The Pet Alarm

MotiOur cats and dogs are not only our companions and best friends, but sometimes they are our heroes and they save our lives. Here are some pets that alerted their owners of danger. A heroic incident occurred in New Jersey, when a robber entered the store and pointed a gun at the owner’s wife and then the store owner’s dog began barking at the robber. The robber fled the store, but before leaving, he did take a shot at the dog. The dog, a 5-year-old German shepard named Moti (pictured here), had emergency surgery and is doing well and wanted to go back to work the next day. He definitely is a work horse! Good job Moti!

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In Renton, Washington, a sleepless cat woke up her owner, and when her owner got up, she discovered that there was a man with a knife in her living room. He was a convicted sex offender and may have been targeting her teenage daughter. Fortunately, the man left when the woman yelled at him. They also have gotten a dog to have double protection against any intruders.

There were two separate incidences of dogs waking up their owners to alert them of fires in the house: one in Illinois and one in Alaska. Both owners and their dogs got out safely.

Kudos and a big thanks to all of these pets who keep an eye out for us and are so much better than an expensive and complicated security alarm.

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