Unbelievable the tricks of the trade that are used to portray something as something else. Very clever, very good, highly successful!

    The heads of most families both work to make ends meet and provide a better life for their families. They do not have the time to go into detail checking out the validity and truthfulness of everything that is touted on TV. The manufacturers know this and by portraying their products in such a great light, one would be a fool not to believe them and use the products.

    People are indeed brainwashed by what the repeatedly hear and see on TV. The more something is repeated, the more it is believed. This is not new technology. Hitler used what was called the “Big Lie” successfully for years. It is merely repeated again here. If something worked well once, it will work again. People are creatures of habit.

    These companies still use these ingredients because no one has ever questioned their use of them, nor has anyone ever tried to stop them. There have been hundred of articles written by and about these practices but nothing changes.

    Perhaps your diligence as well as the postings of everyone else concerned may just make a difference this time around!

    I applaud your efforts as well as everyone else in this group, and mourn with everyone as well. We have all lost members of our families to this nightmare.

    We need to stick together as an unstoppable group and force changes to occur in spite of big business, corporate bullies in boardrooms, hoards of greedy shareholders and ineffective government regulation and enforcement.

    This is a definite start. The Ernest Borgnine Video is an excellent way of getting our message across. Let’s all hope for the sake of our beloved and sorely missed pets that this actually causes some positive changes that will benefit all pets everywhere.

    And as they say: The right man for the job: Jay Edelson is a man among men to take up this valiant cause and bring those responsible for these criminal actions to account for their actions. I applaud him and his firm as well as all other participants in this litigation across the country and Canada.

    C aptn’ Carl

  35. christy says:

    I am so thankful for your blog. I have a beloved cat named Noonie, who was eating the recalled iams gravy crap! She had blood work done and is fine. I though dry food was ok. so I have been feeding her purina fancy feast dry food! I have seens many post about purina FF but it does’t say if its wet or dry? Can anyone please help me find a food for her! She will not eat any human food. Only dry kibble and seems to like the fancy feast ocean flavor. I am terrified and she is out of food! I even tried canned tuna, which I hear was dangerous for cats, and she wouldn’t touch it! Has anyone heard of pet’s promise (all natural) pet food?
    I couldn’t find it at the petco. What about canidae food (for cats)? I am desperate!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  36. YaYa says:

    Christy, I started to use PetPromise back in March. As the Recalls grew {and after a couple of days using it} I found out it is a PURINA product,{they won’t tell you it’s a Nestles-Purina product unless pushed hard}.
    And when I called they could Not tell me where the supplements came from.
    Promised to call me back but never did for that.

    This signed it OFF for me, as I believe the prevous Friskies {Nestles-Purina} canned had something to do with my Cat becoming sick.

    I now make Homemade Wet and use KumpiKat dry.

    Go to petfoodlists.com {hope thats right} or the Forums here to check out other Foods you could try.


  37. Christy says:

    thanks so much for the valuable information!!! I will not get pet promise!!! I am looking into a food called solid gold…http://solidgoldhealth.com/news/. The website says it’s does not use menu foods to produce any solid food and assures no harm will come to your pets. I found some at the local health food store called wild oats, but haven’t feed it to my baby as of yet. Does anyone know about this company. I was concerned about the brown rice, since it was linked to another “natural line” called “Natural balance”,which was linked to a suppplier named wilbur-ellis. I pray that this one is safe. The russian roulette game is getting old!!! I am at witts end and Pray that all of the animals will be saved from this toxic

  38. Sam says:

    Hello Kim and Board,

    Thanks for your input. Here’s what happened when I called:

    I have just called life’s abundance and I was told that their is no one named vicky who works there. I didn’t like the rep I spoke with, she was very cold and unhelpful. I asked about the absoulute fact that one of their foods (which is not named on pettracker.com) is made by menu food’s and she was dumb founded. She was looking at the ingredients and saying “no I don’t see it”. How studpid can you get! I just said never mind and hung up. I want to order the dry food but don’t know which product is made by menu. I’m thinking that its the wet food, but not sure. I see that the rest of the food is manufactured at ohio pet foods.

    I don’t know what to do…I don’t want to buy food from a company that has ever been or the recall list, and now I’m afraid to buy food that is NOT on the recall list, since the new toxin (acetaminophen) is said to be in food not on the list of recalled pet food!!!!!!!!!!! INSANITY!!!! I have been feeding her starkiss tuna in water and the rest of her purina one hairball formula, which is almost gone. I’m stalling getting new food in hopes of some information from the new toxic findings!!! Not like we are going to get a straight answer!!! I have seen so many foods proven toxic and NEVER REPORTED OR ACKNOWLEDGED by the company!!!!!! For anyone who is intersted here is a great site to see this information and is a real eye opener!!!

