Texas Lab Finds Acetaminophen In Pet Food


ExperTox, a Texas lab, found acetaminophen (a fifth possible contaminant) in at least five samples of pet food that were submitted by pet owners and pet manufacturers. The medication was mostly found with cyanuric acid, and hundreds of other samples that were sent in tested positive for melamine. The contaminants were found in pet foods that have not been recalled.

ExperTox said that the highest level of acetaminophen was found in a dog food sample submitted by a pet food manufacturer, but the lab is not identifying the company. The FDA is now investigating the findings from the lab and a FDA spokesperson says that: “what’s significant is these things are there. They don’t belong there.”

The article also mentions Don Earl and how he tested his cat’s food and found acetaminophen and cyanuric acid in it. His cat, Chuckles, was eating Pet Pride cat food and died in January. Many Itchmo readers may already be familiar with Don’s story and his website.

(Thanks Maureen and many other readers)

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  1. Cougar says:

    Thanks for the info Susan, I will look into it.

  2. Trudy Jackson says:

    I have a cat with a bad heart. I have to give him taurine -I get it from the vets. This is the web site I found on His meds. He has to have 2 pills a day.

  3. Sharon says:

    Pedigree and Milk bones……I still want to know what was in those that made my dog pee blood and throw up blood. I know that in humans, pro longed use of Acetaminophen will cause stomach bleed outs and death. To this day neither Pedigree dry dog food or Milk Bones have been recalled and I can not afford the testing. I have kept the food for months now just in case a recall comes up. My dog has been on home cooking every since he got severly ill last Easter. I walk my dog to pee and he thinks he is done and starts to walk while still going. My vet said it was a kidney infection. In all my research I have not once found that kidney infection causes dogs to pee blood or throw up blood. If anyone knows…..let me know please!

  4. POOKIESMUM says:

    WHY can’t they tell us who these people are?
    What else are the keeping from us.?
    Me thinks don’t get the pet parents too mad.

  5. Caryl Myers says:


  6. thomas says:

    I think this article if accurate , explains why we should not trust the government to find the answers and be honest . www.mindfully.org/industry/ADM-CORP-welfare.htm

  7. Teresa says:

    I didn’t see it in any of the previous comments so I’ll note it here:

    One acetominophen tablet (500mg) can kill a 7-lb cat.

  8. thomas says:

    At what point will the government and others(?) make it illegal for we the citizens to have our own test down to protect our pets and ourselves?

  9. thomas says:

    At what point will the government and others(?) make it illegal for we the citizens to have our own test done to protect our pets and ourselves?

  10. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Trudy, look at your taurine label and compare it to taurine sold for human use. You will see it is the same dosage and ingredients in both. If you use taurine for people it will be cheaper and hopefully safer since the manufacturer of the human supplement (hopefully) operates under stricter standards for purity. Puritan’s Pride makes all their own stuff here in the USA. I’ve ordered from them and have been very happy with their prices, products and service.


  11. Sharon says:

    My cat is dying and four vets cannot determine what the cause is. She is bleeding from the mouth and suffering from regenerative anemia. She needs a blood transfusion that I can’t afford. Has anyone seen these symptoms or know which of the poisons would cause this effect and how to treat it?

  12. Geff says:

    To the Democratic Congress - It’s time for a law FORCING the FDA to immeadiately release all information on companies responsable for any food poisoning - human or pet. & Dems, it’s also time to override the Bush veto that would follow such a law.

  13. Kiki says:

    Just what I predicted…there is probably more #$%@ in our food and pet food - gotta test for the thousands of things - it could be ANYTHING. This story is NOT over.

    FDA @#$holes should be fired immediately. Why is this still not being reported. Have you ever seen a story that has evolved to this extent - getting worse and worse and still the media hasn’t gotten a clue - what is going on???? This should be making headlines and wide spread panic is in order. Until the government cracks down BIGTIME, we are all at risk and the only way that the US gvernment will crackdown is if they have 370 million people in an uproar…

  14. Ann Jackson says:

    I’m so sorry about your cat, Sharon. I can’t really answer your question because I have a dog who was sickened but I do know that most vets have been giving the affected pets IVs and fliuds under the skin. Has your cat been getting fluids from the vet? My heart goes out to you. I know someone here will have the answer you need.

