The Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds


Is your cat friendly? Here is a list of the Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds — particularly with children and strangers — that was compiled by animal behaviorists and veterinarians.

#1: Abyssinian — They are extremely loyal, affectionate with people and quite intelligent. These cats are also fond of water and can be an excellent swimmer.

#2: Exotic Shorthair — Exotics are essentially the Persian breed, with a short-haired coat. They have a gentle and tame personality.

#3: Birman — They are a “people’s cat” and bond well with their owners. These cats enjoy greeting their owners when they come home.

#4: Burmese — Both the American and British Burmese form strong bonds with their owners and are drawn to any kind of human activity. They can be quite playful and will retrieve items for their owners.

#5: Maine Coon — These cats were originally bred to control the rat populations on Maine farms. They were named in the belief that they were half raccoon. They are quite active.


#6: Manx — These cats are primarily known for their “tailless” gene. Some manx cats can be born with different sized tails or no tails at all. They bond strongly with their owners, but they may have difficulty when moving to a new home.

#7: Persian — They are among the most affectionate and loyal of cats. They have consistently ranked as one of the most popular cat breeds ever.

#8: Ragdoll — They are known for their intelligence and loyal nature. They have a “puppy” like personality. They easily learn their name and come when they are called. They love to play and are affectionate.

#9: Somali — These cats are very affectionate and sometimes choose human affection over food. They are very playful and loyal.

#10: Chantilly/Tiffany — They are affectionate, loyal and friendly. They sometimes may be a little wary of strangers.

Feel free to add your comments about the top 10 list or share stores of your friendly cat!

23 Responses to “The Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds”

  1. mittens says:

    i have to say my long haired persian( tortie colored, normal nose)-perhaps not a pure bred but still the loyalest cat i have ever known. sweet as pie but definitely NOT a pushover-you had to earn her love and once you did she was miss love bomb. i miss her every day. she used to greet everyone who came to the house and was front and center even when i had loud parties.she had a legion of lovers who used to send her notes and gifts in the mail.

    i had a maine coon boy and he was pretty bright and everyone fell in love with him-not that he was cuddly. he was more like an aloof but friendly dog. he talked a lot too. very blaby. good natured bear of a cat.

    i dunno- ive heard abbysinians don’t like being poked about with by people in that cuddly kitty manner-but ive never had one so i can not say. there just so lovely.

  2. Brandi says:

    I’m surprised and disappointed Siamese aren’t on the list. They are known for being extremely loyal and loving to their people. Not to mention very sensitive. They are exceptionally good with kids too. My female loves everyone. She introduces herself to anyone that comes in the door and always wants to be the center of attention.

  3. samantha says:

    I also expected to see siamese on the list. My 16 year old siamese female is the most loving cat i’ve had. my other too are generally aloof and dont care to be pet or bothered. But my siamese loves to be where you are and loves being pet. She would have you pet her all day if you could!! She s such a sweetheart and loves everyone, especially kids and strangers. if someone comes to our house, as soon as they sit on the couhc, sable is all over them.

  4. Jan says:

    My vote is for Siamese as well. I have four…chocolate, seal, lynx, and blue. They are sweeties. I also had a blue point for 16 years who was the light of my life, and our family cat was a seal point. Siamese are extremely loving and loyal. Not on the list? HAS to be an error :-)….

  5. Debra says:

    Manx cats rule! I have a manx who is the most social and intelligent feline I have ever known (and I’ve known a lot of cats) with both humans and other cats. My manx comes when called, greets visitors, and knows when people are sick or upset and comforts them. If I don’t know where one of my family members (cat or human) is in the house, I ask her “Where’s ____?” and she will lead me to where they are, sort of like Lassie with Timmy. She also loves to talk on the phone and will come running when she hears me using the phone. If she is concerned about something (like a wasp in the house), she points it out and looks at you with the cutest little worried expression on her face. Manx cats talk to you but have very soft little voices–they just want to make sure you are listening closely.

  6. Arline says:

    This is absolutely true! I have two wonderful Abys of my own, as well as being aunt/friend to many many others, and I have to say that they truly are the most loving and affectionate cats around. They are loyal to a fault, very doglike in that respect, and tend to love their one ’special’ human with an almost overwhelming adoration. I am also mother to an American Whirehair boy, and have owned several other breeds as well as moggies, and while they all were affectionate in their own way, no-one can come close to the love given by my Abyssinian girls.

  7. Wendy44 says:

    Who made up this list anyway???? Obviously they have never had a Tonkinese!!!

