The Grief Over The Loss Of A Pet

Dog MemorialMy heart and thoughts go out to all pet owners that have lost a devoted pet.

Even though I have dealt with the death of my own beloved pets, it still is hard for me to swallow that my pet currently in my life will eventually pass on and I will have to live without my special furry friend. Even just thinking about it, I am devastated. I know that I am not alone. For most pet owners, losing a pet is incredibly heartbreaking. They have lost a member of their family. They need time to heal just as if a person had passed away.

In the past several months, the loss of a pet has weighed heavily on many pet owners’ minds. With the massive pet food recalls leading to the deaths of thousands of cats and dogs, we all grieved and still grieve for those who lost an innocent pet.

Just this weekend, I was reminded of how a death of a pet can trigger so many emotions. The story of the man who pleaded guilty to murdering his parents with an ax has been on the news. The man exploded with rage when his mother laughed after his pet cat died. Because she laughed at the cat’s death, he believed that his mother had poisoned his cat. Even though the man seemed to have many unresolved childhood issues with his parents, it is believed that the triggering event was his mother’s reaction to his hurt and grief over the loss of his cat.

This made me think of how the death of a pet is viewed in society. For pet owners, we understand and empathize when we hear that someone has lost a pet. But, how about non-pet owners? Do some laugh at us and question why would we cry over “just a cat” or “just a dog”? Would the deaths of thousands of pets due to the pet food recalls been more significant if they had been the deaths of children or humans? Does the majority of the society still mock the importance we put on pets?

A man in China was ridiculed by local residents when he spent $13,000 on a funeral for his beloved dog. All he wanted to do was show his love and respect for his loyal best friend.

In Kentucky, there is controversy over a pet being buried in a cemetery partly because people don’t want to be buried next to a dog — as well as a heated debate over the dog’s name.

Regardless over what society may think, we do feel pain when our pets pass on. We also must have a healing process for the loss of our pets.

Here are some suggestions for coping with a death of a pet:

  • Take care of your body. Make sure to eat even if you may not feel like it, and get enough sleep.
  • Talk to people who can empathize with your grief. Consistent interaction and sharing with those you feel comfortable around will be most beneficial. Our Forums offers an area for mourning pet parents.
  • Maintain structure in your life by continuing to do the activities you did before the loss. Structure will help your regain your bearings.
  • Perform a ritual when you feel the time is right. Some have funerals at a pet cemetery or memorials with friends and family. Others may create a small shrine for a brief time.
  • Allow yourself to feel sadness and loss. This is normal and everyone shows their grief differently.

40 Responses to “The Grief Over The Loss Of A Pet”

  1. Stefani says:

    Thank you for this touching and useful piece.

    My cat Toonces, who I lost in 2006, was one the “people” I loved most in the world. I know not everyone understands, but Itchmo readers will. I loved him more than almost anyone.

    Losing a pet under any circumstances can cause intense grief. But imagine how you would feel if your beloved pet of many years was hurt or killed by a veterinarian you had trusted.

    That is what happened to Toonces. He was given a massive overdose of insulin at the vets.

    All pet “parents” feel guilt when their pets become ill, it seems to be unavoidable. Did I notice soon enough? Did I feed him the right food? Did I do enough? Did he have a good life? Did I “let him go” at the right time?

    But the questions, the guilt, and the grief are multiplied when the pets demise (or injury) is associated with the actions of a veterinarian you have trusted. You realize with horror, that you trusted the wrong person, and your pet paid for it.

    Toonces survived the overdose, but he was severely brain damaged. I was overcome with horror, grief, guilt, and of course, anger when I learned that the vet had NO licensed technicians on duty that weekend — instead, he let his son, an unlicensed assistant, give insulin to my cat. Unsupervised, he used the wrong syringe.

    I nursed Toonces for two years hoping he would recover more brain function. But in those two years he never regained the ability to eat or drink without help, to use a litter box, to jump, or to purr. I did my best to make his life, so much diminished, as good as I could.

    On top of the grief of those two years, as hope slowly faded, was the ultimate grief when I had to let him go finally.

    I loved him so very much. I do till this very day, and always will.