  15. furmom says:

    One wild theory as to how acetaminophen could get into a cat through his food:
    According to the USGS study, acetaminophen, which is also known as paracetamol, is one of the most frequently detected anthropogenic compounds in streams in the U.S.

    Chlorination is the most common chemical method for wastewater and drinking-water disinfection in the U.S. Under conditions simulating wastewater disinfection, acetaminophen reacted with hypochlorite to form a variety of products, two of which were identified as toxic compounds-1,4-benzoquinone and N-acetyl-p-benzoquinone imine (NAPQI)-by authors Mary Bedner and William MacCrehan of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

  16. Richard says:

    I fed my young husky a recalled can dog food. Good I gave him only 1/4 can each morning, plus not a recalled dry food for the rest of his meals. Loose stools but he seemed mostly ok.

    If these food companies recalled all their dog food, the public would have nothing. I suspect dry is also contaminated also but lesser in amounts of poison. It’s vested interest to keep up companies’ on-going sales, profits.

    I will not buy dry dog food from any of those who recalled their canned dog food. Just my precaution, until we know more about it.

  17. KP says:

    I apologize if this is a question that has already been answered but I’m concerned because I can’t seem to find any of the 4 (of the 5 contaminated brands) on any of the sites/posts I’ve read…
    Does anyone know where I can find them? :(

  18. Diane says:

    I found this interesting in light of an article in The Arizona Republic last Sunday which listed products that China has taken over producing INCLUDING TYLENOL, asprin, 90% of ALL Vitamin C and so many other other drugs and vitamins. Is it any wonder this Tylenol ingredient should ’suddenly’ appear in pet food investigations?????

  19. Bonnie says:

    I help out a lot on Yahoo answers and a lot of people are reporting that pets are losing hair in patches. Does nayone know it this could be realted.

  20. Deena Alexander says:

    I just had a thought about the acetaminophen found in the food….sometimes animals for slaughter have been given drugs to keep them healthy, then when the animals go to slaughter their bodies still contain the drugs…this used to be a big debate about humans being more tolerant to antibiotics for the same reason. The “cleaner” organs like kidneys and livers would go into the dog foods and still be loaded with the drugs. Could there be a major meat corp. out there feeding their animals these drugs and inadvertantly posioning animals in the process?

  21. Kathy says:

    I have wondered all along, and even more so lately, if the melamine isn’t just a smoke screen. I think that’s why I keep coming back. Wish I still had some of the food my dog ate, think I’ll go buy a small bag tomorrow before Nutro panics and pulls it off the shelves.

  22. Judy boone says:


    Please call your local humane society– prehaps they can help your poor cat or find a Dr who will let you pay the blood transfusion out–I would donate $$$ if I had it.Please accept my sympathy .
    Judy Boone

  23. Kathy says:

    Sharon I have seen cats with those symptoms after having eaten a mouse that had eaten d-con.

  24. Barb R says:

    I’m totally disgusted with this whole situation. The FDA isn’t REALLY doing anything and they’re not going to do anything. The only way you can stop this madness and protect your pets from being poisoned is to STOP BUYING ALL COMMERCIALLY PRODUCED PET FOOD! Don’t buy canned, don’t buy kibble, don’t buy treats, don’t buy ANY of it. Go out and get a copy of Kymythy Schultze’s book Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats or Dr Ian Billinghurst’s, Give Your Dog A Bone or Carina Beth MacDonald’s Raw Dog Food - Make It Easy For You and Your Dog, or Dr Pitcairn’s Natural Health for Dogs and Cats or Donald Strombeck’s Home Prepared Dog and Cat Diets. Any of these books will give you the basics of how to prepare your own pet food. It’s not hard and it’s not rocket science and it’s not really expensive. Ask the folks that are now treating they’re animals for liver or kidney failure how expensive that is. I’ve been making food for my 2 dogs and 1 cat for 8 years. They’re healthy and fine and we rarely ever have to go to the vet. I KNOW WHAT’S IN THEIR FOOD. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make good healthy pet food. If you can feed your own family or yourself nutritous food why not do it for your best friends. They’ll be so much better off. If you really want to hurt the pet food companies and make them stop and take notice… DON’T BUY ANY MORE OF THEIR CRAP FOOD!