  8. Jeanie says:

    I was also glad to see Manx on the list. I adopted a stray semi-feral one last year and she is so affectionate! I have never had a cat consistently come when I call her! It’s so cute. She literally runs to me, even if she had been napping in the bushes. And she even lets me pick her up even though she spent the first year of her life in the wild. Because she wasn’t socialized with humans when she was a kitten, she is terribly afraid of strangers - otherwise, I imagine she’d be friendly with them too. Her kitten, who was adopted by my cousin, IS friendly with strangers and greets them at the door. I didn’t know they were such a friendly breed, but now I think I always want a Manx in my life.

  9. the Asocial Ape says:

    feral cats should be on the list. a feral that you’ve rescued, taken from a life of fear and hunger, and given love to… we share our life with nineteen rescued ferals and they are the most loyal, loving creatures you could ever want to meet. you can’t nap on the couch without being buried in cats.

    one night when i was on the road and my wife was home alone, and some man came and started pounding on the front door, two of our old toms nearly tore the front door down trying to get at him.

  10. Kevin says:

    Your right! I own two of them. They are the friendliest and most loyal cats I have ever seen and owned. You can always get one at

  11. Kevin says:

    Tonkinese RULE!

  12. Rose says:

    I know this ais about breeds, but please don’t disqualify all those cats and kittens at shelters who are thrilled to have a home and are saved from the fate of unwanted pets–death.

  13. Sharon says:

    When my long time companion cat died it took awhile to get another pet. I used to go to cat shows with a friend of mine who had three Manx and one day I saw a Somali. I was hooked. The combination of beauty, intelligence, and loving disposition cannot be beat. It’s fourteen years later and I love my girl and my only regret is that I didn’t get both her and her sister!

  14. 5CatMom says:

    Over the years, we’ve taken in some great cats that were in need of a good home.

    One was a stray that was hit by a car and left overnight in the street; another was abandoned when his family moved; two were from breeders who needed a home for kittens that weren’t “show quality”.

    The comedian of the group was a seedly looking Devon Rex who slept around my neck. During the night, he showered my cheek with kitty kisses, and smooched and on my ear.

    The sucking and slurping often woke up my husband who thought “that’s disgusting!”

    But to me, it was just too funny.

  15. 2CatMom says:

    I’m with Rose and 5CatMom on this one. My two strays are amazingly friendly. The male tabby sounds like 5CM’s Devon Rex. He loves to cuddle and kneed the back of my neck at night. He has to greet everyone at the door and lie down on their feet.

    The female tortie used to be a shy one. But she now greets everyone at the door though she is much two dignified to lie down on anyones shoes. You’d be amazed what positive reinforcement (Ok, treats) can do to give a cat more confidence.

  16. Momcat says:

    With all due respect to legitmate breeders… it makes me sad to see specific breeds highlighted and blessed with certain characteristics, as if they were goods on a shelf. There are thousands of abandonned or homeless cats and kittens that are euthanized every year — and they were as affectionate, clever and loyal as the purebreds on this list. If you truly love cats, please consider adopting one rather than buying one. As others on this post have said, they are best feline companions. I swear, they know you have saved them and are forever grateful.

  17. Jennifer says:

    My siamese is one of the most unfriendly cats to other people in the world! I have two cats: on just a average old domestic tabby cat and the other a Siamese. The tabby is so friendly and sweet and loves affection, whereas my Siamese is sweet in unique ways (likes to sit with me by the bath when I bathe, talks to me, rubs against me when I get up, etc) but he hates other people, will tear me up if I try to pick him up and he doesn’t want it, has caused bloodshed after he has ran outside and my husband picked him up to get him back inside and he got scared. I guess it seems like my siamese doesn’t “trust” us. My domestic cat lets me pick him up and he is relaxed and trust me to not let anything bad happen to him. My siamese acts like the entire world is out to kill him.

    Anyway, I agree with whoever said that cats from the shelter can be the best and most loving because that has been my experience!

  18. Pixie Bobs RULE!!! says:

    One rare breed has been overlooked! The Pixie Bob!! They are a relatively new breed, registered as a breed in the 80’s, so I’m not too surprised that they weren’t mentioned. I’ve had many different breeds and non breeds of cats in my life and most were very affectionate. But they are dwarfed in comparison to the personality, affection and loyalty of a true Pixie Bob. On top of that they are very intelligent and laid back and are a medium to large breed of cat. They are also selectively bred to resemble the North American Coastal Red Bobcat. Go check them out! You won’t be disappointed!!

  19. Igor von Wurttemburg says:


  20. I Am Siamese (Cats & Kittens. | says:

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  21. cats says:

    pusakal rules!

  22. dylan says:

    i think tabby cats should be on that list because i have a tabby cat who is so friendly, whoever walks in the door he sits on their lap

  23. flameme says:

    I have two flame point siamese. They are the most affectionate cats I have ever met. Not to mention beautiful. I love these cats.

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