The World’s Oldest Cat?


Baby the cat is not a baby anymore. His owners say that he was born in 1970 which would make this 37-year-old cat the oldest cat in the world. Baby will be featured in the August edition of Cat Fancy. His owners who have cared for him for all of his 37 years think that Baby will outlive them. Looking good, Baby. Don’t ever let them call you old.


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93 Responses to “The World’s Oldest Cat?”

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  1. Jonny says:

    Where’s the proof this is the world’s oldest cat? Because the owners say so? It’s on the internet so it must be true, huh? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and I’ve yet to find anything to backup the owners claim other than plagiarized and regurgitated copies of this very same article, with no updates.

  2. Mia says:

    cream puff is the oldest cat not baby not anyboby else some one needs to get their facts strait its so confusing with all of these other saying their cat is the oldest

  3. Sande says:

    Our black American Shorthair, Yoda, just died on Memorial Day. He was born in July of 1984. He was 23.8 on the day of his death. He died in one day, seemingly painlessly. He lived with us his whole life, and “came” with the name Yoda as a kitten. He got all his shots from a mobile shot clinic and only went to the vet once in his life, in his first year. He was an amazing cat who has marked and defined certain periods in our lives.

  4. Johnny says:

    Jonny, The youtube video of baby show the young cat in a photo from 1973, when he was 3 yrs old. So suck it, and stay special. Love ya, Burt.

  5. jt says:

    It is hard for me to believe that a cat has lived 37 years!!! Cause i did some research that if a cat was 37 years old, it would be 164. So I rearched for the oldest living person and the oldest living person is 122 years old. So it’s hard for me to believe thats true. But if it’s true I glad you had a friend for 37 years.

  6. Jessica says:

    My cat “Precioso” on 9/19/08 will be 19 years old and he is pretty healthy, Has only been to the vet for shots and
    when he was fixed and declawed. He still has sharp vision, great hearing. I have notice in the last couple of months his walk is changing where he has a hard time getting up, but he still runs and play. I have feed Precioso only Purina products
    at his younger age 1 can of wet food a week but dry food the rest of the time. Used crushed sea shells for hairballs in
    his food, I love my cat!

  7. Tia says:

    Oh my goodness! My cat is all but 25 yrs old and still act like a kitten most day. Yes she is showing her age but I never thought she would live this long. Now I read the oldest cat was 37, so I guess my girl has a few more years left in her.

  8. Pat says:

    Right now I am caring for my brother-in-law’s twenty-two year old cat. He has that hyperthyroid condition and was near death when he first came to me for it seems that the in-law and his vet had decided to not treat the condition. They were wrong and this old boy is hanging on, he has a runny nose most of the time, but he has a strong will be live and as long as he still wants to be here I think we owe it to him to help as much as we can. He is not in any pain and has the best personality.

  9. annette sweeney says:

    I have a maincoone named Spunky, and is he ever. He is twenty four and is in pretty good health. When I got married four years ago he weighed twenty three lbs, but went thru an adjustment period, and was a little jealous that a man was sleeping on HIS side of the bed and he lost so much weight in one week, he got down to eight lbs. He is on meds now for his heart,thyroid,kidney and is up to twelve lbs now. And LOVES my husband. I hope I can be blessed to have him another ten plus years.Spoiled,spoiled,spoiled….He’s my baby.His vision,and hearing are great as well.

  10. annette sweeney says:

    I wish you jerks would find another website to make your smartass comments to, because apparently you are not real cat lovers and probably don’t even have a cat. So just stop wasting your waking minutes on being obcessed with whether or not Baby is thirty seven or not and get over yourself! I you don’t like to read about it, THEN DON’T!!!!!!…especially MADCAT!

  11. marlasadler19 says:

    When my husband and I bought our first house last Feb. The homeowners asked if we would keep their cat since this is the only house she knew. She is 26 yrs old quite healthy climbs the stairs and eats very well. Her name is Baby also and in a year and a half she has been a joyful addition to our family of four cats.

  12. iluvkatzxoxo says:

    Whatever all of you all! Our Claudio waz born in 1908! We got him from my grandma and grandpa who served in WWII and even then he was not a kitten anymore!! Check next guiness world records!!! Claudio has lived 100 human years not even tortoise years, MADCAT. We feed him only wet food or else he has diarrhea but apart from his runny nose he is still our BABy so take that, baby.

  13. QwnofDrkNes says:

    A cat can live a long life. I just buried mine today that passed away after 30 years. She was born January 19, 1978. I do have documentation since I had her vet checked when she was six weeks old. She was never sick a day in her life but I do feel that being spayed at 9 months old has extended her life. She was an indoor cat and never was outside a day in her life. Love is what makes them content and I like to think allows them to live longer. It is very possible to live that long. By the way she looked just like Baby.