  25. Claire says:

    In response to Bonnie, My 2 year old cat went into sudden kidney failure in March (eating a diet of only Science diet wet and dry foods) and has been under agressive treatment since then. Her prognosis isn’t good at this point. She had her stomach shaved on March 16th and as of today (June5th) it has not grown back…

  26. Bonnie says:

    On yahoo answers, every day, someone is saying (my cat is losing hair (somewhere) and it is coming out in patches that are not red or irritated) I was just wondering if anymone else had had this problem. So far mine have all of their fur, but my dog who was on eukanuba, started losing fur on her back legs. I have changed her food to iams and it appears to be growing back. It is so weird. Thanks for the information.

  27. Trudy Jackson says:

    Sharon, it sounds like your cat was poisioned. that will make them bleed out. and this acetiminophen will do that. It is poision to a cat. Can you get your vet to check Her for that?
    I lost 3 cats on Hills science diet. They won’t believe it though.

  28. Gloria says:

    In a nut shell my words for the FDA and the pet food companies is simply A VERY ANGRY SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM !!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Captn Carl says:

    When I was a kid all of our pets were fed table scraps YES the dreaded and highly dangerous Table Scraps. None of them ever had any of the problems we are seeing today courtesy of the greedy and corrupt corporate manufacturers of the toxic products that we are constantly browbeaten into feeding our pets.

    I don’t care who tells you that table scraps are bad for your pet….they are lying! Look closely at their motives for encouraging you to buy commercial pet food…..remuneration! What a surprise! Not really. This is a wake up call…..time to wake up and refuse to be duped by the TV Commercials, repetitive and based on falsehoods, just to get your money for a product that is in all probability lethal to your pet.

    You and I would no more intentionally poison our pets than another member of our families. These manufacturers, their representatives, their retailers and their scheister attorneys do not care about you, your family or your pets. Their eye is on, and has always has been on only one thing: MONEY! They don’t give a tinker’s damn about you or your pets. Ignore their sudden transparent “concern”. It is an act to get you to trust them again and continue to provide them with a multi-billion dollar a year income.

    Our pets look to us for love, proper care and their well-being. We are sadly remiss in our duties as companions to our pets if we allow the cacophony of Madison Avenue lies and hype to influence our basic good and unimpaired judgment when it comes to providing safe food for these valued members of our families.

    If the table food we eat doesn’t harm us then how can it be bad for our pets? They do NOT need all of the highly touted and obscenely advertised additives, vitamins and other paraphernalia listed on their bags of poison. I’ll tell you one thing: If the food that I feed my pet from the table is bad for my pet, then it is also bad for me and we die together! No regrets!

    Let their poisoned pet food rot on the shelves. Enough of this idiotic unintentional murder. While I do applaud the efforts of the FDA in bringing much of this information to our attention, I rebuke them as well for too little-too late and their lack of foresight and attention to duty in preventing this from occurring from the beginning. They have failed miserably and regrettably in their duty to protect individuals and their families including pets from the ravages of corporate greed and calloused attitudes toward pets.

    Needles to say: Allergies or not, skin conditions or not, none of my pets will ever be subjected to the dangerous Russian Roulette of commercially prepared pet food ever again!

    We lost our calico cat “GIZMO” to the poison sold by IAMS on the 11th of March 2007.
    I will never forget and I will never forgive this betrayal of trust that we so foolishly placed in IAMS.