    Toonces, I am so very sorry. I love you now and forever.

    People who love your pets, please be wary at the vets. Don’t just blindly trust. There are too many of us grieving for this to be considered a “rare” occurrence.

    Visit Vet Abuse Network ( if you want links to lots of stories that prove my point, or Stempy’s site (

    The Toonces Project
    “Is Your Pet Safe at the Vet?”

  2. mittens says:

    i find that the people around me full well know how much my cats mean to me-but i am mostly surrounded by people who love their pets and treat them as family members. when my beloved persian died after a serious illness-she was not only part of my family but my familiar-people brought over cassarole dishes just as they would after human boss allowed me to come in whenever i could while trying to work around vet appointments and the final taking her to be cremated. when trying to decide to put to sleep my tabby in crf, i called my work in tears and my boss gave me as many days off as i felt i needed.she never hesitated for a second.

    no one is more irreverant and mocking about death then i am but if anyone ever questioned the care and devotion i have for my pets i probably wouldn’t have a place for them in my life. if you don’t like cats i have to say i consider you plain no good and highly suspect. in a society full of cruel deviants and sociopathic people who care for nothing but themselves, it matters little what collectively some may think of my love of my cats. how better off we’d all be if humans cared for each other as some of us care for our animal friends.

    i think with the recent deaths of several of my older cats the biggest problem i faced was finding an appropriate urn for their ashes- what expensive ugly crap is offered even for humans. this society seems to view death as more a money making proposition than a natural human event that requires honoring the spirit of the departed.i think if we could focus more on the spiritual aspects of the death of any creature rather than the rigmarole of the death industry and the thoughts of ‘ what others might think’ we’d all have a better fondation for dealing with death in a more healthy, balanced manner.the way human death is treated in our culture is as ridiculous to me as some view anyone approaching the death of a pet seriously and with true feeling .

    there’s much to be learned from death-after all it’s going to get you in the end. might as well make your peace instead of trying to sanitize and manipulate it into kmart brand conformity and hermetically sealed cookie cutter ‘respectablity’ with an outrageous price tag.

  3. Debra says:

    Years ago, a coworker of mine asked to take bereavement leave (3 days off with pay) for the death of her dog. At the time, I didn’t get it and thought she was “milking it” - this was the same person who asked to take bereavement leave 6 months after her grandfather’s death to go on a cruise in his honor.

    However, now that I’m a pet parent myself, I get it. Unfortunately, too well. My dog Simba died last year - he was in surgery and just didn’t wake up from the anesthesia - and I was consumed with grief. My employer was extremely understanding and let me take all the time I needed - they knew that Simba wasn’t just a dog to me, he was a family member, my baby.

    My heart goes out to all of you who’ve lost pets / companion animals / four-legged family members / furbabies.

  4. E. Hamilton says:

    I have outlived many pets, this is a reality I can accept and deal with but the depth of my grief over the loss of ALL my pets due to poison and the agony that has been the last 6 months of illness, betrayal , cover ups and then the daily knife in my heart that is the minimizing of the true death toll, that is a new thing.
    One that I will NOT accept.

    I can’t even begin to heal while the lies of the PFI, FDA, the entire pet food industry, the media, the TV ad blitz by the very company that KILLED my pets and so many others continues.
    My loss does not diminish when I see the TV ads, it grows.
    The little peace I can find is shattered daily by the TV ads and the dismissive and insulting attitude of the industry that sold me POISON labeled as premium pet food.

    I cannot even look at a vet without wanting to vomit, because they did NOTHING to get the news about the symptoms of the poison into the news.

    I wish I could find a way to forgive someday but I refuse to even try until those that did this and then lied and covered up take the steps to admit the wrong, make amends and ask publicly for forgiveness.
    And it is a LONG list of offenders, getting longer every day.

    Yes, the pain of having a beloved pet die is never easy but twisting the knife daily for months was cruel and made it a thousand times worse. And this cruelty will be inflicted on my heart yet again tonight if I turn on a TV and tomorrow too, if I open a magazine , go to a store and see a pet food aisle, answer my phone to hear a friend ask we what food MIGHT be safe, what new poison is being found by private testing. And when I have to say that, no, the pet food companies that spend so much on TV ads are STILL not paying vet bills, still lying about the death toll, still covering up.