  14. Cillia says:

    my cat is 21 and he is better than all yours;
    so suck it(:

  15. Cillia says:

    my cat is 21 and better than all yours;
    so suck it!

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Alex in Edinburgh says:

    I had a 24 and a half year old cat called Flake, whose life ended today following complications with hyperthyroidism, which were not redeemable, unfortunately. She had a super strong will to live- just her body was failing her badly. I can confirm she was at least this age as I got her in may 1988, when she was given a minimum of 4yrs old- she may have been older. she was a feisty blue- cream tortoishell. to lose her is like losing part of me.

  18. rachel says:


  19. Ralph says:

    Roxy is 17.5 yrs old and has been through two of my wives and an extended single period of my life, love her to death. She talks a lot but that is not a huge issue. Lost a 12 yr old cat tonight, what a a pain….

  20. danielle says:

    I got my cat Gree in 1985. She will be 24 but doubt she will make it. She was highly active until about two months ago, now she has trouble walking. She is the love of my life and i will miss her dearly, my loving friend

  21. Jay says:

    My cat Jello is 12 right now….but reading some of these comments has left me hopeful that he might live many more years. I sure hope so. I’d be devastated without him.

  22. Jay says:

    I always thought that cats and dogs couldn’t possibly live longer than about 20-21. I had NO idea they could live into their mid-20s and some even well beyond that. I would think that that would be like a human living to about 150. Anyhow, again…I sure hope Jello can live at least another 10 years…maybe even longer. He’s healthy and never goes outside…so hopefully…

  23. efl says:

    I luv that story!I have a cat that named Dusty that is 20. She is going blind but still purrs every time she sees us i hope she lives to be really close to that age.

  24. shane says:

    I have 4 cats….2 are about 4 1/2, the other 2 are 8-8 1/2… I guess I will have them all for alot of years…I hope…it’s a handful with 4…but they are fun and worth the trouble….love em !!

  25. //////////////////////////////////////////////Georgiann Quinn says:

    We got our cat Bailey when he was 5 yrs old. At the time our youngest child was entering kindergarten. She is now finishing her second year of college. He still is active and eats like a horse. Yells Hello into every room when he is looking for someone. I have a recording of this and everyone that views it and hears it, remarks that they are hearing someone yell hello. He is such an intricate part of our lives that none of us can imagine life without him.

  26. Bonnie says:

    My Maine Coon cat turned 25 Jan 1, 2009. He’s still very active and healthy and acts like a 12 year old. I hope he has many more years left to share my life. I love him to pieces.

  27. Sandra says:

    Cats can really live a long time. My cat Kitty lived 22 1/2 years. Cats can live for 30 plus years, no doubt about it. Cats for the most part are very healthy as well which explains why they live longer than most pets. With a caring owner, cats can live for a long time.

    *Don’t let your cats or dogs eat grass in your backyard if you use chemicals on your grass. So many American pets are getting cancer and I think the grass is the culprit.

  28. wiki says:

    my cats 185 in human years how come hes not here

  29. Rose says:

    My cat is now 15 1/2 years old, he looks great and I’m sure he’ll live several more years. My other cat passed away a few years ago at age 15.

  30. Cara says:

    I have a lilac point Cat. I got him in 1987. I have his baby papers. He is still with me.His Brother is younger and I still have him( Choc/lilac ) . He was born in 1992.So that makes One 21 and the other 19.I hope they will be with me for a long time.

  31. dillyn says:

    i hope my cat lives this long =)
    love her to death

  32. Donkz says:

    I just wanted to add this,it is very uplifting to know that cats can live to 30+ ,me personally had two girl cats Fuzzball and Sandy they were about the same age since they were kittens sandy was a little older she was 18 or 19 when she passed and a year after fuzzball passed away she was also 19 but fuzzball was a victim of poisined wet food from china Im sure some one has heard of that so we,ll never know how long she could have lived for, living through luicimia,the equivillant to cancer for cats at around 9 but made a full recovery the vets said she had a year at the most to live without getting about a 15,000$ surgery we obviously didnt have that kind of money so we hoped for the best and the best happened 2 years later we went back to the vet and miraculously no sign of the lucimia she was a very loved survivor and my moms best friend we think she could have made it to 25 if her compangion sandy did not pass so be careful when a cat dies, when it has compangions he or she leaves behind they might be so attached they could die soon after if not completely loved and understood. One more thing I just hope that most of these comments are fact and not lies most sound very believable ,a couple not so but that dosent mean its not true some people take there pets seriously they dont want false hope

  33. Bettie Blackchurch says:

    My cat, “Menthe” lived to be 26 and a half years old. Toward the end her condition deteriorated rapidly. She died in my arms. It broke my heart. She was the sweetest cat in the owrld, and I will always miss her.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    My cat Jiff is 14 years old, but if someoone asked me to prove it how could I? There’s absolutely no way to prove that “Baby” is as old as they say.