    Also, I was going to buy a food called solid gold until I saw it was manufactured by Diamiond, which is linked to many recalled recently!!! What do you all think? It’s a food that is supposed to be human quality. I’m thinking the food ingredients can be human quality, but the place it is manufactured can contaminate the food and make it lethal!!! Is this a logical rational?

    I hope this info is helpful to you all.


    ps. has anyone heard anything new about the acetaminophen laced food?

  39. Sam says:

    Hello Christy,
    It’s me Sam, I spoke to Vicki a little while ago. She told me she is only an
    independent rep for HealthyPetNet which makes Life’s Abundance.
    She offers the food on her site [REDACTED BY ADMIN]

    She told me that none of their products have EVER been on a recall list but that the canned cat food is produced in a menu facility. NOT the one where the recalled foods were made. According to her and some of the e-mails she sent me all of the other products are porduced at Ohio foods. She assured me that Dr. Jane Bicks (the product formulator) maintains very strict guidelines for any facility manufacturing her foods.

    I have been feeding my cats the canned and the dry since March and would reccommend them without hesitation.

    Vicki also told me that if you wanted to contact her directly via the contact page on her site, to avoid cold and unhelpful customer service in the future she would love to help you herself. Like I said earlier, she is very kind and helpful to me.

    Good Luck!

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Readers: This post is written by Vicki who pretended to be someone else to promote her product. Vicki, please do not engage in this kind of deception. We have seen dozens of posts from HealthyPetNet reps posting on this site, pretending to be customers. We have no problems with people who clearly identify their conflicts of interest.

    You are damaging the reputation of your product and the company you are trying to promote. If you want to talk about your product, clearly represent yourself as a rep or a reseller. We are temporarily banning all references to your company due to the poor conduct of people like you.

  40. Captn' Carl says:

    Hi Sam

    Your latest post explains why my reply to your earlier post was never answered. Follow the money!

  41. Captn' Carl says:

    Hat’s off to the Itchmo Admin. No nonsense Individual(s). Very well stated!

  42. Christy says:

    Jesus! I am not happy with the fake “sam” email!!! I also was researching the company and found some disturbing information. I have found this information at this website:


    First off: This compant is a MLM (multi level marketing)!!! This tells me that they are all about the business and not the Pets!!! Soooo SAD!

    I also read that it contains (if you look closely. . . D/L Methionine) Menadione (Vitamin K3) in the ingredients!!! Which is banned in Europe!!!

    Here is what I found on a website about Menadione:
    One of the more obscure ingredients found in many pet foods are menadione derivatives - in the form of menadione sodium bisulfate, menadione sodium bisulfite, menadione dimethylprimidinol sulfate, menadione dimethylprimidinol sulfite or menadione dimethylpyrimidinol bisulfite, often listed as “a source of vitamin K activity” or “vitamin K supplement”. Unless otherwise noted, these compounds are summarily referred to as “menadione” in this article to make it easier to read.

    Watch out:
    Some manufacturers leave out the “menadione” part of the above chemical names in their ingredient lists (e.g. you see only “dimethylprimidinol sulfate” listed instead of “menadione dimethylprimidinol sulfate”), and menadione does not only occur in dry and canned foods, but edible chew toys, supplements and treats as well.

    Thoroughly research any item with an ingredient list that claims a “source of vitamin K”, “source of vitamin K activity” or “vitamin K” in parentheses and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

    What is it?

    Menadione, also known as vitamin K3, is a synthetic version of vitamin K. The natural occuring compounds are vitamin K1 (Phylloquinone, from plant sources) and Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone, synthesized by bacteria in the digestive tract and absorbed by the body). Technically menadione isn’t even a vitamin, but a precursor that is converted in the body after ingestion. Natural vitamin K is fat soluble, while menadione derivatives (pure menadione can not be processed) are water soluble and bypass the natural pathway of utilization by the body.

    Why is it added to pet food?

    Menadione is added as an inexpensive vitamin K supplement in commercial foods. The common statement as to why it is added is “to help with blood clotting”, yet it is scientifically proven that the effectivity of menadione on blood clotting is inferior. Even veterinarians will administer vitamin K1 as an antidote to dogs who have for example ingested rat poison, which causes internal bleeding.

    Manufacturers who use menadione in their products also like to claim that it is “more stable” than natural vitamin K and has “more nutritional value”. Not a single one of them has acknowledged the scientifically proven side effects of this substance.