    I wish the nightmare would end, I fear it never will. When the grief is made into a fresh hell every single day then healing may never be possible.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Genetic Roulette
    The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods
    Jeffrey M. Smith
    Consider some findings:
    Animals fed genetically modified (GM) foods developed bleeding stomachs, potentially precancerous cell growth, damaged organs and immune systems, kidney inflammation, problems with blood and liver cells, and unexplained deaths.
    Soy allergies skyrocketed in the United Kingdom after GM soy was introduced.
    Genes from GM crops transfer to human gut bacteria. This might transform our intestinal flora into living pesticide factories.

    The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s At Stake for American Power
    Mark Schapiro
    Plastic, Poison, and Power
    in the New World Order

  6. Stefani says:

    PS to author Emily, all of your suggestions are right on. I found the memorializing especially helpful. Even though I know my beloved Toonces is not “there,” planting flowers on his grave soothes my soul, makes me feel that I am doing something for him, and gives me time and space to honor him. Creating space for acknowledging the death, the life, and the onging value that individual has in your life — even if it brings tears — really does help much more than trying to push on as though it has not happened.

  7. Moonbeam says:

    Oh, the grief is sooooo terrible - it’s like pulling out my own flesh when my pet died and now one has cancer and I pet her head and think how very very sad it will be when she’s gone. But she’s not ready yet, and she knows she’s sick and each day I thank God she is still with me. Even though I have several dogs, each is special and wonderful and I thank God that they have graced my life with their special being and love.

    I feel really really sad for E. and her pain that never ends. I pray for you E. that one day you will have a dog again to love.

  8. Ruth says:

    E. Hamilton you are so right on…….on how I feel. Everday its been harder to cope seeing the ads either in magazines or TV knowing that the pet food companies are the ones responsible for the deaths of our pets. It’s even worse and hard to take are the one’s who keep saying their food is safe and therefore unrecalled.

    I know that nothing will bring back my little dog. Only the grief keeps getting harder to deal with.

    I had other family pets who were put to sleep years ago. And was able to deal with it. But this time the grief has been overbearingly unbelieveable. My guilt and anger has been devastating to my health. I also feel that my Vet also let me down when treating my pet. And that was unforgivable.

    I know how some people think that it was “just a dog”…. get over it or “get another dog” doesn’t help. Marley was “just a dog” BUT she was MY dog, MY pet, MY companion, she made me laugh every night before I went to bed with her nightly routine antics. She didn’t ask for much, only to be taken care of, not poison by the food she ate. JUST A DOG WHO WAS VERY LOVED. AND VERY MISSED, EVERYDAY.

  9. wescott20 says:

    Stefani, I visited your website a couple of days ago…Toonces was very beautiful and I’m really sorry about what you and Toonces had to go through at the hands of that incompetent bastard. Your website is a valuable resource for all pet owners as it will help us choose better vets by helping us to avoid the ones who have a bad track record…we need that since we can’t trust the veterinary industry to stand up for and protect pet owners from rotten vets…thank you for putting it up.

  10. E. Hamilton says:

    I refuse to get another pet , until, or unless I guess I should say, this whole poisoned pet food thing is dealt with by the pet food industry.

    Not covered up, not lied about, not minimized, not ignored.

    I have been offered puppies, purebred and mixed, by breeders and friends, I turn away and will not even touch them, hard as that is, because I cannot afford to weaken my resolve and I will not support the pet industry in ANY way, nor will I pay a vet a dime. Not now, maybe not ever.
    That will depend on when, if ever, a vet sacks up and stands up and starts screaming in outrage about what was done to us and our pets.
    My view is that unless someone is outraged by the events of the recall then they have no business being a vet and they certainly get NONE of my business.

    I made a young girl cry because I would not let her pay the adoption fee to get me a kitten. I explained why I could not and would not accept her very sweet offer, then we cried together for the hurt and injustice of it all. She tells all her friends how hateful the pet food companies are and this thoughtful child is going to be a damned tough sell for any of the sappy pet food ads, that I can promise you.