    To make matters worse, they still have the unmitigated gall to continue with the damned TV Commercials in spite of everything. Never even a whimper of admission or apology for the massive carnage they have wrought!

    Disgusted in Indianhead Park Illinois

    Captn’ Carl

  30. Katie says:


    That same thing happened to my dog and she also got sick on the Euk. Now that she is on home cooked, she is covered with hair and the hair less patches have filled in with hair!


  31. mdawv1 says:

    Just a thought that passed thru my mind while reading this blog. Just wondering…do you suppose that dogs on the newer “joint health” blends/recipes could possibly have begun to appear “better” because along with that small amount of glucosamine in their food they were getting a PAIN KILLER??!! Just sayin…..

  32. Raunstar says:

    You can bet your ass if one of my cats ends up sick, I’m suing the hell out of
    ExperTox, a Texas lab, for not releasing the name of the food it was found in.

    I’ll slap them with so much litigation their grandchildren will need lawyers.

  33. ~Renee says:

    After much investigation I have my first bag of Felidae on order from my local pet supply store…….

    Canidae (verified by company 3/28/07, updated 4/18/07)

    Brands include Canidae and Felidae
    No products made by Menu Foods
    All ingredients are grown in the US and are also processed here.
    No wheat gluten is used in their products.
    All products are free of corn, wheat, soy and all grain fractions
    Canidae does not use glutens in any form. (from website 4/18/07)
    We do not import any ingredients from China or overseas. (from website 4/18/07)

    *** Under “All Natural Ingredients” Read their “Declaration of Ingredients”
    For what’s out there at this point - I’m impressed!!

  34. Kristine Kamp-Adante says:

    My heart goes out to all of you who have lost pets or currently have ill pets as a result of the pet food recalls remaining on-going and not taken seriously enough for any of us who have pets.

    I’ve researched pet foods until my eyes were falling out and I totally agree, when did we have to start adding ten tons of things we can’t even pronounce to pet foods?? Supplements should be added seperately and in accordance to the individual needs of each pet, as what is good for one is not good for another.

    I thought I was doing ok here giving my five greyhounds Sojo’s base mix foods with raw meat and veggies. Due to weight loss after 3 had dentals and the new girl arrived with a splendid case of hookworms…they needed to pick up weight while making the transition to a different diet. I added a cup of Wellness dry kibble. All was well the first bag around, by the end of the first week with the second bag, (purchased at different times) all five of my dogs had beyond the big “D”.

    While Wellness has not been on any recall or suspect lists, this does not mean a shipment cannot become contaminated in transit…sitting too long on a hot loading dock, pet store not storing it properly, a variety of things can happen to an otherwise ok dog food. But this was NOT ok with me…nor was the attitude of the pet food store I called where I bought the food. No one else complained, therefore I must be nuts…and lalalala when the subject of recalled foods comes up! I was extremely tempted to take what I cleaned up in my yard over and dump it on his counter!

    Between my vet and Sojo’s we all determined that something was obviously very wrong with the Wellness that gave ALL five of my dogs orange runny poop. Anyone who feeds Wellness Super 5 Mix certainly knows that it contains sweet potato’s, that make a dogs feces orange in color. Enough said, no rocket science needed here.

    Slowly my dogs are getting back to normal. There ARE good companies out there folks for both dog and cat foods. many are holistic based foods or based on a raw diet. They are small companies, use human grade foods in their own small processing plants. This website lists all the current “safe” foods on the market, as well as all the information you can read about regarding what is really in pet foods along with a variety of heath issues caused by commercial pet foods (even those deemed ok) :


    So what can we do to get the so called “powers that be” to take the lives of our pets seriously with regards to the quality of what goes into the food they eat?? Speak up and don’t stop. Defenders of Wildlife and the ASPCA both use internet petitions to circulate and get the attention of not just the public but the persons in charge who are NOT doing their jobs!

