The Dog’s World

A Dog and his SquirrelHere are some thoughts from a dog’s world written by an Itchmo reader, Joan. Thanks Joan!

“The Dog’s World”

  • I can hear the cookie jar miles away.
  • If a fly is bugging you, eat it.
  • Scary! some dogs don’t have tails.. I hope mine doesn’t fall off.
  • If you don’t like the food, spit it out.
  • Your home is your bed.
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  • Bad hair day… mirrors are for humans.
  • My chin becomes a weapon when I sneeze.
  • The sun is my clock.
  • If you don’t feel right go out and eat some grass, find a rug, then puke.
  • I can’t figure out who “No!” is. He must not be nice because my human friend screams at him a lot.
  • Just one day I would like to taste squirrel.
  • From my view I see a lot of shoes during my lifetime.
  • I follow the path of glorious smells.
  • My leash is the line to my best friend.
  • Being of sound mind ( except for the matter of cats, squirrels, and strange noise at night ) I give all my worldly goods to my master in my dog will… by this evening you will find the chewed hole in the Persian rug.
  • One day I would like to put a human on a diet.
  • Sometimes my master chases me with a little square box that flashes bright lights into my eyes.. weird.
  • The floor is my kingdom.
  • I found it! - why do I have to give you the used gum.
  • Squeaky toys should have a warning label. “Hazard, do not use after midnight”.
  • Sitting in the big tree, the neighborhood cat told me the reason birds fly is because they eat worms - I’ll keep digging, one day I might find that worm.
  • I’m so friendly when I’m wet.
  • You don’t fool me while I’m sleeping, I can still hear those car keys.
  • My master creates winter in the summer, just for me!, frozen water - “ice cubes”, a big puddle - “wading pool”, a nice wind - “fan”, rain - “sprinkler”, refreshing, blowing, refrigerator air - “the vent”.
  • It’s weird when I eat flavored steam - I see it, but it disappears in my mouth.
  • A dog day is 168 hours long, no wonder I need lots of naps.
  • 2 Responses to “The Dog’s World”

    1. Jacqueline Marcia Anderson says:


      YOU HAVE MADE MY MEMORIAL DAY WEEK-END PERFECT! I, too, loved and was loved by my beauty Madmoisselle Sara Jean a Welshie! She entered puppy Heaven at the age of 13 years due to kidney failure.

      She was JUST EXACTLY like your beauty! I love your writing– it made me LAUGH instead of crying over my baby who has been gone for about 4 years, now!

      Please, if you can send me a picture of your Welshie to place next to her picture in a scrapbook. I will name it “Kissin’ Kussins”!

    2. Jacqueline Marcia Anderson says:

      Hello again, Joan!

      Maybe you could attach a picture to an e-mail to me!


      an Americanized Canadian

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