    And Ruth- your vet DID betray you, they all betrayed all of us.

  11. Trudy Jackson says:

    I feel like you do E. Every day is just another reminder of my loss. The pet food commercials drive Me insane and it seems as if We are all becoming just one of “those” people who lost their pets during the poisening. Lets move on now.
    But I can’t stop the terrible heartache I feel every time I water the flowers on the graves I have. It hurts every time. and i talk to them and tell them i’m so sorry.
    If it goes back as far as I am begining to find out, one of My very beloved show cats, just a little house hold pet, died of kidney disease. And now I know why. It was a terrible death for Her. If someone had told Me about the food she wouldn’t have suffered for so long. Even at that time, I remember saying it was strange that I had never lost a cat to kidney problems. she was in perfect health until that day. Had even given blood to another cat to try to save His life, so I know she was healthy.
    And My other kitties were getting older in age, but they should not have gone the way they did.
    So every time I see it and hear it, I get sad all over. And they keep sending Me samples of cat food. It just breaks my heart all over again.

  12. Trudy Jackson says:

    Anonymous, How do We get around buying [GM] foods? It seems to be everywhere? What can We do about it? I for one, would like to eat healthy. I bought Lou dobbs book, and it really is scarey to think that so much goes on without us even knowing it.
    And has anyone really figured out where the bees are gone?
    Some days it’s so discouraging to think about all that’s going on with the pets, the food, our water. Where do We go from here?
    I’m glad you posted that.

  13. E. Hamilton says:

    I consider that I am at war with the entire pet industry.
    They sold me poison labeled as premium pet food and then they lied and covered up and insulted me and every other pet parent who suffered a sick or dead pet.
    THAT was a mistake.

    I reach more people everyday with the truth and the fact that the cover up is still going on makes the pet food companies look worse than anything else.
    The vets who did NOTHING to get the news about the symptoms of the poison have suffered an absolutely earned loss of respect and the fact that it was MONEY that made them betray the pets has cost the vets more than they will ever earn from the pet food.

    The mainstream media that ignored us, the FDA that lied, the PFI and all of the pet food companies that are STILL not paying the vet bills?
    Buckle up you bastids, because you have never faced an enemy as committed or as ruthless as the one you face now.

  14. Trudy Jackson says:

    E., Go for it. And count on all of us to help in any way We can. This cannot be swept under the rug.

  15. Karen Goodhart says:

    To E. Hamilton:

    I am so sorry for your loss and what you have been through. I lost one cat to the pet recall and have a second one recovering from kidney failure, both results of the pet food contamination.

    It’s a shame that even your vet let you down, but I can’t say that about all vets. My vet in Savannah opened her facilities (normally only opened 9-6) to me, 24/7, during the time she was treating Maks.

    She had more than one case of the food poisoning at the time and she allowed the media to film, photograph, and interview all of the animals and staff involved She has kept up with me step for step in every aspect of this entire thing and notifies me the minute she learns anything new.

    Keep your head up and keep looking for a new vet. There are still some good ones out there who are dedicated to animals.

    God Bless,

  16. Trudy Jackson says:

    Emily, thank you for having this on itchmo. We are all in grief. And sometimes it is overbearing.
    When people like this share their grief, it does help a little. You don’t feel like you’re the only one who feels so terrible.

  17. E. Hamilton says:

    Karen, thank you but I have no need of a vet as my pets are now a rather pathetic collection of cremation certificates and I will not be getting another pet anytime soon. As I have been a life long pet parent this causes many people to freak out, which is good because it makes them THINK.

    People pay a lot of attention when I ask THEM this question,

    If they could do this to us pet owners, well, what makes you think they won’t do it to YOU, or your kids?

    or this one,

    Wouldn’t you rather fight this battle now, or do you want to wait until it happens to YOU?

    or this one

    If they are lying and covering up this, and they are, here is the PROOF, what else are they lying to you about and what will it cost you?

    And just how much support and sympathy do you think you are gonna get from me when it happens?

    When a normally semi sweet old lady lays it on the line like that, folks listen.

