Therapy Dogs Bring Love And Help To At-Risk Girls


Excelsior, a program in Colorado that matches pets with young girls at risk and who struggle with emotional problems, is proving that pets are good for the soul.

For the past two years, therapy dogs Winston, Abraham, and Brando, who are part of the Paws 4 Trust program, have visited the girls at Excelsior every week for two hours.

Tiffany, a 13-year-old girl who has been at Excelsior since she was 11 said, “They just bring out the good part in you that you don’t always know how to bring out. And like, even if you’re not very much a loving person, you can’t help but love these dogs. Even if you’re not a trusting person you can’t help but want to trust these dogs because they’re just so sweet.”

The counselors at Excelsior said that the therapy dogs are really helping the girls and affecting them in a positive way. The girls and dogs have formed life-long bonds.

They both seem to understand each other and it’s maybe because the girls can relate to the dogs because Winston was rescued from a shelter, and Brando was neglected and abused before he was adopted.

Tiffany added, “If you’re talking to a dog about your problems and you’re like, ‘well, I’ve been so angry lately, I need help,’ it’s so much easier than hearing your therapist be like, ‘What’s inside you? What’s really going on?’ The dog is just there. It’s like it’s just there to kiss you and hug you and you don’t have to worry about it judging you because it doesn’t.”

Source: ABC News

(Thanks Stefani)

3 Responses to “Therapy Dogs Bring Love And Help To At-Risk Girls”

  1. JH says:

    Of course pets are good for the soul! They don’t talk, only listen and they don’t look for reasons to judge.

  2. Stefani says:

    That story really did bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for covering, Itchmo!

    Ah, the power of unconditional love . . . and planting a seed of tenderness in a troubled teens heart. I know it must change lives.


  3. mittens says:

    as a child when your experience of the world is that you can’t trust and be safe around the adults who are suppose to care for you it makes perfect sense that the unconditional , honest love and devotion of an animal would be so healing.

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