Therapy Dogs Bring Peace To Military In Combat Zone


Boe and Budge have an important mission. These two black Labradors will be the first therapy dogs to help military people in Iraq who are going through combat stress.

These two therapy dogs will be partnered with combat stress units and will be a vital part of the medical team to help troops deal with stress, sleep disorders, and event-related trauma.

This is the first time the military has placed therapy dogs in a combat zone, so it is uncertain to what degree the dogs will benefit and help the troops.

Mike Sargeant, chief training officer for America’s VetDogs, said these two-year-old dogs will “serve as an icebreaker and a communication link” between troops and care providers.

He said that Boe and Budge will offer affection to anyone and everyone and will be a “safe haven of communication” to troops.

Sargeant said that Boe and Budge are up to the challenge of fulfilling their mission. He said their high-energy and sensitive personalities are perfect for the situation.

The two Labradors also went through additional training to become accustomed to helicopter noise, explosions, sirens and people from various cultures. They are focused and not even a tennis ball can cause them to lose concentration on their mission.

Boe and Budge will undergo military physicals with Army vets this weekend, and next week, they will board a military charter plane to Kuwait. Both of them will be kept in areas where they will be kept safe.

Sargeant said, “I know what they can give back to people. I’m going to be proud.”

Source: USA Today

5 Responses to “Therapy Dogs Bring Peace To Military In Combat Zone”

  1. shibadiva says:

    Good for Boe and Budge. They have an important mission indeed and I expect they will be dearly appreciated. I hope that the military will keep them safe, and bring them back to loving homes when their work is done.

  2. Lynn says:

    Yes, above all, keep them safe [dogs and soldiers]. It’s hard to imagine a dog lover being in a strange land without a dog to pet.

    I do hope that Boe and Budge have short tours of duty and that they are brought home to loving families in the US.

  3. Lynne says:

    Here’s an idea to combat stress for the soldiers: bring them all home.

  4. The Lioness says:

    While I completely agree with Lynne, I think this is a wonderful, wondeful thing, and I hope it works out well.

    ~The Lioness

  5. Wolfmaan says:

    My husky Luka is a Therapy dog with St. John Ambulance. I would be honored if we ever had the opportunity to serve our country.

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