  18. E. Hamilton says:

    And Karen,
    the pet food was NOT contaminated, it was POISON.

    If the pet food companies had gotten out on TV and said the symptoms of the poison in time to save some pets, paid the bills and by god APOLOGIZED for doing this to our pets, maybe there would be a chance to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    But once the cover up started it no longer mattered if it was not deliberate, the lies and the cover up mean that it could very well have been deliberate.
    The delay in the recalls, the poison in UNRECALLED food, the spin by the PFI, the media blowing us off, the FDA lies about the numbers, the big ad push by the pet food company?

    If it acts guilty and it lies to cover up guilt and it cannot face those it wronged, well, it looks mighty guilty to me!

  19. Beth says:

    HELP!! HELP!!
    I started preparing a home diet for my epileptic dog with high liver enzymes. It was a diet written by Dr. Donald Brombeck, a noted animal nutritionist from the UC Davis Vet School.
    The main ingredient of the diet are tofu, cottage cheese and white rice.
    I purchased a large bag of white rice from Wal Mart Superstore and poured it into my rice cannister. I prepare 4 1/2 Cups of rice every-other-day, so I was half way thru the cannister within two weeks time when I couldn’t “dip into” the rice with my measuring cup. I removed the canister from my pantry. It was total mold===not the traditional “black” mold, but green and yellow and when I took the lid off, water poured into the canister. I called CDC and was referred to various Ohio facilities—Dept. of Agriculture, local health dept… satisfaction. I took the container of “growing” rice to my vet and paid $135 for a culture to be sent to the Vet lab…he uses Antech in Chicago….
    I got the report last night. It is “Enterobacter, species pantoea, coagulase negative”.
    I have been trying to find out if this is a pathogenic bacteria. Does anyone know?
    It’s difficult to tell if any of my dogs have problems, especially the epileptic dog since she has so many side effects from her medications. I myself made appointments with the opthamologist and the gastroenterologist after eating some of this rice, but not aware that it was “growing” when I started getting sick.
    I now have the number for the local FDA representative. Where else should I turrn? you can email me direct at :
    Thanks in advance.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Beth, please go to our forums (in our top navigation) and post your question there. Someone may be of help in our Forums.

  20. MaineMom says:

    Beth - have you gone to The particular species you refer to is not listed, but there is a great deal of info on this bacteria.

  21. Jenny Bark says:

    Beth I don’t have any answers for you but I know somebody on Itchmo will. I just want you to know my husband & I are praying for you & your family & sending love.

  22. E. Hamilton says:

    The Alice Army is on the march, go to the forum and get busy.

  23. Anonymous says:

    E. - This is for you. Quote by Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951). “Advertising is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest way of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless.”

  24. nora says:

    Use only Whole Grain Brown Rice product of USA, please. Also E. Hamilton, I too want to smash in the TV screen and scream everytime Purina or Eukanuba or Iam’s or Natural Balance or ANY of the commercial pet foods commercials come on. What a crock of lies and brainwashing they are giving to the public. If anything ever happened to my Aussie, Rufus, I really don’t think I would want to go on even though I know that I must . I love him that much.

  25. E. Hamilton says:

    Nora, it is a growing thing now for people to yell “Lying Bastids!” or some version a bit stronger if you get my drift, at the TV when those ads come on, some throw popcorn or rolled up socks at the TV too.

    It helps. And ads that get ridiculed are not real effective now are they?

    Everyone please go to the forum, making a difference section, Alice Army thread and join us, we are back on the march and instead of grieving for my dead pets, and yours, let us make THEM grieve !

    The Alice Army has a uniform now too. Go put on your lipstick (this is optional for the guys) because it is your big mouth that is going to hurt the enemy and I want you to look pretty while you do it!

  26. Jenna says:

    This attitude is even worse if your pet isn’t a dog or cat. My husband and I got a guinea pig as our first pet together when we were in an apartment. We doted on him like a child. And when Chewy passed away, I simply couldn’t go in to work. I couldn’t function and when I called in to work (a previous job, not where I am not today) my boss laughed at me and told me to come to work. I actually did go in later for a half day because I felt like staying home would jeopardize my job. But it made my grief twice as bad to know that people around me thought I was being crazy and having to try and pretend everything was normal the rest of the day.

