The Amazing Escape

Black CatCats are tough cookies. One in particular is named Sam from the UK, a stray black cat, who was walking around with an iron drain cover around his neck for six weeks. The cover weighed 3 pounds while Sam only weighed 10.6 pounds. His head was stuck in the hole where a drain pipe would normally fit into.

A resident called Cats Protection and they were able to ease the drain cover off with lubricant. A Cats Protection representative said that “although he has been looked after by a group of neighbors who feed him, Sam is not domesticated and will not allow people to approach him, so no one had been able to catch him to help him. As soon as we heard about Sam we set up a humane trap to catch him so we could get him to a vet.” They think that Sam may have been chasing a rodent and gotten stuck. Sam has been returned to his neighborhood where one neighbor is taking sole responsbility of feeding him and providing a bed on her porch. You truly are a tough cookie, Sam.

One Response to “The Amazing Escape”

  1. susanUnPC says:

    Poor little honey! How lucky she got help, and that she’s now getting regular meals.

    Reminds me of the time my Bear — whose photo Itchmo put up last week — somehow got stuck upside down behind a water heater in a closet. Luckily we could extract him, but it took a while. He was so scared.

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