The New World’s Smallest Dog?

DancerOpen up your pocket and you can fit the world’s smallest dog in it. Dancer, a long-haired chihuhaua, weighs only 18 ounces and is just about 4.1 inches tall from foot to the top of the shoulder. Since Dancer isn’t one-year-old yet (he turns one on June 8), he can’t claim the title yet. When Dancer was born, he was about the size of a thumb and vets were saying that he wouldn’t make it because he would have serious health problems due to his small stature. Well, Dancer proved everyone wrong and is doing well and his only health problem now is low blood sugar. Good luck Dancer!

4 Responses to “The New World’s Smallest Dog?”

  1. Sandy says:


  2. ali says:

    OMG! it is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! And ya wow its small! :o!!!
    :DDDD I WANT THAT DOG! so cute!!!!

  3. Lana Elswick says:

    Boo Boo Elswick is the new title holder for The Guinness Book of World Records Smallest Living Dog in Height

  4. rebecah says:

    OMG…….that puppie like so totallly cute.i just LOVE puppies like that

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