  27. Bill Rozich says:

    Dear Itchmo,

    If you have any documentation re the deaths of thousands of pets do to problems with their food and the pet food recall please share it with me.

    I have done a fair amount of research and can find no such evidence. I randomly called 50 vets and they don’t have any evidence. I talked to the chain of veterinary clinics assocaited with PetSmart and they have records of a million pet visits over the last couple of months and they don’t have any evidence of deaths of the thousands that are attributed to pet food contamination.

    I am starting to think this is one of those stories that got out of hand because if it were true then there should be thousands of deaths associated with it and as far as I can tell that is not the case.

    I must tell that as a pet owner (two dogs and two cats) I am pissed if that is the case. I am relieved, not just for me but for every pet owner in the country but I am pissed at what we all had to go through.

    I await your response.


  28. Bill Rozich says:

    Do you know “what will not be published” means? I was asking a question of the web site ownere/managers not the general public. Do you not realize that by reproducing my e-mail to you on your web site you are publishing it. I simply wanted to know if you had any information to confirm the existence of the problems associated with the pet food recall.


  29. E. Hamilton says:

    Bill, even the FDA, the lying FDA, admits that they have 18,000 complaints with over 9 THOUSAND reported deaths.


  30. E. Hamilton says:

    menu foods class action lawsuits

    Federal judges that told menu foods to STOP harassing pet parents.
    All of these people would be delighted to enlighten you, Bill, and teach you how to do research.

  31. nora says:

    I am sad to say that Bill’s reaction and response is so common out there. The (mainstream) public is unenlightened, uninformed and oblivious of the HUGE death toll and the HUGE coverup and the Veteranarians that shrugged off the issue so they could keep selling the Iams, Eukauba and Science Diet they had in stock…….Although I am sure there are also courageous and concerned vets who have done all they could to take care of the pets they were caring for when the pet food recall hit. Sometimes when I attempt to tell someone they should change foods (and possibly start cooking) for their cat or dog because of described Illnesses or constant vomiting and bad skin conditions, they just will not listen and don’t have a clue about the facts. They, my friends, have been brainwashed and cannot accept the truth.

  32. E. Hamilton says:

    Even a cursory web search will turn up statements from
    the FDA ackowledging that the death toll is in the thousands,
    at the least.

    It is very incriminating for the pet food companies that monitor this,
    and other sites and blogs, to still be attempting to minmize the true death
    toll and what the entire pet industry (with a few notable exceptions)
    has inflicted on those of us who lost our pets and those that are STILL
    caring for pets who will be sick and require care for the rest of their lives.
    Expensive care and a little more heartache for a group that has already
    suffered staggering costs to bring the truth to this country.

    How many people did our canary’s save from death by poison?
    And to keep trying to sell the lie now means there must be even worse
    things hiding in the pet food. How many of us STILL have stashes of POISON,
    as well as vet bills that the pet food companies are STILL not paying?

    More food needs to be tested.

    I need suggestions as to who to trust to handle the funds for testing of pet foods,
    from selling t-shirts. I had an idea that, perhaps, one of the legal firms involved
    in a class action might want to buddy up with us on that, get more goods
    on the baddies for them and there would be accounting for the money we send to them,
    anybody got ideas on what to do?

  33. Stefani says:

    Thank you Wescott20, for looking at the site, and for your condolences. We will be updating with a summary of DC data over the weekend. I also have records from Texas, Washington state, and updates from Maryland that I haven’t had time to put up yet. If you would like veterinary discipline records from a particular state, you can email me through the website and let me know.

    The Toonces Project
    “Is Your Pet Safe at the Vet?”

  34. Jay says:

    One early source (and one of the few authorites with a conscience) was a state agency in Oregon. Even in those early days, the sheer numbers they were reporting when extended across the country indicated the hundreds, soon to be thousands, that would perish at hands of Menu Foods (and their contractees) & members of the PFI (and their stooges).

