The Circus Is Coming To Town!

Moscow Cats TheatreOkay, so usually I’m not really a fan of circuses because clowns just really scare me, but I may overcome my fear of clowns to see one show: The Moscow Cats Theatre. This show showcases cats performing amazing tricks that your household cat probably doesn’t do (if your cat does, then your cat should belong in the show). The cats walk tightropes, walk on their front paws, climb a 10 feet pole and dive down, and leap eight to ten feet from one podium to another. There are a couple of token dogs and clowns in the show too. Here are just some of their national tour dates: in San Francisco from April 28-29, Portland from May 26-27, Seattle from June 2-3, and Montreal from June 23-24. I wonder if the cats are afraid of the clowns too.

7 Responses to “The Circus Is Coming To Town!”

  1. Julia says:

    Not a circus fan. I’ve heard a lot about what hell animals go through while being trained to perform tricks for our pleasure. It’s not easy to train a cat, so I wonder how much hardship and suffering those poor felines had to endure. I’ll pass.

  2. Rose says:

    I have seen interviews with the trainer who said he looks for behaviors the individual cat likes to do and uses the positive food reward training system to slowly encourage them to do an expanded version of this that he thinks the animal will be able to do. For example, with cats that like to jump, he will reward for jumping and gradually the cat will modify it’s behavior to get that food reward.
    He seems to care about his cats… and has said there are many cats that do not have the personalities for the circus, and he doesn’t try and force those individuals to preform if it is not suited to them.

  3. Abra says:

    I am very suspicious of cats doing these types of “acts”. It must take some serious (and I would imagine brutal) conditioning beyond their natural inclinations. This type of anthropomorphism isn’t benevolent towards the feline or canine world, each having many inherently wonderful natural attributes. Why can’t we just sit back and be amazed by their natural knack for acrobatics instead of creating cat circuses and theaters? Sheesh.

  4. Debbie says:

    As an anmal activist, I am ABSOLUTEY against circuses with animals! The wild animals, the elephant, lions, etc., are taken out of their natural habitats,…. and yes, brutally treated, beaten, prodded with hooks until they bleed, and whipped to do un-natural stunts…all for the pleasure of man because “we love animals” (yeah,right!), and the almighty dollar!

    They travel from site to site for hours in very incomfortable train cars When they act out to harm or kill someone, they are automatically shot and killed. In the end, the “fortunate” ones are taken care of by loving, non-profit animal sanctuaries who seek donations. The circuses themselves do not donate any money towards their care, ironically after they have made all the money on them. And RBB&B circus has been sued by and evicted from many towns who know about their cruelties.

    However, I have seen an animal performance at Sea World, FL, that only had domestic animals, such as cats, dogs, and a pig. These animals came from shelters, and would have otherwise been euthanized. They are well taken care of, and I don’t have a problem with that.

  5. susanUnPC says:

    I’m with Julia, Abra and Debbie. We’ve personally investigated the cruel conditions in which animals in Shriner’s circuses are kept, and campaigned against ALL circuses that exploit animals.

    It’s unnecessary, too, to use animals in circuses. There’s Cirque Du Soleil, a marvelous, magical entertainment experience all performed by willing humans.

  6. siameezer says:

    Everything I’ve read about the Moscow Cat Theatre has been positive with regards to how the cats are treated. Many of them are cats that have been rescued from the street. None of them is forced to do anything nor are they brutalised. I’ve also read that they stay with their handlers at night, even sleeping on their beds. They’re not kept in cages.

    I’m opposed to animals in circuses but not to all animal performances. And knowing cats, I can’t believe that cruelty would ever be successful in training cats.

  7. Traci says:

    That is a review on someone’s blog over on

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