The Bizarre Things An Animal Control Officer Encounters

Animal control officers not only deal with cats and dogs, but they have to deal with any kind of animal in the book. Several Boston area Animal Control Officers delved into their stranger experiences on the job.

Snakes on the roof: A house was for sale but no one wanted to go inside the house because four snakes were camping out on top of the roof. They were easily seen all around the neighborhood on the one-story house. Finally, a real estate agent called the local animal control officer.

When the officer got on the roof and was about to throw her net on them, she noticed they were not moving. They were fake rubber snakes. The animal control officer ended up kicking the fake snakes off the roof.

20 Guinea pigs in a bush: A dog owner was worried because her dog had been acting strange and escaped out the front door. The woman followed her dog and saw a large guinea pig that had rolled over and died. She then saw another one that was alive. An animal control officer was called to investigate the scene. After two-and-a-half hours, the officer found 20 guinea pigs in the bushes. 19 of them were alive.

Alligator lounging in the pool: Animal control received a call from a resident saying there was a 3-foot-long alligator in her neighbor’s pool. An officer came to investigate and there was definitely an alligator in the pool.

The man owned an exotic pet shop and somebody dropped the alligator off at his shop. He brought it home and put it in his pool. The neighbor was worried about the safety of the children in the area, so the environmental police was called and the alligator was taken to a place where it could be safe and sound (and without any nosy neighbors peeking at him sunbathing).

Trapped pony in a well: A pony that was living on a residence had gotten trapped when he fell into a well. When the animal control officer got to the scene, the pony was struggling to get out and was banging on the walls. The officer held his halter until a veterinarian gave him a tranquilizer. With the help of the Police Department, the Light Department, and a strong pulley, they were able to free the pony after several hours. The pony ended up to be fine and just had a few cuts and bruises.

Source: Boston Globe

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