Texas Mayor Indicted In Dog Napping Case

The mayor of Alice, Texas admitted to stealing her neighbor’s Shih Tzu while she was dogsitting.

Last Friday, Grace Saenz-Lopez was indicted on charges of concealing and falsifying evidence by a grand jury. Each count is punishable by as many as ten years in prison.

Saenz-Lopez claimed that Puddles, the neighbors’ Shih Tzu, had died while they were away, but then later on, a news team found Puddles, alive and well, at the home of the mayor’s sister.

After it was discovered that Puddles was alive, the mayor refused to return the dog and claimed that Puddles had been neglected. She said she was worried about the health of the dog if she returned Puddles to the neighbors.

“We tell children not to lie or steal, and here we have a mayor who is stealing dogs? What kind of example does that set?” said Dee Ann Torres, the attorney for the original owners.

City commissioners have voted for a resolution urging the mayor to resign because of the alleged theft of Puddles.

A hearing is set for February 4 in the civil lawsuit against Saenz-Lopez, where a judge will decide the custody battle over the dog.

Source: Houston Chronicle, LA Times

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8 Responses to “Texas Mayor Indicted In Dog Napping Case”

  1. Sharon says:

    Maybe stealing is ok in Mexico. After all coming to the US illegally and protesting in the streets demanding the rights of a US citizen while carrying the Mexican flag is ok to these people.

  2. Lynne says:

    Maybe not everyone who is hispanic is an illegal alien. Maybe not everyone in the United States is a bigot.
    Shelve the attitude, and while I’m at it how about you read up on the working conditions the illegals face here. Who are you to throw stones?

  3. Mikken says:

    Hmm, something odd about this story. Presumably, the Mayor and the neighbor were on good terms or the neighbor wouldn’t ask her to dogsit? If she was truly worried about the dog being neglected, why not talk to the neighbor about it? Or go through official channels (surely an official like the Mayor knows about official channels?).

    But to take the dog and tell the people that it died - that’s just odd and sounds like she decided that she wanted to keep the dog for herself.

    I wonder if there’s more to this story than we know? I wonder if I look for rationality where there really isn’t any?

  4. KAEfamily says:

    So quick to judge then don’t get all riled up when others judge unfairly YOU!

  5. Sharon says:

    When was the last time y’all lived in Texas or the state which is now part of Mexico? I wasn’t a bigot when I lived in Iowa. I don’t apologize for hating people who come to this country illegally, break the law, and think it’s ok. It’s not. I grew up watching “Harvest of Shame” and living in a state with alot of migrant workers. Guess what, they found life in Iowa good. They became US citizens, they learned to speak English, and they didn’t break the law. I can’t believe y’all are defending her.

  6. Lynne says:

    I have read both articles and could not find anything mentioning the mayor’s legal status. I also find it hard to believe an illegal immigrant could hold a public office. I’m not defending the act of stealing. I’m pointing out that not all hispanics are illegal immigrants. To assume so is bigoted.

  7. Donna says:

    If you can not speak english,…………..you are not here legally. Stealing in any society is illegal. In mexico,………it is the every day normal thing to do. Very corrupt nation. And drinking and driving is no real crime in mexico. Please do not defend corruption of any kind. We all pay for any illegal crimes, animals included. I am in favor of legal immigration, not illegal invasion.

  8. Lisa says:

    Okay people this is not about illegal status or not. #1 if she is in a public office she has to be legal!!! This is about the dog!!!
    I agree with the comment posted that something doesn’t seem right.
    She was the mayor…she knows the laws and knows who to call if she thought it was neglect. She should know that she can report the alleged neglect and have it investigated.
    My thoughts are that she was friends with the owners if not why would they ask her to dog sit. She liked the fact that the dog could be a show dog if it got medical attention. The owners did take it to the vet and they did admit the dog was having a flea problem. If the mayor was so concerned where are the documents that prove this was neglect. If she took the dog to the vet then there should be documentation.
    Why would she tell them the dog was dead knowing they had children? Did she think she was going to get away with it? It appears to be a small town. Get real lady!!!
    I am glad she resigned…nobody like that deserves to be in office. I am glad they finally brought out into public eye how there are “shady” officials!!!
    This has got to stop not only there but in other official offices that have “shady” officials.
    Remember people this is about the dog…the mayor was wrong for telling a lie, the mayor was wrong for stealing the dog..the mayor was wrong for not returning the dog.
    Give the dog back, make the owners get the dog attention, there are things that can be put in place to ensure the dog will be healthy.

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