    Most Vets appear to be lost when it comes to this tragedy. Of course, for them its money and the marketing of many of the foods that were eventually recalled, a state of denial that is criminal. My bud died on March 2 and my Vet kept asking, “did he get into something?” “Any toxins around the house?”

    Yeah, SIR, he got a belly full of toxin. It’s called GREED (though in the real world it was called Priority pouches at Safeway and which I hope all will boycott that brand now and forever).

    My vets probably catalogued that death as owner error — fools that they are.

  35. SMITH111 says:

    I have lost two cats, my best friends. One just recently to renal failure. This may be still going on. What is safe? Nothing, I fear is the answer. I was never a cynical person until this, but now I trust no food companies. Will the truth ever be known? Probably not, but I have learned to love again. I have adopted two rescue cats and they help me with the pain. I will never forget, may never forgive, but I will go forward. That’s all I can do. May you all find a way to heal.

  36. SMITH111 says:

    To Bill Rozich:
    Shall we send you our vet’s bills? How about a picture of my two cats cremation urns? Maybe then you will understand.

  37. E. Hamilton says:

    I think the poster who was was actually a shill, paid for by the pet food companies or the PFI to defuse this thread. It is common practice among some less than ethical companies.

    Kinda like all those TV ads you are seeing? The coupons and sample offers?
    You know, all the things the pet food companies are spending big bucks on while STILL not paying the vet bills.
    Or admitting the death toll.
    Or testing for the REAL poisons.
    Or apologizing.

    Another little knife in the heart, just to keep the wounds fresh and painful.
    And paid for with money they got from US by selling poison labeled as premium pet food.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Today is a week since My beloved cat died. He was so sweet and so smart. I loved him so much and we grew very close over the years. He was so human in his actions, and showed me so much love and trust. I believe he was misdiagnosed as having fiv and was not put on any antibiotics. He was never sick a day in his life until last Friday. Brought him to the vet, took blood vet put him on ivs and Sunday he was found dead in his cage. I was about ready to tell the vet on Sunday, if there was no change to please confirm the diagnosis with the Webster test and start antibiotics. The reason I did not say this sooner is that I was in shock with his diagnosis. This cat was an indoor cat that is one reason why I am questioning the fiv. Anyway, none of my so called friends have been there for me. ONe ex-boyfriend told me the other day, stop carrying on he was just an animal. Meanwhile this cat loved my ex-boyfriend. No one understands unless they truly loved their pet. This cat was not my animal he was my son. However, the day after his death, I went to work and cried for a whole week when I got home. Many of you out there have been very lucky to have friends and employers who understand. I wish I could have had someone to make me dinner or to hold my hand. I miss him every day, he slept with me with his head on my shoulder, when i would get up, he was up when I went to sleep he went to sleep, he always loved when I would kiss him which was often, he would throw his head back and kiss me back on my nose. He was incredible. I kept asking God why him only seven years old and never a sign of illness until last week. I have had so much to deal with in my life, why take him away. There are no answers. As far as people saying that we will meet again, no one really knows for sure. All I feel now is that I abandoned him in the Vets office and he died two days later. I did hold him the day before and told him that I am trying to do the best for him. What’s the use I can keep going on. I will never get a cat again, nor any other pet I can never go through this pain or trust myself to know when a cat is sick since at times it is hard to tell. I do know what all these people are going through, but where’s the justice for all the other cats that were poisoned through their food. This world is insane and that is why I choose never to get a pet again.

  39. Carol says:

    We put my beloved Becky to everlasting rest yesterday and I am hurting so bad I can’t stand it. She was a beautiful black and white Springer Spaniel and was part of my life for 12 1/2 years and I can’t believe she is gone. She had cancer and had been in pain for a long time. Although her pain is gone mine is just beginning. The grief is overwhelming. I am writing this because I felt there would be others out there who could relate to what I am going through. Thanks for listening.

  40. Recover From The Grief Of Pet Loss. | says:

    […] Choice ? Petmemorialworld’s WeblogLoving Memories: The Grieving Process | Creative Pet UrnsThe Grief Over The Loss Of A Pet | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats Tags pet health pet pet care Verschiedene Keywords This product is also listed in Health […]

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