  35. jaybee says:

    Hmmm, this was all news to me as well. My grandmother had a cat named Boots that lived up to 23. Died of kidney failure almost 20 years ago to the day. I was 21 and had to berry her before moving away. Mean cat that I never cared for. She used to hiss at me and my sis as toddlers. Boots never let me hold her till the last few years. Funny old cat. I personally know quite a few others that have made it past 20 too. I knew my Punky’s mom before she was even born. Had her since she was 6 weeks but only had her 14 years. She went from cancer in only 3 months. My only other one is 14 now, a year later. He had a PU, (his boy part removed) due to many years of painful and expensive urinary blockages. almost died twice due to kidney failure from bad blockages and no money. last year he blocked twice and the 2nd time mom said, “let’s fix him right this time”. about $1,800 later he has one less organ, but he can PEE! So, he’s probably worth about $600.00 a pound now. luckily he weighs about 13# so i got plenty of bruisermaw to love. thanks mom : )

  36. jaybee says:

    Oh and to Elizibeth just above me and the other doubters, if you had your animal for a long time and were a proper pet owner, you HAVE all their records and their shot receipts/tags to actually prove how long you owned them. If you have papers of birth or from their first vet visit, it is as good as a birth certificate as are photos. I have dated photos of my 2 babies since before they were each a year old. There’s no way to dispute that, is there? Or would you insist upon dna testing? Hey, just cut one in half and count the rings? Not! I think any owner can find some type of proof as to the age of their animal, to within a year at the very least. I suppose it’s a valid question, but i’m also sure they are carefully scrutinized before they are recorded.

  37. DELTA says:

    Thatis sweet, moms are the best.

  38. Belinda says:

    i just lost my ace in the hole in was 21 years old when i had too put him down ,so you never know any more ,i had 21 great years ,09 /01/2009

  39. Jean9 says:

    God Bless all those long lived kitties!
    My Georgie only lived to 15 years. Such a personality she had! Her and her sister Huey (short for Humongous Furball) would keep all dogs out of our yard. If they stayed on the sidewalk the dog was safe. But step a paw on the grass and the girls would attack. A woman was walking her little poodle who decided to stop and do his doo in the grass. Big mistake. The girls were on the porch, alert and waiting for one wrong move. As soon as he got squatted they flew off the porch and jumped on him from behind. I think he probably was traumatized and never went potty right again! “Never Mind the Dog. Beware of the Cats!” was a sign I made for the yard. The size didn’t matter. The lab two doors down wore a cat as a jockey more than once as he hightailed it home.
    One day Georgie dislocated her one hip, and after a trip to the vet they said to just allow her to rest and she will get better. She did. We had set up a quiet corner with food, water and cat box close by. Refused to use that cat box! Dragged herself to the regular one to use it. Talk about set in her ways! She got better. Then one day, about 4 months later, when she jumped down from the top of the toilet she dislocated her other hip! This time, she didn’t bounce back. She didn’t eat well, and she went downhill very fast.
    And really, it doesn’t matter if you like cats, dogs, or whatever, you shouldn’t be childish and cut others down because what they like isn’t the same as you!

  40. lily says:

    i had a cat that was very old once…i dont quite remember how old she was, but she was born september 16th, 1981. she died in 2007. not of natural causes i might add. we had to put her down. she had a stroke and we just couldnt let her live like that. she would fall over alot and it was just veryh ard for her. she had distemper for 10 years of her life. and she had no teeth but 1 for 9 years. rest in peace Maybe.

    also, her sister Miscellaneous died last year. hit by a car. her brother Cookie Carrot died 10 years ago. ate some kind of poison…

  41. lily says:

    i have another cat. Popacatapet. he purs insanely loud, and snores the same way…lol. its funny because it sounds so wierd. he wiggles his back when you pet him and he has had multiple toe amputations. he has extra toes. 7 toes on each paw. so many he would walk on them so the ones he walked on had to get amputated. he is 13 in october. i hope he lives a long life…hes a very burly tom cat and kicks every cat he meets ass… and even though he is fixed, he still sprays.

  42. dsc says:

    what are you feeding to have them living so long thanks

  43. Susan says:

    Our cat K.C. turned 19 in June of this year.She does’nt see or hear well,but for what she has gone through, I can’t believe she is still with us.She has survived cancer,two broken front legs(at the same time),trapped in a furnace ,near blindness from birth and hypothermia.She is our little miracle.We can’t imagine saying goodbye to her one day,but we do cherish every moment we have with her.

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