The Battle Between Britain’s Biggest Dogs


Yesterday, we posted up a story about Samson, who was dubbed Britain’s biggest dog. Now, there could be a new contender.

Meet Tiny, a Great Dane rescue. (You’ve got to love the irony of his name.) He stands 7 feet, 3 inches on his hind legs, so this makes Tiny 10 inches taller than Samson.

His owner says that Tiny has 40 inch legs and sleeps on a couch. He eats 4.4 pounds of meat everyday and weighs 238 pounds. (Samson weighs 276 pounds which makes him heavier than Tiny.)

Still, the competition between Samson and Tiny is not over. Samson is three years old and is still growing.


2 Responses to “The Battle Between Britain’s Biggest Dogs”

  1. furmom says:

    These Super-sized canines are fascinating. Here’s hoping pet owners aren’t tempted to overfeed dog already at risk for bone problems, just so they can make the news.

  2. CIndy says:

    I believe there is a Great Dane in Puyallup, WA that is taller then both of these Danes. His name is Patch and he goes to River Rd Animal Hospital for vet services.

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