Investigation Continues With Michael Vick

Investigators met yesterday to examine evidence in the investigation of Michael Vick and his possible involvement in a dog fighting operation at his house. They came away from the investigation with no comments and saying that the investigation was ongoing.

Also, on Monday, Washington Redskins players Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels defended Michael Vick and ridiculed the fact that dogfighting is a crime. Portis said: “I don’t know if he was fighting dogs or not but it’s his property; it’s his dogs. If that’s what he wants to do, do it. You’re putting him behind bars for no reason — over a dog fight.” Hours later on Monday night, Portis issued this statement: “in the recent interview I gave concerning dog fighting, I want to make it clear I do not take part in dog fighting or condone dog fighting in any manner.”

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  1. Campaign Launched To Convince Major Sports Leagues To Crackdown On Dog Fighting Among Athletes | Itchmo says:

    […] Best Friends Animal Society has launched a campaign called “It’s Not Cool To Be Cruel.” With the campaign, Best Friends hopes to convince major league sports figures to crack down on dog fighting among professional athletes. […]

  2. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    joe says:
    “lawrence is worthless, somebody should put him in a cage with a pitbull and see what happens to him. The mental and physical abuse of those animals is unforgivable.”

    The thing is, these dogs are almost always so people-friendly that if you did put the lovely Lawrence in a cage with a Pit Bull, he’d get licked to death and his arms would fall off from having to give so many belly-scratches. That’s what makes dogfighting doubly evil. A Pit Bull is so eager to please his master he will do whatever is asked of him, whether it is sniffing out hidden drugs, catching a frisbee or tearing another dog to pieces. Pit Bulls are good dogs IN THE RIGHT HANDS.

    In the hands of people like Michael Vick and Clinton Portis they would be taught to kill, and then they would suffer horribly and die for doing what their master says to do.

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