The New Alternative Family

Dog Pushing a Stroller Okay. I’ll admit it. I think dogs are way cuter than babies. Whenever someone shows me their newborn, I think… nah, not as cute as my dog and think if the baby had some fur and a tail how much better he would look. I’m not the only one out there that has this opinion. The city of Seattle also favors dogs over children. According to a 2000 census, in Seattle, there were 150,000 dogs while there were only 90,000 children. We also have fewer households with children than any other large city besides San Francisco. Just look around us- the number of off leash dog parks, dog day cares, dog groomers, dog therapists and any other specialty dog store has drastically increased over the years. Nowadays, whenever I see a woman pushing a stroller, I have to wonder if there is a baby or a dog inside.

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  1. itchmo!seattle » Blog Archive » Groovin’ Mini-Pets says:

    […] are known for loving our dogs and music (we have more dogs than children in Seattle and we’re the birthplace of grunge music and Jimi Hendrix). So, how can we merge our two […]

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