    Anyone can start a petition at www.thepetitionsite.com

    For all of you who have had to say good bye to your beloved pet as a result of human greed and deception….a candle is lit, for you and for your furkids.

    Kristine, Luer, Mo Problem, Molly, Candyse, MeeToo & The Cat Squad

  35. Valerie says:

    I am in shock. Quite speechless. The liver/kidney relation has been uncovered and we need to know what companies! I bought a new biscuit treat last week and was assured the ingredients were safe and did not contain melamine etc. So now one of my dogs has spots of blood in her urine! Back to baking home made treats as well and a quick trip to the vet. Grrr.
    This is just too much madness. There really is no way to gain any trust when this sort of thing keeps popping up. Yeah I want to s c r e a m as well! While at a store next to a Petsmart I saw many carts going out loaded with Iams, Nutro, Purina,Science Diet…are those people uninformed or just stupid?
    Whoever posted the link to:
    thank you!!

  36. Itchmo » Blog Archive » Recall Update: Wednesday says:

    […] Lab reports finding acetaminophen in pet food samples. […]

  37. Sue Hudler says:

    I’ve had 6 cats come down sick since the beginning of the year, very strange confusing symptoms and abnormal labs showing elevated WBC and protein. We never have been able to get an exact diagnosis on any of them in spite of extensive bloodwork and other testing. One of the cats, who looked like he was hours from dying,lost a great deal of weight within days, got so dehydrated his skin was sticking together when pinched, and his hair fell out in clumps and patches. He was on subq fluids and I feel that saved him? All cats are now slowly recovering with a variety of treatments. My wonderful vet is at a loss as to what happened to my cats but can not rule out it was food related? Sue

  38. petslave says:

    Sky–I looked at the Puritan’s Pride website (desparately looking for a source of US sources vitamins) & couldn’t find that their actual ingredients are US. They manufacture here, but do they actually create each vitamin from scratch here? If you have that info, please post so I can maybe find the elusive US-sourced supplement supplier. From what I’ve heard over the last few weeks, almost all vitamins are made in China. The end product may be manufactured here, but the raw ingredients are from there. Here’s a few excerpts from their site that make me wonder:

    “Puritan’s Pride is headquartered in Long Island and manufactures over 1,000 high quality vitamins, minerals…”

    “As part of our commitment to quality, Puritan’s Pride uses its global resources to identify and acquire the most bio-active nutritional ingredients.”

    It does sound like they test well, so probably one of the safer choices right now, even if some of the ingredients are imported.

  39. Chuck says:

    Valerie on June 6 at 2:29

    We see the same thing. People are uninformed and stupid because mostly they just don’t care and don’t want to know.
    The ones who don’t care or don’t want to know, I hope they are not the same ones who will be filling up space on here some day crying about their pets deaths and claiming they wish they had known.
    My wife and I have tried to tell so many. I’m sure a lot of people tried to pass along information. They just don’t want to hear about it. Their heads are filled with ego while they are filling their pets bowls with toxins.

  40. Barb says:

    I called Puritan’s Pride about a 6 weeks ago and asked specifically if any of their ingredients in their products were from China. The woman told me that the only way she would be able to tell me is if I tell her specifically what product. I told her the multivitamin that we were taking carrying the Puritan Pride label and she looked it up for me and said “yes, there are some ingredients in there from China”. At that point they were willing to do this for their customers, but at some point they may have quit doing it becaues it got to be too time consuming.

    >I looked at the Puritan’s Pride website (desparately looking for a source of US sources vitamins) & couldn’t find that their actual ingredients are US. They manufacture here, but do they actually create each vitamin from scratch here? If you have that info, please post so I can maybe find the elusive US-sourced supplement supplier. From what I’ve heard over the last few weeks, almost all vitamins are made in China. The end product may be manufactured here, but the raw ingredients are from there. Here’s a few excerpts from their site that make me wonder:

  41. Lorna says:

    Valerie said,”While at a store next to a Petsmart I saw many carts going out loaded with Iams, Nutro, Purina,Science Diet…are those people uninformed or just stupid?”

