The Angel Vs. The Devil

Bad Cuz Pet Toy Good Cuz Pet ToyIs your dog more of an angel or more of a devil? Bad Cuz Dog Toys and the Good Cuz Dog Toys are hard rubber squeaky fun toys in assorted sizes and colors. Now your dog can blame the devil toy for your chewed up shoes.

3 Responses to “The Angel Vs. The Devil”

  1. Anonymous says:

    My golden retrievers love these toys. They have a good and a bad cuz. The only negative complaint I’ve read on them was at Amazon, where someone had said that their large dog had chewed off the feet. Surprisingly, my dogs have never discovered this potential, but you might want to supervise your play at first to make sure your pup doesn’t gnaw off the feet.

  2. Anonymous says: also has the Other Cuz [also in both a good and a bad version]. These have no feet. So no worries.

    Also JW Pet has changed the feet of the original Cuz toys so they are no longer solid. I think this must have been due to the possibility of them being chewed off in one solid lump.

    Doggies and peoples love these guys.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My dog (15lb westie) loves this toy as well. I got a yellow angel one for her since I was worried she would find a way to gnaw the horns off the devil one (she deserves a devil one though for sure). Surprisingly enough, she is gentle on this toy and has not ripped off the legs (I was worried). She just loves to run through the house with it while squeaking it in her mouth. She loves the strong squeaker sound. I would also suggest supervision for any dog with any toy until you see how they react to it. This is a great toy!!

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