The Great (And Enclosed) Outdoors For Your Cat

Outdoor Cat PlaypenFor those who want their cat to get a little fresh air but stay in an enclosed area, there is the Outdoor Cat Playpen.

Your cat can get some sun but can also stay protected in the playpen. It includes two suspended hammocks inside, so your cat can get some much needed rest. There are also three flags with attached bells just in case if your cat wants to be stimulated. Now your cat can’t get into any trouble while outside.

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From Hammacher Schlemmer:

This playpen exposes your indoor cat to sunlight and the outdoors in a shaded, protected enclosure. Made of rugged water-resistant nylon mesh that protects cats, and supported by a powder-coated steel alloy frame that opens like a fan into a hexagon, the pen easily assembles using Velcro, zippers and four ground stakes. The interior of the pen has two suspended hammocks on which cats can rest while watching their surroundings, and a clear vinyl zippered doorway. Includes three flags with attached bells that serve as cat toys. The pen folds easily for storage, is easy to clean, and includes a zippered storage bag. Imported. 38″ H x 48″ W x 24″ D. (17 1/2 lbs.)

4 Responses to “The Great (And Enclosed) Outdoors For Your Cat”

  1. Mike S. says:

    I would use this only under constant human supervision.

    What if a dog wanders into your yard? The dog could easily attack and kill the cat because the cat would not be able to escape or properly defend itself. A dog has a powerful bite, that nylon mesh will not protect a cat from a dog.

  2. catmom5 says:

    My cats saw this and want one!!!

  3. mittens says:

    everytime i buy them a cat tunnel or tent or kitty condo they sniff it once and go back to the nearest paper bag or cardboard box.

  4. furmom says:

    My cat saw this and went outside to chase squirrels. He did think it might have some use if you could bait it with peanutbutter and leave it out near the squirrels hide out.

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