    I don’t think it’s as much a case of being stupid,as it is that they don’t know.
    The mainstream press,for the most part,is doing an abysmal job of keeping people informed of what is going on.The stores that I speak to here in Ontario aren’t hearing from the pet food companies anymore so feel there’s no problem.But their eyes get wide when I tell them what I’m treading here and on PC.
    Without the internet and fantastic sites like this one and Petconnection I wouldn’t have a clue either that this was still going on.
    Even vets here are finally beginning to ask me where to find the information I’m passing on about the private test results.Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew the name of the company whose OWN test came back contaminated!
    I have prepared my dogs’/cats’ food(and horses’)without the dreaded grains for years because of illness/deaths I couldn’t explain while feeding commercial brands.But I still need to keep on top of things(thanks Itchmo!)because as we now know it’s not just the pet foods that contain toxic ingredients.Time to expand the garden.


  42. Lorna says:

    I didn’t see an answer to somone’s question about the pets in the picture .Are they pets who have been killed by the poisonous pet foods?
    Very heartbreaking to look into those eyes.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: The picture is not of pets that were killed by poisonous pet foods. Sorry for any confusion.

  43. Dave says:

    There should be no surprise here but we seem unable to accept that a large part of the pet food industry is integral with waste disposal industries. Many pet food operations were initially set up, some more than fifty years ago, by food companies to absorb their internal waste which had high disposal costs. These subsequently became receivers ow waste from other companies. Waste is waste, it doesn’t have the same controls and inspections as food; and it’s evident even human food controls are inadequate. If you look long enough you will find almost anything in pet food. Many manufacturers use purchased rendered animal protein in the form of granualar meal; you’ll find it as a listed ingredient. The company with the name on the package has no way of controlling or tracing what went into this meal or where it came from. Consequently even pentobarbital is found randomly in pet food. Pentobarbital is used to euthenize animals. Pentobarbital tests have been done on pet foods and the data could be found on the FDA website.

  44. Jo says:

    Where I work, there are way too many cases of UTI and fatigue and of course temps etc….the list goes on and on.
    I am close to going Postal. They do not understand these are not just animals to us.
    Ah, I ahve a stuffed animal that came with a purchase at Christmas and it was cute and sitting on the couch. All our dogs started trying to kill it, not play, but kill it. Guess where it was made. Hubby asked if it was made in China, checked the tag. It sure was. Now I won’t let them have it as it probably has something wrong with it that it is toxic. But, they play with toys, never wanted to act crazy and kill and shred them. Guess they know what killed their fursister and making them feel not so well!!!

  45. Zanzie says:

    Day by day, my disgust with the pet food industry and the FDA grows . . .

    Fortunately, my kitties are now on home-prepared raw food, and doing OK. The still give me a hard time about it to a degree. If I change the ingredients they don’t recognize it as food right away, and my calico really isn’t eating as well as she should. Fortunately, she had some weight to lose when this all started. She doesn’t anymore.

    When we came home from vacation over spring break I found my tortie had a belly so bare that I called our caretaker to see whether she had had a medical emergency while we were away. We couldn’t see any reason for it, her vet attributed it to allergies and gave her a cortisone shot. The fur hasn’t grown back, although It seemed to be doing a bit better for a while. We suspect it’s a nervous habit now, since she’s a somewhat skitty kitty, but who knows. This is the first I’ve heard of hair loss associated with cat food, and up until early April she was eating commercial food. I may never know the cause. I just hope it clears up soon.

    The other element of this mess that scares me is what lies under the tip of this pet food iceberg. If acetaminophen has gotten into pet food, what the heck has gotten into the acetaminophen and other medications that are produced by these renegades? The pharmaceutical industry in America has very strict standards of production safety. Until this, it was unimagineable to me that we’d have pool chemicals manufactured in the same equipment as over-the-counter medicines. This is just insane. I’ve been in the habit of buying generic acetaminophen at the drug store, Target, etc. I’m going to take a harder look at my own shopping habits now. The folks at McNeil had to recover from the Tylenol tampering mess some years ago. I can’t imagine they’d permit this level of quality control to exist over their own brand today. I think my days of saving a couple of bucks on generic Tylenol are over.