    It is simple to come to a conclusion about the truth in these statements when you consider that

    not all pet food companies add menadione to their foods and dogs have eaten these products for years without developing deficiencies
    the National Research Council was not able to demonstrate a dietary requirement for vitamin K in dogs during tests when natural ingredients were fed and
    fish meals, liver and green plant supplements (e.g. alfalfa, kelp and other seaweed, nettle leaf, blue-green algae, spirulina) are rich sources of natural vitamin K.
    Why is it bad?

    As a non-native speaker (German is my native language), it has been difficult for me to compose this article in English, since I had to translate most of my information from literature originally written in German. My search for relevant, unbiased sources in English was not very successful, with exception of some obscure references and texts that provided some information but do not include all the facts. There were also many articles written by authors who didn’t even have the basic knowledge to differentiate between vtiamin K1, K2 and K3.

    Here is a list of negative effects of menadione on the body. It is incomplete, since my English medical terminology is lacking and I was simply not able to translate the more complicated scientific phrases into proper English:

    causes cytotoxicity in liver cells
    causes formation of radicals from enzymes of leucocytes, with the consequence of cytotoxic reactions
    considerably weakens the immune system
    possible mutagenic effects
    damages the natural vitamin K cycle
    has no effect on coumarin derivatives, which are often present in commercial food due to mold contamination (toxic when ingested)
    causes hemolytic anemia and hyperbilirubinemia, not just linked to large doses
    disturbs the level of calcium ions (Ca2+) in the body, which is an important factor fibrinolysis
    is directly toxic in high doses (vomiting, albuminuria), unlike natural vitamin K
    builds up in tissue and has been detected in eggs, meat and milk of animals supplemented with menadione derivatives
    causes irritation of skin and mucous membranes
    causes allergic reactions and eczema

    here is the link: http://www.dogfoodproject.com/.....=menadione

    Many Thanks to the Ichmo Admin.

  43. Phyllis says:

    Christy — I teach ESL, and I say you did an EXCELLENT JOB above. Thanks for the info! I am checking my pet foods AND our vitamins

  44. Christy says:

    Hello All You pet lovers,

    I just wanted to inform everyone that I did check with the life’s abundance company and they have discontinued the dangerous additive menadione Vitamin K3, which is a huge relief! I checked the ingredients and didn’t find it listed as well. I know that it at one time was in the food, but according to the company it not longer is. I would recommend checking other foods for this to be on the safe side.

    Hope all is well with all of your beautiful babies..

  45. Christy says:

    I also wanted to say that I accidentally thought that D/L Methionine was a form of the dangerous Vitamin K3 (has many names including Menadione); so I did some research and found out that it is an amino acid not the K3: Thank goodness!!

    Here is what I found:

    Methionine (dL-Methionine) is a sulfur-containing amino acid obtained by the hydrolysis of most common proteins.

    Methionine is a principle supplier of sulfur which prevents disorders of the hair (promotes hair growth), skin and nails. It helps lower cholesterol levels by increasing the liver’s production of lecithin, reduces liver fat, and protects the kidneys.

    dl-methionine is a chelating agent for heavy metals. It regulates the formation of ammonia and creates ammonia-free urine which reduces bladder irritation.

    dl-methionine is an essential amino acid which serves as a urinary acidifier (great for cats uriniary tract health).

    Is added to cat foods to create acidic urine (to help prevent Urinary tract problems, sort of like cranberry juice for humans). In our dog foods, the meat supplies sufficient amounts.

    Just wanetd to clear that up. Hope this helps.


  46. Christy says:

    Has anyone heard anymore about any pet food recalls? I found this piece of information below and wanted to get peoples opinions on it…..

    Reports came out this week from a Texas Lab that found pain medicine in pet food. What’s next? Now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating the labs findings of acetaminophen in dog and cat food. The brands that contained the pain medicine were NOT included in the 150 Menu Brand pet foods already recalled.

    Now, I don’t want to buy anything on the recall list and also nothing that is not on the recall list!!!

    What are we supposed to do with this info???? I wonder if they mean its now dry food, instead of wet food that was recalled?

  47. Christy says:

    Has anyone heard anymore about any pet food recalls? I found this piece of information below and wanted to get peoples opinions on it…..

    Reports came out this week from a Texas Lab that found pain medicine in pet food. What’s next? Now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating the labs findings of acetaminophen in dog and cat food. The brands that contained the pain medicine were NOT included in the 150 Menu Brand pet foods already recalled.

    Now, I don’t want to buy anything on the recall list and also nothing that is not on the recall list!!!

    What are we supposed to do with this info???? I wonder if they mean its now dry food, instead of wet food that was recalled?

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