    I’ve had a lot of involvement with the big pharma companies over the years, both in my own work, and with family and friends in the industry. The level of attention to production safety has always been of the highest order, in my experience. This incredible lack of concern over human or animal safety by corner-cutting operators is unforgiveable and should be penalized - harshly.

  46. Starr says:

    Just a heads up - new information i posted on a different thread
    here. We are feeding new food and our cat is suddenly sick again
    after a long while of recovery.
    Just an fyi - to watch for in light of these recent findings.


  47. purringfur says:

    SHARON said:

    Sharon Says:

    June 5th, 2007 at 6:07 pm
    My cat is dying and four vets cannot determine what the cause is. She is bleeding from the mouth and suffering from regenerative anemia. She needs a blood transfusion that I can’t afford. Has anyone seen these symptoms or know which of the poisons would cause this effect and how to treat it?


    My dead dog also had the anemia problems, abnormal red cells, high neutrophils, blood clotting problems although it was hard to get any blood samples from his front legs, high liver enzymes, high bilirubin counts, etc. My dog was given an injection of vitamin K. His illness was in January and early February, weeks before the recalls started.

    I’m not a vet, so you should ask your own vet this question… My dog was given a vitamin K injection which seemed to help a little. The bilirubin count came back to normal again, which may or may not have been due to the injection. Again, consult with your vet.

  48. Helenmary says:

    Can someone tell me which foods are now being affected by this?

  49. e wem says:

    Zanzie and Bonnie. All three of my cats had hair loss that got worse and worse while I was feeding them IAMS wet, Nutro Max Cat, Pounce treats, occasional Natural Balance wet, Diamond, Fancy feast, Wellness, Because one cat escaped and brought back a skin problem last summer (scabies or fungus - I couldnt afford a culture) ththey all caught I thought the hair loss was a return of this problem.

    Since last fall thru the recall it got horrible. The hair was in half inch chunks all over, black, white and brown all three cats. They were getting weak and thin. I felt terrible because I was broke, owed a thousand for the summer vet bill. I thought they were dying from the skin problem. A vet was out. I had long before stopped my own meds including the beta blocker.

    The week of the recall I was crying. The tortie was getting too weak to walk. I thought age was accelerating the shriveling of my dear Himi. Vomiting. I heard of the recall and threw away all pet food. They got fast food chicken that night. They ate like pigs and lay down so happy I cried. The next day I made them half raw steak. Etc.

    The hair stopped falling out after months of fallout. It is shocking how long they were sick - since last year! It was the pet food.

    The skin infestation last summer misled me or I might have changed their food sooner. Instead I made sure to give them only ‘the best’ which turned out to be ‘the worst’

    Captn’ Carl:
    My dear tortie cat is also named Gizmo. She is the sweetest cat, my best buddie. I almost lost her to recalled IAMs. BY the time of the recall my cats didn’t want to eat the IAMs but I forced it on them because they were sick and IAMs was supposed to be so healthy. I really feel your pain.

    I also agree 100 percent with your statement

    “To make matters worse, they still have the unmitigated gall to continue with the damned TV Commercials in spite of everything. Never even a whimper of admission or apology for the massive carnage they have wrought!”

    I would like to stuff a case of IAMs down their throats.

  50. Phyllis says:

    I did not have time to read all of the blogs, but here is some basic information to help liver function in pets.

    Using Gemmotherapy ( see www.thepetwhisperer.com ), common juniper not only detoxes the kidneys, it drains the lymph system and detoxifies the liver. I will write them and get more information.

    As a HUMAN who has had stage IV cancer = in the liver, I was prescribed rye grain and rosemary to support the liver. I am still here after four years, and the spot on my liver is NOT growing. More later.

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